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My Sister and the Grandparents Pool

Posted by: Author: Age: 15 then, 44 now Posted on: 2 comments
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Finally a place to tell my story after almost 30 years.


I was your typical 15 year old boy growing up in a small southern Ohio town, a decent looking lad, active in sports and girls constantly on my mind. This particular summer was going to be different though, this is the first summer my grandfather trusted me to take care of his pool and mow the three acres that the house and pool sat on when they would travel in the summer months.

Aside from the fact it made me a little spending money I could ride my bike there and when I'd finish my chores I could strip down and go skinny dipping and then sit in a lounge chair and jack off outside without the chance of getting caught.

Well one hot July morning I get myself ready to make the trek to their house and while I was stting at the table eating breakfast my sister asks if I'm mowing today and that if I wanted she'd give me a ride out there, this threw me, in the first place my sis is 18 months older than me and has never offered to do anything for me unless there was something in it for herself, and if she were to stay there it would definately eliminate my alone time in the pool. So not knowing how to say no I accept her offer and she says ok give me a minute and I'll get my suit and towel. I'm figuring..ok that's it..I work and she lays around the pool all day..but to be honest..I wasn't too disappointed knowing I'd see her in one of her skimpy bikinis. Hey..I'm not a perv or anything but at 15 like most guys that age..you just want to see boobs and you don't care who's they are.

So pulling in the drive as usual there's always sticks and branches to pick up before you mow but right away sis says..I can pick up the junk if you want to test the pool and get that done then you can mow, again a bit surprised at the offer to help I quickly accept and go about my business and she does as well.

I finally get to the point where I can get on the tractor and mow and she heads to the house with her bikini and towel in hand, I fly through the front and head to the back where the pool is and coming around the house I don't see her at first but notice her tucked behind the four foot wall that surrounds the pool and as expected sprawled out in a lounge in the sun. Then the closer I get I see this lil yellow bikini barely covering anything, I mean at the time I think its the smallest bikini I'd ever seen, by todays equivalant it would campare to seeing your sister in a thong the first time. I musta mowed the same patch of grass four times where I could get the best view of her..LOL. On one of my last swipes near the pool I don't see her in the lounge anymore when all of a sudden she jumps up from behind the wall sporting a bucket of water and throws it at me, a direct hit..I'm soaked..she's laughing..I'm thinking..who the heck is this girl that looks like my sister..suddenly offering to help..being playful and generally not being the pain in the ass she usually is.

I let out a yell..probably a few bad words and then tell her paybacks are hell and finish my mowing.

After parking the tractor in the garage I head into the house and get something to drink before jumping into the pool for a much needed cooling off. But as I look out the patio door I see her again in the lounge laying on her stomach but this time..her top undone. This time my minds reeling..time for the payback..and with the top undone..oh this is gonna be good..I find a bucket of my own, fill it with the coldest water I can find and as quietly as I can get within three feet of her and let her have it, another direct hit, I fly by her hearing her scream as I sprint to the deep end but to my surprise I hear her footsteps right behind me, my minds racing..what the hell..she couldn't possibly have gotten her top on that quickly..is she that pissed she totally forgot..am I about to die? I hit the water and take off swimming a second later I hear her splash, and feel her feet and hands trying to grab me under water, at this point I can honestly say I was scared to death not knowing whats about to happen and what I'm supposed to do. By now I'm almost to the other end but slowing to let her catch me and she does, her arms around my neck and head pushing me under or should I say letting her pushing me under water, she's all of 5/4 and 110 lbs by now and I'm pushing 6 ft at a bulky 135 lbs so it was really no contest there.

I reach the side of the pool and pull myself up for air and she lets go, finally the moment of truth is she topless? what the hell do I do if she is? I turn around and she's to her neck in the water but there was no hiding the bare breasts hiding just below the surface, I think I said something like sissssss..and she says..what...oh right..like you haven't seen em before ya little perv ! Oops..busted I'm thinking.

Finally the splashing and pushing stop and there's this awkwardness in the air.. I have no idea what to say..and certainly where to look.. I do my damnest to try to look elsewhere but there's another problem..yep..naturally with no control mr wigley decides to wake up..oh god noooooo not now..pleaseeee. but yes..so I turn and face the pool wall she surely won't see it.. so I stand there while she does a few laps in the pool still being careful not to let her boobs surface.

Then she pulls up aside me and faces the wall with me and the small talk begins..she asks me how baseball games are, if I have a girlfriend, you know..small talk and the whole time I'm muttering out answers and trying my damnest to hide my erection and not look at her boobs just under the surface of the water.

Suddenly the topic changes when she ask..soo dale..other than mine..have you ever seen anyone else's boobs? If I were chewing gum I would have swallowed it right there..my face turns even redder I'm sure and shrug my shoulders not knowing how to answer that..she says..go on tell me..so I confess..well other than moms a few times and a girls at the pool one time not really..and her reply was well you're a good lookin guy you'll get plenty of chances when you start dating..then the next question..even worse than the 1st..so when you come out here to mow..ever swim naked?..my god who the hell is this girl ?..I try to say no not really but she's not buying it and says..so I turn the tables and ask her..so have you?..and she says..sure if no ones around..I came out here the other day to swim but I seen you were pretty busy so I didn't stay...OH MY GOD.the other day..the last time I mowed..I had one of my sessions on the lounge chairs in the sun..I wonder if she saw that?

But then she says...ya know if ya want to you can now..I can't see anything under water..I quickly respond saying no way! thinking only of my now raging hardon and she comes back with..oh go on..I will if you do..but just stay in the water..with that reaches down to her bottoms and splash them on the deck and starts giggling and takes off going deep under water but not deep enough I can't see that cute lil white butt swimming away..horrified I just stand there as she reaches the shallow end but again being careful not to expose her boobs above water..she yells c.mon dale you chicken..still standing there wondering if someone had cloned my usually bitchy sister with this fun daring young woman?

Finally she says..like I've never seen a guys thingie before..besides I can't see it anyway if you stay in the water, finally caution to the wind I untie and throw my trunks over by the ladder and swim to the shallow end also still be cautious not to let her see my erection that by now felt like it was a foot long!

I must confess though while I was swimming toward her I opened my eyes under water to catch a beautiful frontside view of her kneeling in the shallow end but as I got closer I turned a bit to be careful not to run into her but when I came up her head was under water and there was no dought that she was doing the same thing..crap did she see it? This is embarrassing having a hardon over your sister and her knowing it..her head comes out of the water and laughs..my god Dale you've grown a bit since the last time we took baths together..I'm totally speechless, embarrassed and yet fully aroused, I think it just grew another inch. After another five minutes of small talk instigated by me hoping it would calm down a bit she finally looks to me and says..well I'm gettin waterlogged I'm gonna get out and swims toward the ladder where our bottoms are but this time swimming near the top giving me my first good glimpse of her butt and a peek of her pussy..now theres no way I can get out like this so I stay in as she makes her way up the ladder, this time and the first time I actually got to see her complete body from the side getting out of the water while she picks up her bottoms and wraps herself in a towel.

Once she makes it to the chairs she sits back and slides her bottoms on under towel giving me my first glimpse of her golden brown triangle between her legs. But to my surprise just when I thought she was going to put her top on and this incredible day was coming to a close she sits back in her chair and removes the towel exposing the most unforgetable sight her laying back in her skimpy bottoms and her boobs for all to see..smallish but full white tan lines and big dark nipples..my god this thing is going to just explode if it gets any harder!

Once laying there she yells..hey pool boy..get me a soda and snaps her fingers and laughs, is she fucking serious theres no way I can get out right now it would take a tent to hide to this thing.

Again with the finger snapping oh pool boy she says..shit..I slowly make my way to the ladder, what the hell do I do?..then she laughs and says..whats the matter Dale..ya got a little problem there and laughs again..maybe ya better take a cold shower..At the time had no idea what the hell that meant but I knew one thing..she knew the situation I was in and was having fun with it.The other problem was..when she had gotten out..she had kicked my trunks just out of reach from the pool and at the time I thought it was an accident but now realise it wasn't so I say..can ya throw me my shorts and from her chair she rolls up a damp towel and launches it at me falling just short of my reach but closer to me so as I lift myself out of the water I quickly try to hide it with the towel..and again she says..pool boy..my drink..now I'm thinkin..what the hell..leaving off my trunks I head to the house and get us our drinks and sit down in the lounge aside her..this time my eyes splitting time between her boobs and her face.

By now I've actually started getting a little comfortable with just a towel hiding me and she obviously had no problem with me seeing her boobs. We sat there for maybe a half hour having probably the longest conversation we ever had about everything under the sun. When she finally she turns and says ya know if you want you can take off the towel now I'm seen erections before and I know its something you can't control At first I pretend I don't hear her and again..she sais dale..go on..you know you want to get some sun..it won't bother me and gives the towel a tug..For the first time I think I felt comfortable with the situation so..I slowly open it and my erection springs out, she takes a good look and finally says..jeezz..if you're gonna keep that thing out ua better lotion up..thats a lot to get sunburnt, we both laugh as she reaches for the sunblock but just as she's about to hand it to me she says...want me to put it on? I think she knew the answer because just when I thought it couldn't get any harder it felt like it grew another foo !!!

Erection pointing straight up she uncaps the lotion and puts some on the tops of my legs being careful not to touch it she slowly begins rubbing it in then her soft hands move to my stomach below my navel, again working it in but not touching my cock, then she asks.. feel good? I think at that point is all I could do was moan as I settle back in the lounge and close my eyes. it seemed like 10 minutes went by but it was prob like 10 seconds when I didn't feel her hands on me anymore and assuming she was finished with the lotion I was about to open my eyes again when I felt the warm lotion again...OH FUCK! she squirted it on the tip of my cock and a bunch of it too..she's surely not..I'm not going to even open my eyes but I have to..when I do she looks at me and smiles and says..just lay back and i'll do this too..and I feel her hand and fingers begin to massage the lotion on my throbbing dick, both hands..she started at the top and that was all I could take..my head went back and I squirted the largest load of cum I have ever seen, it must have shot out two feet and wouldn't stop the warm goo covered her hands as she continued to slowly rub my cock. She just smiled and rubbing it long after the last drops were extracted from me.

With cum all over me and all over her hands she says..looks like we both need another swim and with that gets up and strips off her bottoms and dives in..for a few minutes I just lay there trying to take in what the fuck had just happened. Did my normally bitchy sister really just give me a handjob ..yes she did..I smiled and got up and joined her in the pool and cleaned up, with that we got out slowly dried of giving eachother nice views of each others bodies and got dressed and went home with smiles on our faces.

That night as I lay in bed about to relive that days events she knocks on my door and comes in and says Dale..I hope I don't have to tell you that you can never tell anyone about today and I just want to tell you I hope you had as much fun as I did..I nodded and assured her I'd never say anything,vand with that she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the forehead giving me one last view of those beautiful boobs for the day from under her tanktop.

We had a few more sessions in the months and yrs to follow but never lead to more than masturbating each other. Maybe I'll share em with you sometime soon.



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