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My Sister In-law And Me

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First of all let me say, Solo I love this site. When I am stressed, I can always come here to relive myself.
My story is about my sister-inlaw, who I have always been attracted to. My wife has two older sisters and she is the baby. The sister that I am referring to, is in the middle. About a year ago, I decided to write my sister an e-mail to wish her a Happy birthday, and I wanted her to know that I had bought her a gift from just me and not my wife and me together. Because I have a huge foot fetish, and I have always loved my sister-inlaws feet, I decided to purchase her a pair of slippers for her feet, since everytime she came over our house she would bring her slippers to wear around our house. I also took a chance and expressed my fetish to her in the e-mail. I sent the letter to her, and she responded positively about everything that I said in the e-mail. she thought it was nice that I would think to purchase something for her, and she would be honored to wear anything that I bought for her. She went on to tell me, that she to had some fetishes but she would never tell. I also told her in the letter, not to tell her sister that I bought her a present. When she finally got the pair of slippers, she smiled and said she would enjoy wearing them. I kept on writing her, and every letter I would tell her I was curious about her fetishes. Finally the e-mail came and she told me what turned her on. She mentioned, men in a pair of sexy boxers did something to her, and that she could tell on a man who was wearing them or not. After that e-mail, alot of our conversations concered sexual questions. I asked her did she masturbate, because her husband had died a few years back. She told me she did, especially when she would have a frustrating day at work. I told her that I do masturbate often, and she wanted to know, why when I was married to her sister. I told her that her two sisters were just a like, very conservative, and that sometimes I feel like I would like a freak experience. I told her, she was not like her other two sisters, because she was always daring. She agreed with me totally.
One afternoon she stopped by to see my wife, it was during the summer and she had a pair of flip flops on, her toes nicely painted. When I saw her, I got an instant hard on, and just wanted to bow down and kiss her feet. It was as if she came by just so I could see her freshly painted toes. I went upstairs and got on the computer and went to this site to take care of business. A while later she left, and she knew I was on the computer when she left. I noticed that when she got home she got right on her computer also. My wife went to run an errand, so it was me my computer and my sister in-law, instant msging back and forth. I told her how nice her toes looked, and that it turned me on to see her. I went on to tell her how hard my cock got looking at her toes. I could tell she was enjoying the conversation, because she was using expressions like 'Oh My' or 'Gulp' I then removed my pants and started to rub my cock and stroke it softly. Telling her all of this, I asked her was she getting wet, and she told me yes. This all excited me more, she told me that her nipples were hard also. She then told me it was that time of the month for her, but she was going to play with her clit anyway. Just then I felt myself going to cum, and I shot a load of cum all over my hand and stomach area. I told her what I did, and she told me she had cum too. I wished I could have seen her on a web cam doing that. I told her that I had a web cam, and that she could watch me jack off for her. She told me she didn't have a web cam, but she would love to see me doing that.
As our e-mails got more graphic, she told me she had a huge craving to see me masturbate for her. She also told me she was concerned about her sister finding out, and how devastating that could be, I agreed with her, but still fantasized like I know she was about me.
She had no clue about this site, and I went back and found all the stories about other men and their sister-inlaws and sent those stories to her. She told me she read all of them, and being the freak she was, masturbated after reading all of them. One time I asked her did she use toys to masturbate with, she told me yes. I asked her did she have something called the 'bullet' I know you ladies reading this know what that is. My sister-inlaw did not know what that was, and when I told her what it was and how many ladies love it, she said that she would love to try one. Well, you know what I did? I went and got her one. She loves it, but I have not yet gotten to see her use it, I am sure that will be in my upcoming stories, look for them.......



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