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My Sister and Her Friend

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I was 13 when this happened. One night my sister Page and her friend Kirsten had a sleepover and my parents were out so it was just us. My sister was 15 then and I just started to get interested in girls and for months was trying to see her naked and stuff but I couldn't. I never saw a grown girl naked yet, except for some drawings of girls in sex-ed books. Me and my sister saw each other naked a lot when we were younger but not since she started growing boobs and stuff so it was a few years. So when Page and Kirsten were in my sister's room I had to use the bathroom that is between our rooms. When I was in there I heard them talking and wanted to hear what they were saying so I listened on the door. I couldn't hear well so I had my ear right on the door. I heard them talking about some boy and Kirsten was asking my sister how big his cock was and if he had hair and if my sister ever saw it hard and stuff like that. I wondered when my sister ever saw a guy naked since she wasn't allowed to go on dates and stuff yet so I kept listening. I was a little disappointed when Page said she didn't see him lately but was wondering if he was getting bigger there and hoping to see him soon and asked Kirsten to help her plan a way to get to see him.

For some reason I was getting hard imagining my sister getting to see a guy naked. I didn't know why, I started getting boners for just about any reason. I was ready for bed so I just had on a T shirt and boxers so I started to feel my boner through my boxers. It wasn't real big then. I just started growing hair there, it wasn't even getting curly yet.

Kirsten tells my sister to just ask the boy to let her see him bare but my sister says he probably wouldn't do that. Kirsten tells her that he might if she got naked and let him see her first. I kept listening to see if I could find out more. They started to whisper so I had a hard time hearing but I made out something about Page saying that this guy keeps doing stuff to try and see her naked but she wouldn't let him because she was afraid our parents would find out and our dad would punish him. I wanted to find out who the guy was so I could kick his butt myself if he tried anything with my sister. I didn't even care if he was a high school kid and probably twice my size.

They were whispering more but couldn't hear much. I thought it was over when I heard Kirsten ask Page what she thought he was doing now. My sister said he was probably asleep and Kirsten said lets find out. I heard them moving around thinking they were getting the phone to call the guy but I fell right in Page's room when they opened the door to the bathroom.

My sister was real mad and I tried to get up and get to my room but Kirsten jumped on me and sat on my chest. I was real embarrassed about being pinned to the floor by a girl, even though she was probably 50 pounds more than me. She wasn't fat or anything, she was actually pretty hot looking, she was just older than me. The other thing was that Kirsten and Page were wearing the same as me basically, just T shirts and panties. I had an older girl with her legs spread on my belly and her big boobs hanging in my face. I could see the outline of her nipples. I asked to be let go but they both drilled me about how long I was listening and what I heard and stuff. I told them I heard everything and knew about Page's plan to see a guy naked and she was going to get naked too and I was going to tell mom and dad and stuff. They both laughed at me and I asked them what was so funny and Page tells me they were talking about me and if I ever said anything she was going to tell our parents about me trying to see her naked and she knew I was going through her underwear drawers and stuff. I knew I could get in big trouble so I asked her what she wanted. Kirsten tells my sister that now is their chance and she lets go of my arms but she is still sitting on me. My sister says I have to strip in front of them. I said no way but she told me that she didn't do anything yet but I did and she would tell mom and dad. I said I would but they had to let me see them too. My sister said no way at first but Kirsten said it would be fun and it would be fair. My sister finally agreed and Kirsten let me up and they made me lay on Page's bed and they stood on both sides. Page tells me to strip but I was too embarrassed at first to do anything. I was trying to push my shirt all the way down to cover up before I took off my boxers but they thought I wasn't going to do anything. Kirsten just reached over and pulled my boxers down. When I sat up to try and stop her Page tried to get my shirt off. I struggled a little but there was two of them and they were bigger so it didn't take long and I was totally naked. I wanted off the bed but they were in my way so I just tried to cover with my hands but Page and Kirsten pulled them away and told me to leave them on my sides so they could get a good look. I laid there with them staring at my little two inch soft penis with only a little hair.

They looked for a minute and I finally told them they had to get naked too since they agreed to it. Kirsten pulled off her top and panties right away but my sister turned around and got her stuff off while I looked at Kirsten. She had real nice boobs, big as grapefruit's and a thick patch of blonde hair between her legs but I could still see the slit. I could feel my little dick getting hard as my heartbeat got faster and and it twitched with every beat of my heart. Kirsten told Page to turn around so we could see her. Page did and she had smaller boobs, like tangerines and hardly any hair but dark brown. I looked at them a minute and then Kirsten asked me if she could feel my boner that was all hard by then and maybe four inches long. I asked if I could feel her boobs and she said OK so I felt one while she started to feel my boner. I thought her boobs would be soft but they were actually kind of stiff. Kirsten was playing with my boner and balls and stuff for a minute when she asked me if I could shoot cum yet. I never did but just said I didn't know and she asked me if I knew how to jack off. It was one of those things I heard about but wasn't sure what it was. I played with my boner a lot lately but I didn't really know anything about getting an orgasm or anything. I told Kirsten I did sometimes and she asked me to show her. I just cupped my penis and balls in my hand and squeezed a little a few times and stopped. She said that wasn't how you did it. She watched her older brother once and she said she would show me if I wanted. I said OK and she climbed on the bed and made put my legs together so she could sit on them. She took my boner between her fingers and started to rub up and down. She did it for a minute and moved up closer so her pussy was almost over my balls and told me to squeeze her boobs so I got them with both hands and started to rub and squeeze them. I looked down at her playing with my boner and saw wet stuff on her hair between her legs and wondered if she was peeing on me. I almost forgot my sister was there when she told Kirsten she was getting real wet. Kirsten kept rubbing up and down on my boner and started to feel real good. I never did it the way she was doing. A couple times every minute she stopped rubbing with her fingers and moved up a little and rubbed her wet, hairy slit on my boner and got it all slippery and then she used her fingers again. Pretty soon I started to move my hips and legs up and down it felt so good. I didn't really understand what was happening then but I had an urge to pee. I told Kirsten I had to use the bathroom but she wouldn't let me up and said she was about to make me cum and I would love it. It took like only five minutes and my penis was twitching and everything. I had cum but it was still dry, nothing came out.

I laid there a few minutes and when I calmed all down Kirsten told me to get up so she could lay down. We did and she told Page to lay down beside her and Page did that and Kirsten and Page started to feel between their legs and they let me watch. I was standing there and they both started breathing hard and stuff and Kirsten tells me to get on the bed too and she got me to kneel between them with my knees between each of their legs. First Kirsten and then my sister let me feel their slits and they showed me how to rub their clits and they got all wet and stuff. Kirsten even let me find her hole and put a finger in it but my sister wouldn't let me. My boner got all hard again and Kirsten started playing with it again. They both came almost at the same time. They let me lay between them and they both played with my penis and balls again and made me cum again.

After we rested a little Page said we had to get showers before our mom and dad got home and we all got a shower together and they had to change my sister's bed sheets and stuff.

After that me and my sister see each other naked and stuff in our rooms and we don't care. She won't really jack off me but she sees me sometimes and I see her do it. Kirsten did it to me a bunch of times after that but stopped after I started to make cum. She said it was too messy and was afraid she might get pregnant and get a baby. It was fun while she did it and I was glad she taught me.



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