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My Sister's Friends

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When I was about 13 years old, puberty was going on strong in my life. I was always horny, always trying to conceal an erection in class, and I jacked off before I went to school, right when I came home, and at least once after that. I think my record was seven in a day, but I got pretty sore.

I fantasized about all kinds of girls. From kids my own age to 'adults' in the Playboys some of my friends had. I tried all kinds of 'aids' when I could, like anything slippery for a lotion, and the most elaborate was my own fuck doll I made from rolled up blankets, pillows, and a toilet paper tube lubed with conditioner (it didn't work very well). I desperately wanted to be with a real girl, but it never happened for me.

I had an older sister named Julie. She was kind of a brat. As a first born, she was spoiled, and all the mistakes she made led to restrictions on my behaviour. She got seriously grounded once and she wasn't allowed to leave the house at all for a year. Since she was kind of popular, that meant the sleepovers were at our house.

One sleepover I discovered my sister doing things she shouldn't have with a friend and she threatened to kill me, so I dared her to, and I ran to go tell mom, but mom had actually driven another girl home who had gotten sick. That's when one of her friends suggested something else. She said if I didn't tell, she would do me 'favors.' I told her she was lying, but she and another girl said that if I didn't say anything, they'd come to me late at night and I could see them naked. I didn't believe them, but I agreed since I couldn't do anything until mom came home.

When mom came home, I didn't say anything because I could always tell on them at breakfast. I really planned to. But then I grew tired, and fell asleep.

I was woken up by Julie's best friend Sandy and another girl I can't remember but let's call her Claudia. Sandy was cute and small, but had big breasts. She had been a cheerleader until she messed up her ankle. Claudia was really tall and skinny and had no real figure to brag about. They asked me what I wanted to do to them, as long as it wasn't sex. 'You can ask us to do anything you want,' they teased. I thought they were kidding, and told them to go away.

'I swear, if you tell, you'll never get to see us naked. Ever. And we'll beat the shit out of you.'

Sandy was wearing a nightshirt, and she started to raise it above her stomach. 'You want to see my tits?' she asked. I wondered just how far this would go, so I said, 'If you want.' And I couldn't believe it when she just took off the nightshirt. I think she meant to take it off in one smooth move, but it got tangled around her head, and she had to bend over and move around to get it free. This is how I saw her tits hang down and swing around, and I was turned on. I am not sure why that did it, but it seemed more... real... than a picture when you see the dynamics of moving boobs. I couldn't believe this. Claudia was laughing at her, and took off her nightshirt. I was surprised to see that even though she looked flat chested with a shirt, she actually had a small pair of nice breasts in comparison with her skinny body. Both were giggling, and it made me very suspicious.

So now two girls were in front of my bed wearing nothing but panties. I had a strong hard on, and I realized I hadn't jacked off that night. Guys know that the longer between discharges, the better the orgasm is. My dick was feeling really good under my sheets, but this voice in the back of my head said, 'This has to be a trick. Don't look like a fool.' I tried to act nonchalant, but my voice cracked when I said, 'take it all off.'

Hesitantly, they slipped free of their small panties. Sandy was very bushy, but Claudia hardly had any hair at all. I had seen a lot of pussy in the Playboy mags, but this was real and right in front of me. I started to sweat a little.

'You want us to... you know... play with you?' Sandy asked. They giggled again. Looking back on it, I think they were getting a kick out of the power they had over me. Sadly, I kept thinking this part of some plot to make me look stupid, and at any moment they would make fun of my dick or something. I tried to be casual, but it wasn't working.

Sandy came to the edge of my bed and slid her hand up my leg. She gently grabbed my hard cock and squeezed. 'You want me to stroke this?' I nodded dumbly. Claudia sat and the edge of the bed and sat behind me. She leaned me back as Sandy pulled down the sheet and there was a tent in my boxers. Sandy pulled down my boxers and asked, 'You want me to play with your balls?'

I couldn't believe it. Trick or not, I felt at this point, it was worth it, whatever it was. Claudia rubbed my chest and blew down my neck. I could feel her erect nipples on my shoulder blades. Sandy straddled my legs, and let her hard nipples brush against the head of my cock, now wet with pre-cum. My heart was about to leap out of my chest. Sandy then leaned back, sitting on one of my knees, and grinding her wet pussy against it. She slowly cupped my balls with one hand, and started to gently stroke with the other. Claudia started to lick my ear, which felt weird... but I got used to it pretty fast as Sandy started to pump my cock faster and faster.

I don't know how long she did this, but I am betting it was less than half a minute before my butt cheeks clenched, and I erupted huge wads of cum all over her legs, stomach, and tits. I had NEVER come this hard in my life, and it erupted from me like a hose instead of the dribble and spurts I was used to. It was the best hand job I have ever had. I was totally spent.

My sister ended up being okay. She married some guy in college, and now has kids of her own. When we were in our 20s, I asked her about the incident, but she abhorrently denies it, stating it was probably my own fantasy rather than Sandy and Claudia's actions. But I remember it well, and for many years afterwards, it was fantasy fodder that led to make a good stroke. I am hard thinking about it right now.



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