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My Sexy Cousin

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I like this site; Finally able to submit stories for everyone!


I'm eighteen years old and my name is Brian. I have a cousin named Sylvia. Sylvia's about one year younger than me. Once upon a time, we had lots of fun 'playing' with one another, and not just on one occasion. Sylvia is a short girl. She wears a size B cup bra. This is the perfect body for me. Her ass is just so perfect. She weighs around 110 lbs. Long blonde hair, black eyes, perfect white teeth. Her hair is more dirty blonde really. As for myself, well, average, ha ha.

I remember it all very well, ever since we were around the ages of seven and eight is when the fun began. We would lay down in her bed and pretend to kiss each other, and what I mean by 'pretend to kiss' is where she would place her hand over my mouth and kiss the back of her hand. And in the process of doing that, we rubbed against each other quite often. I would get an erection and I know she felt it. I know this because she would always get a big smile on her face.

Well I guess we had fun pretty much our whole lives up until about a year ago. That was the last time we did anything together. I'll tell you all about that particular time.

We both came home to my house for a change, and we went into my sisters old room and locked the door. Sylvia asked if I would give her a massage and I agreed without thinking twice. We found some body lotion to make it a little more soothing. I caressed her body with it. She took off every single article of clothing except for her thong. At this point I had the biggest erection I think I have ever had. As I rubbed her back she closed her eyes and somewhere along the lines said 'do whatever you please'. 'I surely will', I silently replied to myself. She requested that I rubbed her lower back, and I certainly had no problem with this what so ever. I kept getting closer and closer to her ass and she started moaning. Hell, I'm not sure what I did, but if she moaned, I must be doing something right.

I got her to take her thong off, and she asked me to finger her. I had no problem doing this either, since it's what I've always wanted to do! Finally, it's gonna happen. I'm gonna SCORE, I thought to myself. We didn't go that far, but after I started to finger her, it wasn't long before she wanted to see my penis. Well, my penis was harder than a rock so it was hard to get out of my pants. I removed them, and my boxers. She began to stroke my gold member. I wanted to be Fred Flinstone, and make the bed-rock, but she wouldn't let me go that far. She continued to stroke my member until after about five minutes, I came on my stomach. I finished her off and that was that.

I know the ending wasn't as graphic as the beginning, but there wasn't much to it after I came. If you have ever had an orgasm in your life you know how enthused you become after you become. Ha ha, my sense of humor... Anyways, I have yet to get this lucky with her, I think it's time to move on and just fantasize about that moment. If only I could freeze it in time. Laters I'll tell you all about another cousin I got lucky with. It actually happened like three years ago.



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