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My Sister's Boyfriend

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This happened one night in high school when my parents were out of town. I was 15 and had come home after getting the very first blowjob of my life from my girlfriend. My sister had gone to bed, but her boyfriend, Brad, was up watching ESPN. Brad was really hot -- a soccer player with a lean, toned body.
He knew I had a date and started asking all of these detailed questions. I finally admitted that I had gotten my first blowjob, and he asked about my girlfriend's techniques. I could see a bit of a bulge in Brad's shorts. He asked if she swallowed, and I said no, she pulled off me and just pumped me as I came. 'But she did something just as good,' I said.
'What was that,' he asked.
I am not circumcised and pretty much was the only guy in high school who was uncut, so was pretty shy about it. I asked Brad if he could keep a secret.
'Sure,' he said.
'Well, I'm not circumcised, and Holly (my girlfriend) did this really cool thing. She pulled down my foreskin, and then put her tongue on the head of my dick and pulled up the foreskin. She then started moving it in circles. Man, I came like 10 seconds after that.'
By now, I could see Brad's dick straining against his shorts. 'Wow, that's cool. You're really uncircumcised, huh? I've never seen one with foreskin before, except in a magazine,' he said. After a pause, he asked if he could see mine.
I was nervous, but also horny, too. I said no, because I was getting a hardon, talking about blowjobs and all.
He said no problem, cause he had one too. By now, his precum had soaked a spot in his shorts. Kind of in a trance, I stood up in front of him, and slowly unbuckled by jeans, then pushed down my jeans and boxers halfway down. He just stared for a minute at my 4 inch, half hard dick.
I was about to pull up my pants, but he asked how the foreskin moves. I took my thumb and forefinger and slowly pulled my foreskin down below the head to show him, Then I pushed it back up. I did this a couple more times, but then stopped because I was getting hard.
'Cool. Can I try?' he asked. I nervously nodded my head, and he took my dick in his hand and started to move the foreskin up and down. In a minute I was a totally hard 6 inches. He slowly pumped his hand up and down my dick.
'Can I see yours?' I asked him. I had never seen hard dick before. He pulled his loose shorts to the side, and his rock hard dick sprang out. He was about the same size as me, cut, of course, and thicker than me. His head was more like a round mushroom, whereas mine was a smooth helmet shape.
All of sudden, he put his mouth around my dick and started giving blowing me. He was rougher than my girlfriend, but he could take me deeper in his mouth and it felt great. He held my balls with one hand, and was slowly jacking himself with the other.
His tongue played with my foreskin and circled around the head of dick, just like Holly did. 'Brad, Brad, I'm gonna cum,' I whispered. He then deep throated me and squeezed my balls hard. I started gushing cum for the second time that night, right down his throat. He pulled off of me and used his hand to catch some of my last drops of cum.
He licked my dick a bit more, to clean me up. I was weak in the knees, so I sat next to him. He then took his cum-filled hand and started jacking off, using my cum as lube.
I stared for a while, and then leaned over and touched his balls. He pulled his hand away from his hard, wet dick and I tentatively touched it. I had never touched another guy's dick before. I wrapped my fingers around it and started sliding up and down the wet shaft. He was definitely thicker than me.
It felt different without a foreskin to move up and down, and I realized why guys always joked about having some lube available. Soon, I was stroking him rhythmically up and down, and he was arching his hips up.
'I'm gonna cum, too,' he said. I stroked faster and faster and tilted his dick up toward his belly button. In about ten seconds, he started spurting cum all over his chest and belly. I couldn't believe how much he came, it just kept pumping out. After he finally stopped, I rubbed his cum around his belly. I wanted to taste it, but couldn't get the courage up.
'That was really cool,' he said. We quietly cleaned up in the bathroom and he went to my sister's room for the night. The next morning, I heard them going at it like rabbits. Afterward, he came out of the bedroom to go to the bathroom He was naked, and I could see his soft, wet dick. His pubes were all wet, too and matted down. He looked at me and licked his lips, and I knew he wanted to get it on with me again. We'd just have to wait for another safe moment.



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