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My Sexy Cousin

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I want to see how you like my story...actually it's more like a collection of stories!


I moved here 4 years ago, and my cousin Danielle went to the airport to see me off the plane. We were both 12, and the first thing I thought when I got off the plane was 'Wow, she's hot.' It hadn't even occured to me that she was my cousin. It didn't matter to me.

I was always too nervous to ask her to do anything with me, or anything. Most of the time it was by accident. We ended up being pretty good friends, so we slept at each others houses a lot.HB

Later that year, I was sleeping over at her house. It was 11:00 at night and we had decided we were going to stay up all night. We were flipping around the channels and one of those softcore porn movies was on. We started watching that, making fun of it... During one scene, though, there were two lesbians making out, and then going at it. This drove me insane. Being 13, I started jacking off under the covers of the couch I was on. Danielle was on a couch about 5 feet away, but could see the rythmatic 'bumping' of my hand under the sheets.

'What are you doing?' she asked.

Ahhhh! I had been found out!

'Uhhhh.... scratching... a mosquito bite... yeah!' I stumbled for words.

I stopped for 5 minutes, then started again when she wasn't looking. Damn, I should have came out and said I was jacking off.

Later that year, she had just come home from a soccer game and was in the shower. I was playing a game downstairs, and went up to see what was up. She was showering in her bathroom, so I waited in her room.

Her hamper was in the middle of the room, and her panties were on top. I took them into my hand, gave them a good whiff... nothing. I noticed there was still 'something' on them. I licked it up - I started gagging but my dick was standing at attention-this had come out of her! (This was the beginning of my panty fetish. Every time I go over there now basically, I take a look at her hamper and try to find some nice, smelly panties. I seldom get rewarded though...Although she does have this nice thong I have in my room right now, it has cherries on it. I think she masturbated in it too :)!)

The next year, I felt more adventurous. She was showering in her room again, but the bathroom has doors on either side, the other going to the guest room. I opened the guest room door a crack, and looked in. She finished showering and got out-she was in front of me, NAKED! My heart was in my throat as I watched her dry off. She has these small boobs, perfect. Her nipples were a light pink, and standing up. But her pubic hair - wow, there was a ton of it. I wussed out after about 30 seconds, but wow.

Later that week, she was sleeping over at my house but decided to shower because it was humid. She gets into the shower, and I claim to take the dog out. I come back in 30 seconds and say there are deer everywhere. I go back outside to watch 'deer', grab a stool and look into the bathroom window. I couldn't see her clearly. But she reached up to the faucet and tried to get it off. No luck, it's and old shower. So she sits down, or something.

Then it starts. A sexy little moan. She was masturbating! She does this for nearly 5 minutes. I wonder where my mom was during this. The moaning never gets higher or anything though. No orgasm, unfortunately.

After she finishes up (gets bored?), she turns off the water, and gets out. Again, her nice, beautiful body, but this time, she spins around a little bit. I get to see her giant, nice ass, her little tits, and her pubic hair. WOW!

A few weeks later, once again I was at her house again for my younger, annoying cousin's birthday. It was 10 o'clock when we went to sleep. I woke up at 6 for some reason, I don't know what, but I soon realized she was in the bed, moaning for a bit, but then making a crying-like sound. (I wonder why she was making that noise...) I sit up, but she's looking at her wall, fingering herself or something. I take out my dick, and jack off while she's doing this, but I still can't say anything! Argh! My fun was interrupted when the morons downstairs, my cousin's friends, who had stayed up all night, were making noise, so her mother got up and told 'em to shut up.

In the beginning of the summer, she was going with my mother back to California which was where I moved from. She took a shower that night and got ready for bed-but left her wet panties on the floor. I said I was too hot and sweaty, and that I was gonna follow her. She got out, I went in. I didn't shower much, I was too busy licking her panties dry and jacking off!

Then, in November, I was jacking off in her room with a pair of panties. She opens the door behind me! I was caught! I had dropped the panties by accident, though. I got scared, she got weird, and not much evolved from that encounter. Another one where I could have gotten us to do something!

Today, my family went over for dinner. She was off at a prom party (I was never popular at school, I moved too late to make many really good friends...I didn't go to prom or anything). I went up into her room, and looked around for some nice panties to take. Not much. Just some unfragrant, used panties.

I went into her bathroom and looked around, to see if she had left any panties in there before showering, but I found something better. Her toilet was covered in short, curly, brownish hairs. She's naturally a blonde, but her pubic hair, as I knew before, was brownish black. She had shaved her crotch clean!

I looked around, and in her garbage can, I found a tissue with her entire collection of hair! I went weak at the knees! I took it out, held it in my hand, and felt it. I imagined I was fingering her. I imagined I had my hands in her pants. I took the panties I had found earlier and jacked off into them. Wow, it was intense. I took the tissue, stuffed it into my pocket, and kept it there. What a dirty little girl! I'm chatting with her right now on the net and I'm gonna say something about the pubic hairs on the toilet...hopefully she'll open up a bit...

Maybe I'll get to finger her to her first orgasm!

Wish me luck and have fun Solo! I gotta go jack off to all these memories ;)



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