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My Shower

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Smiling, I step into the shower, my pussy still quivering a little as I remember our night together.

The steam from the hot water rises and I inhale deeply as I rinse your scent, your sex, from my body. It's as though you are there with me, the smell of your passion thick, the warmth of the water caressing me as did your your fingers, your tongue, just last night.

I direct the intense spray onto one nipple and it instantly hardens, just as it did a few hours ago when you sucked it deep into your mouth, biting once; not enough to hurt but enough to make me squeal. Enough to make me want more.

Snaking my fingers down my belly, I trace the path your tongue took, circling my sensitive belly button before plunging lower.

Grabbing hold of the lightly scented rectangle of soap, I rub the slick bar into my skin, lather forming in that soft nether region between navel and the thick fuzz of my pussy.

I savor the feeling as my fingers reach downward, through the wet, soapy jungle of coarse hair, to slip between the fat lips of my pussy. I moan a little as I remember your tongue, teasing me with feather light touches before finally making its way to my swollen clit.

My wet hair tickles my swollen nipples as I massage the soft lather around and around my clit, groaning softly. With a shiver I remember your deep-throated chuckle last night when I begged, desperate for more, as you lapped at my quivering cunt.

I let my soapy finger slip deep into my cunt, as your probing tongue had done last night. In and out, faster now, my hips are rocking forward, just as they did before when my legs were spread wide to your thick tongue.

Pulling my slick finger out, I begin to tease my clit, the same as you did, now directing the hot spray onto the swollen nub.

I feel my pussy begin to drool as the warm spray tickles my swollen lips. The water pulses against my clit and I shudder, imagining that it is your tounge feverishly flicking at the sensitive folds.

But I want more; I desperately need to feel the fat head of your cock spread my wet lips and force its way deep inside my cunt.

Shoving two fingers deep into my pussy I bring the shower head even closer to my clit, until the water droplets spray like fire onto the sensitive tissue.

With my other hand I fuck myself, thinking of your cock as it had plunged its way in and out of my greedy cunt with long sure strokes.

I feel the pressure build and I arch into the spray, allowing the hot water to take me over the edge. With a cry, I spear my quivering pussy, just as you did, your fat shaft piercing its way to my center as you sprayed your warm load deep into my cunt.

My hips buck at the sensation as, cumming hard, my pussy grabs hold of my fingers, gripping them tightly. My body quakes as I come, once, twice, three times, my clit pulsating hard under the rush of hot water as my strokes finally slow.

Sighing, I pull the water away, my pussy still quivering. Rinsing the last of the soap from my lightly-sheened skin I smile again, remembering last night and thinking, with pleasure, of tonight...



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