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My Shower Fun

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I have a 'trick' I use to get off... which I'm sure some other guys do (and I know gals do!)

I discovered it as a young teenager.. and my parents wondered why I always wanted to use their shower!

What I do is lay down/sit in the tub, spread my legs out, and let the shower (usually I prefer it set on a normal spray type setting as long as there's enough pressure) cascade down and massage the underside of my cock. The sensations are gentle but intense if that makes any sense: the run up to orgasm is almost painfully slow (just the way I like it) and it gives that beautiful teasing sensation. Maybe 25% of the time it's not enough to get me off, but no matter what, it's always amazing.

Different showers and settings are a lot different, and some are much better than others, in fact, I still miss my old apartment shower. I remember the first time I tried this there.

I had been in my bedroom for about two hours, for some reason I was ridiculously horny that evening. My roommate was at work, so I was watching all my favorite porn with the sound up and reading all sorts of stories on here while I gently stroked myself and got myself more and more worked up. I had to edge six or seven times, at least. Finally, it was time.

I walked to the shower, turned it on, pulled the curtain back and laid down. I was younger then, and kept myself in good shape, and I positioned myself in a strange, legs splayed way that probably looked ridiculous to any outsiders that would've been there, and finally after sliding around a little bit, I found the spot: I had a rush of pleasure, and my six inch cock jumped instantly.

That's a fun quirk of my cock: my PC muscles are strong, so it throbs and pulses like crazy, which feels amazing.

I laid back and closed my eyes, and started thinking about the last girl I had been with: a beautiful girl, with a cute girl next door face on top of an amazingly fit, tight little athletic body and beautifully shaped B cups. Again my cock jumped. The second I visualized her trimmed, insanely tight pussy around my cock, my cock jumped and I instantly was milliseconds from cumming already. I really wanted it to last so I quickly pulled away from the water, placed my hand up to block the flow, and tried with all my might to hold back, after a few seconds, I realized I had succeeded. I 'cooled off' a second then went right back to it.

For some reason, though I had never done this before or even been the kind of person that thought I would like this sort of stuff, I started teasing myself mentally, almost talking to my cock.

'Oh, you really wanted to cum just then didn't you?'


'Oh yeah you did.... you wanna cum for her pussy don't you?'


'But you better not... you're not allowed yet' *throb*

'Can't you hold it? poor thing...'


'Can't you hold back without shooting cum all over?


'You better, but I bet you can't... I bet the second I slide you into that tight little pussy again you'll lose it and start filling her up before you're even all the way inside.


'You gotta hold back though... that pussy is amazing, it deserves you lasting at least a little bit...'


'But you won't, will you? Naw, you can't hold it can you? Poor thing'


At this point I was RIGHT on the edge, the throbs were getting more and more intense, and I knew I was about to finally explode after hours of teasing.

'Aww you better not... oh no... you can't hold it can you? Don't you dare...'

I hit the point of no return: my cock tensed and stuck almost straight up from my body, my entire body tensed, my eyes closed, and I froze. But strangely, even though I was past the point of no return, I still felt like I was being teased, just before the point of release.

The sensation got intense... then more intense... I arched my back and thrust my hips up toward the water, and let out a half groan half scream, with the sensations getting more and more intense, my brain just wanting nothing more than my release but just not quite getting it

This point of no return seemed to last a whole minute, until finally my groan/grunt morphed into an insanely relieved moan as my cock started firing cum, the first shots over my head, as my cock literally rose to nearly vertical with each shot and slapped against my stomach with each rebound. I don't have any clue how many contractions I had, but it was unbelievable.

The orgasm finally subsided, but I just laid there, eyes closed, covered in cum, for a good ten minutes coming down from the orgasmic high.

I had never had the 'point of no return' act like that before, but believe me, my quest became trying to recreate the sensations of that experience. To this day, it is the most intense orgasm I can remember, solo or not. Maybe I should write about the time I demonstrated this technique for my ex girlfriend...

But for now, I'm off... I haven't showered yet today.



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