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My Sexy Wife

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She has finally discovered masturbation and dirty talk.


Over the years we have slowly introduced masturbation into our sex life. We have been married 15 years and have a very religious background. Of course that never stopped me from taking care of myself, but it has kept her inhibited (which we have been working on).

The other night my wife was taking a bath and I was in the bedroom surfing Solo Touch. I looked into the bathroom to look at her in the bath. She was facing away with me but had spread her legs as wide as they could go and had hooked her legs over each side of the tub. She was holding a book with her left hand (a steamy romance) and her right hand was buried between her legs. She was frigging her pretty pussy quickly. I got instantly hard.

I quietly waited on the bed for her to finish her bath and tried not to finish myself. She came to bed naked with her book and smiled mischievously at me. She laid on the bed facing away from me reading her book but scooted up next to me. She looked over her shoulder and asked me to rub her back. I stroked her back for 10 minutes or so before starting to head down the side of her chest and also low on to her ass. Once she starting sighing each time I went lower on her ass, I knew what she wanted.

My fingers slid down her perfect buttocks and her thighs but toward the small indent at the top of her thighs near the base of her pussy. Her thighs were wet as I approached her lovely slit. I figured it was moisture left over from her bath but she slowly bucked her hips back against my fingers and the tip of my fingers brushed her parted lips. They were gushing with wetness. She whimpered audibly. I teased her thighs for some time as she raised her hips and tried to push against my hand each time I got close to her pussy.

Finally I made my hand flat and placed it against her vagina. She moaned and raised herself onto her hands and knees and started grinding against my hand. Because she is so straight laced during the day I am always amazed (and turned on) at how dirty she can be in bed, but tonight she took it to a new level. As I ground my hand into her pussy, she turned her head toward me and moaned out 'Finger my little girl cunt daddy.'

I had never heard her talk like that! My cock went rock hard and started leaking.

'Take off your shorts' she ordered.

I left my right hand slipping and sliding against her wet pussy while I struggled out of my shorts with the other hand. As soon as my shorts were off, she reached over with her left hand and started stroking me.

I thought I was going to instantly cum but held off to see what else she had in store! I was running my fingers between her slit and her precious clit, eliciting a low moan from her as I approached her nub. After a few minutes of mutual ecstasy, she milked my cock with one long pull and covered her hand in cum. She looked me in the eye, held my gaze and smeared my cum on her pretty, puckered asshole. We haven't really done much back there but I knew how to take her unwritten request.

My fingers went from her cunt to her ass. She nearly jumped off the bed when I laid my thumb on her ass and my fingers on her clit. She started stroking my dick roughly and pushed her hips hard against my fingers. My thumb slipped easily into her lubricated ass and I pumped her pussy with 3 fingers.

It was finally too much for us. She cried out 'Jill my cunt and ass with your fingers daddy. I'm going to cum all over your hands.'

I had never her say the c-word before and as she finished her breathless begging I came in her stroking hand. Her cunt and ass tightened against my intruding fingers and thumb as streams of cum were milked into her hand I felt her lower body convulse and melt around my fingers. Her orgasm seemed to last 45-60 seconds.

It was minutes before we recovered. I left my hand buried in her ass and pussy and she kept her hand wrapped tightly around my milky dick.

When she was finally ready to clean up, she raised her lips to my face and thanked me for understanding her needs. I don't know that I had to stretch to be so understanding, but I do know I can't wait for tonight!!



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