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My Sisters Boyfriend

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My sister's college boyfriend Eric came to visit us last week, and slept in my room. He is really a good looking guy, and the first night when he stripped down to his boxer shorts, and I got a good look at his body and bulge, I got a hard on under my covers. The next morning when he got up, he had a huge morning wood when he went to take a piss. After he got dressed and left, I went into the bathroom and jerked off fantasizing that we were messing around that night before, and had a really good orgasm.

On Friday night, my parents were going out, and I was gonna hang with my friend up the street. Eric and my sister were going to a party at one of her friends houses. About nine o'clock, my friend started to not feel so good, so I went home. I saw my sister's car in the driveway, so I figured out they had slipped back home to mess around while everybody was out. I quietly went in the back of the house and crept back to the bedrooms. I could hear them in my sister's room messing around. I quietly went into my room, and laid down on my bed. My bed and my sisters bed are up against the same wall, so I could hear them really well. They were talking dirty to each other, and I could hear my sister tell Eric she loved it when he ate her out, and then her tell him to go faster while she moaned, and then she told him she was going give him a blowjob for the ages after she came. I was so hard listening to them. My sister was really moaning hard, then she moaned she was gonna cum, and then it went quiet. A few seconds later I could hear Eric telling her to suck his big cock, and to lick his balls. He started telling her how he was going to fuck her, and I started jacking pretending he was talking to me. He told her he wanted to titty fuck her, and I could hear the bed squeak, and the headboard hit the wall They stopped talking, and I figured they were kissing, and I kept stroking. Suddenly my door opened, and I looked over and saw Eric with a huge boner in my door. I scrambled to pull my pants up, and he quickly left. I heard him tell my sister that 'your pervert little brother was in his room jerking off and listening to us'. She freaked out, and I quickly got up and locked my door. She was pounding on my door screaming she was gonna kill me, and I was scared and embarrassed at the same time. Finally they went down the hall to the den, and I heard the TV go on. Around 11:00 mu parents came home, and I finally came out and went into the kitchen. They were all talking in the den, so I went in. My sister was glaring at me, and Eric was kinda smirking at me. I said I was gonna go to bed, and went to my room and got into my bed. About an hour later I heard Eric come in, and I pretended to be asleep. He stripped down and then sat on the edge of my bed, and whispered, 'I know you're awake'.

So I rolled over and whispered 'please don't kill me' . He just laughed a little, and then laid down next to me and said he wasn't gonna kill me. We talked very quietly so my sister wouldn't hear, and I told him I was really sorry, and I wasn't spying, just listening to them have sex was really hot and all. He told me they didn't have sex, and that was why he came into my room... he had left his rubbers in his backpack, and had come to get one. Then he told me that I ruined his night, and his chance to get fucked. I told him I was sorry again. He said it was ok, and that he used to listen to his older brother fucking his girlfriend when he was younger, and that he used to do the same thing. He also told me that when he first opened the door and saw me with my eyes closed, he couldn't believe how big I was for such a scrawny kid. I told him that I also was surprised when I saw him standing there with a boner how big and curved it was. (His dick had been pointing straight up , and it curved up toward his belly button). He asked me how big mine was, and I told him it was about 6.5'. He said he was about that size too, and then whispered, that my sister loved that curve, that it hit all the right spots.

Then he put his hand on my thigh, and lightly rubbed it. I thought I was going to pass out from the shock, excitement and slight fear I felt. I didn't say anything, and he moved his hand over my boxers, and rubbed the tip of my dick. It felt so fucking good, and I sort of thrust up into his hand, He quickly slid a hand into my boxers, and grabbed my dick, and he whispered that I had a really nice dick. He then grabbed my hand and pushed it into his boxer shorts. Before I knew it we had our shorts off, and were grinding our dicks together. I had my arms around his back and butt, and my legs spread apart, and he was humping over my dick and onto my stomach. It felt so fucking good when our dicks touched, and when my dick rubbed on his stomach. He keep whispering to me to be quiet, so I made sure I didn't make any noises, and that the bed wasn't squeaking. I could feel myself getting close, and I whispered to him that I was gonna spew, and he kept on doing it. I felt it welling up, and had a really hard orgasm. Eric keep rubbing against me, and I felt his butt tighten up, then he came with a little gasp and my stomach and chest was covered in our cum. He rolled off of me, and I grabbed the tissue box off my nightstand and wiped it up, and handed the box to him, he took some and did the same. He sat up whispered to me 'thanks, I needed that', and got on the other bed and went to sleep. That's the only time the whole week anything happened, but I still jerkoff every day thinking about it.



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