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My Sisters' Best Friend

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I always thought about her, but never thought this would happen.


This is my first story and hope people like this.

My family always has a Christmas party for the relatives and some of our friends. Me, being me, didn't have many friends and my only friend was out of town. My sister invited two of her friends (one with a boyfriend, one single). Mya was black haired beauty with perky b cups and a stunner ass. Mikayla was a dirty blonde ( hair colour and personality), with an amazing smile and the cutest laugh. The two came over around 10 at night, mya had her boyfriend and him and my sisters boyfriend were best friends. I wasn't too fond of either of them but I was pretty cool with them being here. The parents were in the basement having fun, talking, drinking, and singing while the two couples were making out in the living room. This left me alone with Mikayla in the toy room (meant for 5 year old).

We are the same age so we began to talk about life and school and stuff. She asked me what I do in my free time (we see each other about three times a year). Kidding around, I said "you know what any 15 year old does. Play video games, hang out with friends (lie), and masturbate". She laughed and said she did the same. "Really?" I asked. She said she also watches porn. I sat there in amazement trying to hide my semi hard stiffy. I ask jokingly who her favorite pornstar was, she responded with "I don't care as long as they have a long dick". We laughed. I showed her my favorite star and told her it kinda looked like her. She gasped and I asked what's wrong (I thought I offended her). She told me that she was her aunt.

I was embarrassed that I brought it up, but she said it was OK. She said she always loved the way her aunt looked, those big natural tits, her curves and the best part, her long beautiful legs. She asked me what I liked about her. I said her eyes, her tits, and the way she moans when she masturbates. Mikayla was confused why I liked her moan. I told her it was different and turned me on. She said how and the only way I could show her was to watch one of her videos. Mikayla felt kinda awkward watching her aunt finger herself but she was also turned on. At this point I had the biggest boner. I look over to her and I see her eyes glued to the phone screen, a slight moaning, and a hand in her pants. "I can see you like it", as I look at her hand in her pants. She said " I can see you do too", grabbing hold of my erect dick with her other hand. I look into her eyes and dropped my phone and grabbed one of her small firm titties. She jumped a little out of surprise. We started to make out. Her hand was still on my tent and I was still feeling all of her boob. She stopped making out and unzipped my pants and moved my boxers out the way. She gasped as she saw my 6inch dick. "Its so big and hot" she said. I took her top and took it off to reveal her bright blue bra. She covered up in embarrassment. I said it was OK and slowly kissed her. As we were making out she began to jerk my cock. My hands went down and felt her firm ass through her sweatpants. I stopped making out to pull down her pants. She was wearing a match in pair of blue panties, she was so wet. Her face was red with embarrassment. I told her to close her eyes.

I unhooked her bra and started to massage her pussy through her panties. She started to moan alot more. "I'm sensitive down there" she said. "OK I'll stop" I said. I moved up and began to suck her firm small b cups. She tried to restrain her loud moans but she let a few out. I told her to lay on he back. I began to pull her panties off, slowly watching the sticky juices drip from her pussy. I stuck a finger in her. "It hurts, but it feels good", I slowly started to finger her faster. Her moans got louder and louder. I told her to keep it down but she said it felt so good. She got up and put her soft hands on my cock. Her face was right next to my dick, I could feel her breath on it. She told me to get ready and gave my dick a kiss. She played down and spread her legs. She moved her fingers in a circle on her clit and moaned really loud. Her moans sounded like her aunt's and I jerked my dick as fast as I could. "I'm gonna cum" we both said. With a loud OOOOOH she came with little squirts dripping out of her pussy. I came the hardest I've ever came, spraying all over her body. Her body looked so amazing with cum on her. "Its so hot" she said. She put some cum on her finger from her tit and tasted it. I almost came again when I saw that.

I got some paper towels and wiped the cum off her beautiful body. We put our clothes back on but she gave me her wet panties. I said "really?" Then took a big sniff. She giggled and gave me a kiss. We went to the living room and watched a movie with the other. We didn't tell the others and it felt good keeping a secret. I'll always remember that night.



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