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My Sister and I

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A few summers ago...


A few summers ago my family and I went to Orlando, Florida to attend a cheerleading competition that my sister and her squad from our high school were a part of. Cheer squads came from all around the country to compete in the four day, elimination style event to see who would go home with the championship title. My sister and her squad worked extremely hard on their routines, and their hard work had paid off since on the final day they were one of four teams left competing. For her, to be a part of the team that brought such a prominent cheer award back home to our school in Pennsylvania was not only physically challenging, but also an esteemed honor.

For me however, it was little more than merely a vacation. I got to chill for a week in Florida, hang by the pool daily, play video games, and of course watch hot, young cheerleaders perform for three hours a day. At the age of 14, I was fairly underdeveloped and had little experience with girls. I was still a virgin, and other than an occasional hand cupping a breast, or sliding my hand up a skirt while making out, that was the limit of my experience. I was handsome enough, or so I've been told. I was kinda tall for my age, around 5'8' or so, with a thin build, and longish light brown hair with a smooth, toned body. Many girls had told me I was cute. I guess I was just a little too shy at that age to take full advantage of my potential.

But anyway, it was the final day of my older sister's competition. I was in the bleachers with my parents and grandparents. My grandparents had retired to Florida not too far away, and my father picked them up so they could attend the competition. The weather in Florida had been warm and I was wearing loose fitting cargo shorts and a green T-shirt. In fact, most of those in attendance seemed dressed pretty appropriate for an event held outside in the warm, tropical Florida weather.

It was the final day of the competition, and my sister's team kept progressing to the next level. I was happy for her since I knew the determination and training that she laboriously put forth to reach this level. I watched and rooted for my sister, but I also had taken a keen interest in some of the other girls out there performing. Being an average 14 year old boy, it wasn't long before my attention would eventually turn towards something sexual, and I could feel my cock stir as my eyes bathed in the athletic prowess of the girls in their cheer uniforms. Those shapely toned legs, short skirts, athletically toned bodies, with those perky bouncing boobs were really starting to take a toll on me. It wasn't long before I had a full, raging hard on. What can I say? I was your typical horny teenager, and sharing a hotel suite with my family for days was seriously putting a damper on my ability to release some of my sexual tension.

I had been masturbating for a few years, and did it quite often. My problem was that for the past few days, I really wasn't afforded the privacy or opportunity to take care of business. I guess I could have used the shower, but it always seemed that no sooner was I in there that someone was banging on the door for me to hurry up. So without any form of sexual release, it truly didn't take much for me to get excited and seemed to be perpetually with a hard on.

Maybe it was the close quarters, or my pent up sexual tension, but I even took notice of how attractive my sister was. She was two years older than me, and I always kinda knew she was attractive. She was tall, thin with light blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. We shared one bedroom of the suite together and slept in separate beds, but I couldn't help but to stare as she walked about the room wearing panties and camisoles which she slept in. I too, also slept in my underwear, and it was only the very morning of the competitions last day that she was making fun of me for having morning wood. I had kicked the covers off me as I slept, as I sometimes did. I awoke to her snickering at my hard on as it strained against the fabric of my briefs. 'Nice tent' she said as she stood there brushing her teeth. I quickly fished for my blanket to cover myself. I was flushed with embarrassment and my face reddened. There was no mistaking what she had seen as my stiff cock was visibly outlined with the shape of its head clearly able to be seen through the thin fabric of my briefs. 'I guess your over due for locking yourself in your room and wacking off to porn. This hotel must be cramping your style' she mocked with a mouthful of toothpaste. 'Shut up' was the only reply I could muster. 'We all know you do it pervert. It's no big deal' she replied. I responded by throwing a pillow at her and she laughed.

Anyway, the competition went into the final round. My sister's squad took the stage and gave an ultimate performance that shocked the audience and wowed the judges. They received a standing ovation, and it was clear after the voting that they were the undisputed winners. For hours afterwards there were award ceremonies, congratulating, hugging of team mates, and of course tons of pictures to be taken. Finally, after when it seemed that the event was finally over and only a handful of people still milled about, my father suggested that we go out to celebrate with getting something to eat at one of the nicer restaurants over on International Drive. After what seemed like an all day event, we all agreed and looked forward to getting something to eat that didn't come out of a vending machine.

We all made our way to the parking lot. My father's rental car was only a midsized sedan, and we had to address seating arrangements. You see, my sister was picked up each morning and brought back to the hotel in a charter bus. But now that the competition was over, there was no more bus. The car could seat five adequately, but seating six was going to be a challenge. It was decided that my parents would ride up front, my grandparents would take the driver and middle seats in the back, and I would get the passenger rear seat with my sister sitting on my lap. Since we didn't have far to drive, I felt I could handle her mere 95 pounds for the time being.

We weren't even out of the parking lot before something very strange happened to me. I began to feel the faint awakening of a hard on. Like I said, my sister was quite attractive. Beautiful really. Here in the car she smelled of a mixture of light, musky sweat with a sweet feminine scent. Her tight, round ass was sitting squarely over my groin, and I could feel her body heat radiating through my shorts. I stirred and looked out the window, and tried desperately to fight my body' urge.

My parents and grandparents praised and congratulated my sister before the conversation switched, as they do, to where to go to eat, before their conversation u-turned on to yet another subject. My sister would turn her head towards me and we'd talk a bit, but I was still trying desperately to deny my body of an erection with my sister on my lap. She had stirred and reached down to scratch her leg, and the sudden movement caused me to lose some of my self control. My cock raised and stiffened in my shorts. I could feel it straighten and nestle itself right in the crack of my sister's ass where only a few layers of fabric separated us. It wasn't long before she noticed and turned her head towards me. 'You freaking pervert. You can't control yourself can you?' she whispered and laughed at the same time.

I was mortified. My face flushed bright red, and I began to deny that anything was happening. To my denying she quietly laughed. 'Oh yea' she said, and began to slowly rock her hips back and forth. 'Stop' I asked to which she only giggled. As everyone else engaged in meaningless conversation, I could feel tinges of intense pleasure as my sister ground her silken ass against my clothed cock. She was still wearing her cheer uniform, and her skirt was sitting high, and blossomed out around her. Underneath she wore matching panties made of a light, silky material. She began to grind harder, and I reluctantly put my hands on her hips. The silky fabric produced an intense friction along my cock as it pressed against my shorts. I could feel her heat more so now, and I no longer sought to fight my urges.

She still rocked her hips back and forth and she established a rhythm. I clamped her hips tightly with my hands. 'You like?' she asked out of the side of her mouth. I could only softly moan a response not sure if I wanted her to stop or for her to keep going. After a minute or two, I could feel the buildup of an eminent climax. I gripped her hips harder and pulled her deep against my groin. My body shuddered a bit and I began to spurt streams of cum in my shorts. I could feel hot pulses jet forth and quickly soak through my underwear and my shorts. My sister still kept rocking steadily and I could feel jet after jet of semen burst through and saturate the material. I moaned very softly and quietly, and my sister stopped her rocking. She turned and whispered 'I figured you needed that' and then worked her way into the ongoing conversation between my parents and grandparents.

I leaned my head back and sighed. I felt ashamed and yet somehow excited at what just happened. What I also felt was the large wet spot that my load had left on the front of my khaki cargo shorts.

When we finally arrived at the restaurant, I hastened myself to the men's room to clean up what must have been one of the biggest loads of my life. I tried to conceal my stain with my T-shirt, and I splashed a lot of water on my shorts thinking I could blame a defective faucet for the wet spots. When I returned to our table I sat across from my sister. I looked at her still a little embarrassed, and she looked at me with a wry smile and winked. My mother asked 'what's gotten into you two?' All in all, it was one of the best trips to Florida that I ever had.



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