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My Sister Taught Me the Feminine Secrets

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This story takes place sometime in the 1990's.


I was a young latino boy. I never knew my father. I lived with my mother and my sister, both beautiful latino women in their own right. They shared the wonderful qualities of having lightly browned skin, black flowing hair, and slender builds. My mother worked two jobs most of the time, to support my sister an I. Both of us began working as soon as we were able to help keep us in our various small apartments. We were poor, but we were happy, and home was filled with love.

After my sister graduated from high school she aspired to earn a college degree from the university we lived in the shadow of. Of course, paying for such an education cost more money than our family had, even with all of us piching in. I had just begun working that summer, as I was finally strong enough to work on the fields with the migrant workers. The work was hard, the hours we long, but the money was what we needed.

My sister worked at the near-by outlet mall during the day, since school had ended, and she had told my mother and I, that she got a waitressing job at the trendiest and most expensive restaurant in town. There was no reason to doubt her, she was beautiful, and after spending a minimal amount of time on her hair and make-up would contest with any of the trendy girls who are able to spend ALL of their free time making themselves up.

It was during a short break, in my job, that I learned what it was my sister was actually up to. I overheard the workers that were in the designated smoking area, which was separated from the barns by a chain fence with a tarp draped over it, talking about seeing the most beautiful latino girl at the local strip club. I stood by the tarp, out of sight, but not out of sound, and listened to every detail of the beauty and wonder of a nude woman. I was initially excited until I heard them speaking in low voices to not speak to me of the venture, as the latina stripper revealed to him, during a lap dance, that her little brother just began working at this very farm. It didn't take but two days, however, before the word got out, and I was teased by the men, about my sister. It seems strange to me now, but what infuriated me the most was that they got to my sister naked, and I had never seen a nude woman (well, not one that wasn't in a magazine anyways). I had noticed lately that my sister had been dressing more revealing lately, and she looked most enticing. I wouldn't go as far to say that I lusted for her, but I had a fascination with her. I mean I hadn't kissed a girl yet, at my young age, and hadn't really been exposed to the opposite sex. I realized that all I knew was school, home chores, and work.

It didn't take long before my sister, Audriana, learned of my knowledge of her, and the subsequent teasing that had gone along with it. We were close, very close. We relied on each other, along with our mother. It seemed it was us three against the world. However I believe Audriana felt she needed to confront me about my newly acquired knowledge, so that I might not tell our mother, who was, like many latinos, a devout Catholic.

One rainy Tuesday, I was sent home early because of the weather. It was just before noon and my mother was gone. I knew she wouldn't be home before 11:00 tonight. Audriana must have been working her 'day-job' as no one answered me when I entered our modest quarters. I took a shower. While drying off the friction of the towl on my penis gave me a bit of stimulation. Knowing I was safe I grabbed the shampoo out of the shower and lubed up. I had only been at just long enough to have a full erection, when Audriana stepped into the bathroom! I jumped into the shower and pulled the curtain shut. I hear my sister giggle slightly then say, 'It's OK Fidel,' her voice was actually sweet and comforting, 'I came in to tell you a secret.' Audriana then began to confess to me of her 'night-job', and explained how the money was good, and she'd be able to go to college by the spring semester. She also made me promise to not tell mom. I protested, because we never kept secrets from anyone else in the family before.

Audriana pleaded with me, and I agreed to keep her secret. After that she left the bathroom and left me to myself. My erection though, was long gone. I rinsed of the shampoo, towelled off again, put on a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. I then retired to my bedroom, as my sister was sitting on the couch watching talk shows.

A couple of hours had passed, as I listened to my CD player, with headphones on. I couldn't hear the knocking on the door. I just saw the movement of the door opening out of the corner of my eye. My sister was standing in the doorway. Her hair was cascading down her shoulders. I could tell she was wearing light eye-liner, and glittered lip-gloss. There she stood in a pink bikina top, and matching boy-cut bottoms, along with tall white boots that came just about to her knees. Her skin was flawless and tight. Her legs shaply, arms defined, and stomach flat.

'Audriana?' was all I could mutter out.

'Fidel,' she teased. A brief pause and she continued, 'Have you ever seen a girl dressed like this?'


'What do you think?' she asked, and looked to ground with a sudden sense of insecurity.

She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen in person! All I could mutter was, 'Good.'

Audriana then began asking me questions about my sex life, or more accuratley, lack thereof. She said how sorry she was that in my young life, I still had not experienced a girlfriend. She shared with me what she was learning of her own sexuality, from her job. And she could not thank me enough times for all that I was contributing to the family, and she and our mother had spoken about how proud of me they were. Audriana said she wanted to do something for me. Since I had already missed so much of my childhood, she propositioned that she get me caught up with the ways of women. I had no idea what she was talking about. She then laid out the proposition for me: 'Fidel, this one time, under your oath of secrecy, I will reveal all of my womanly being to you.'

Oh my God. My heart was pounding, I think Audriana could hear it beating against my chest. My penis was at full erection. She had already practically shown me everything, there wasn't much left!

'I will show you all you want to see, and what men at the club ask me to show them,' she continued, noticing my nervous anticipation, 'And...' a long pause, which didn't matter, I was clinging to every syllable, 'You can masterbate during, if you have to. But remember, you have to swear to God you won't tell anyone.'

'I swear.'

Audriana took me by my hand and walked me to my twin bed and had me sit up against the wall. She unzipped her boots and revealed her recently pedicured feet. She stood close to me, and I could smell the sweet lotion that was on her body. She began by taking off her top and let her perky breasts stand out, with her brown nipples pointing slightly upwards. She could see that I was already in a full on state of arousal. She looked at the tent in my shorts and said, 'Go ahead, Fidel, I won't mind.' I pulled my shorts off and began to slowly rub my stiff penis. Audriana began to slowly pull down her bottoms. As she stood fully erected in front of me, there was nothing obstructing the view of the small triangle thatch of pubic hair that rested just above her opening. My breathing quickened I lost control, shooting a spurt down to the foot of the bed, and couple more spurts just over my hand. Audriana picked a towel up off the floor and handed it to me.

'Are you OK?' she asked.

'Yes.' I whimpered with glassy eyes.

Audriana gave me a moment to collect myself and then continued to show me all of her. She put her leg up on the bed and spread her her legs apart. With her fingers reaching around the back of her, then under, she spread apart her labia, and exposed her most womanly part. My erection had not gone away, and I looked up to my sister's face for approval. Audriana gave me a full smile, and nodded her head in the affirmative. I began again rubbing my erection softly, as to not ejaculate so quickly again.

For the next, what seemed like a perfect eternity, Audriana patiently bended and posed in all sorts of positions. She squeezed her supple breasts together, shook her beautiful hair. She showed me her anus, which up to that point, I never thought of as a desireable body part. While she was kneeling at the foot of my bed with her anus exposed to me, her feet curled up she looked over her shoulder, with her curled black hair partially blocking the devilish sparkle in her dark brown eyes. My penis shot out a second round of sperm lines, this time more powerful than the last. A couple of the strings just missed hitting my sister.

She sat down on the bed with her legs crossed and her hands folded into her lap.

'Is there anything else you wanted to see, Fidel?'

I was still out of breath, 'No.'

'OK, I have to go to the club.'

She put her bikini bottoms on, bent over and kissed my on my forehead. I never told anyone of the event, as I'm sure the secret stayed with her as well. Niether one of us saw the other naked again. There have been times in my life though, that when our own families visit today, I can't help but recall of the wonderful thing she had done for me.



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