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My Shower Friday Morning

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I love the feel of the shower every morning, here's a sample. You could call it a technique, but this is an exact narrative from just two days ago, Friday morning, pump by fantastic pump!


I have to get up way too early in the morning. So early in fact that I really have had to come up with something to motivate me. My wife would give me a handjob (or better) if it was later in the morning, but she's still unconcious at the time of morning I get up, so...

We have a fantastic walk in shower. Friday morning, as usual, I had to get up so I stumbled into the shower and turned on the water. I heated up quickly as usual and I got all my cleaning chores out of the way except for one elongated item that usually requires quite a bit more rigorous rubbing to get it completely cleaned out, and also provides me with the incentive to get the other cleaning duties out of the way in the first place.

But before moving onto this last item I grabbed a very handy little thing tucked away in a hidden spot of the shower. It's a one inch section of VERY thin bicycle inner tube. Probably for a one inch diameter ten speed tire. It's pretty much just like a really wide rubber band. I lubed it up with conditioner and very carefully stretched it open so that both of my balls could fit through. As always, it was a bit of a chore to get them both through. It held my testicles away from my body without hurting or cutting off any circulation. I just love the sensation that would occur in just a few minutes!

Now I was ready. I grabbed the gel shaving cream and put about half a golf ball gob in my left hand and then rubbed it all around over my pubic region, rubbing it into the pubic hair above my now rock hard penis. From there, I used both hands to fully cover everything else, which is always fully shaven.

Penis and balls fully covered in a lather of shaving cream gel, I started pumping the full length with my right hand while gently holding my stretched balls, turning them slowly like a greased door knob from time to time.

I began my prescribed consistent jack-off stroke of about two pumps per second, and started to count (I almost always do) trying to see if I could cum any quicker than the day before, torturing my mind with all sorts of visions of oral sex my wife has given me (my favourite), while NEVER breaking stride.

I knew I was getting close.

My grip intensified slightly just before using my strict self imposed rule: Before cumming, I MUST take a 25 second hands-off break, followed by 25 strokes, then by 20 seconds, then by 25 strokes, then by 15 seconds, then by 25 strokes, and so on until I was pumping continuously again.

OOOOH was this good-SOOO good!

I had got to 300 strokes before implementing 'the rule of 25', and was now on to about 100 more when it started to happen. I crouched such that my throbbing cock was pointing straight up, I had my buns clenched together as tight as possible, I was 'turning the doorknob' on my balls vigorously and right then the most unreal volume of cum started ker-spurting like a fountain and coating my hand all over. I quickly, without breaking stride, grabbed the cum and used it to continue the stroke. Including the cum in with the shaving cream on my strokes significantly increased the drag and I continue to spurt a full 14 spurts! I've never ever counted more than nine!

I couldn't believe I could actually remain standing for the last few spurts, but according to plan I never relented on my two strokes per second rule. I kept pumping and pumping and the sensations continued. I had stopped cumming, but the sensations didn't diminish at all! I didn't know what to do. It was so very wierd! But I continued to stroke and stroke and after exactly 175 more strokes, I came again! OH HOW I LOVE TO MASTURBATE!



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