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My Sexual Life (Part 4)

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Part 3 was posted on the 10th of June.


That summer when I was 13 1/2 was an eventful one. Around the same time that I had a measuring session with my friend 'B' (aged 15 1/2) I also discovered my dad's porn videos hidden on top of a kitchen unit. I started to watch them instead of reading his porn mags whenever I was alone and got the urge. I would get hard and kind of squeeze my cock and balls but I still didn't masturbate. When I got the chance to show 'B' the videos we watched them together and were both really turned on. It was then when he asked me if I wanked and if I could cum yet. I replied that I didn't and he then told me how he wanked off all the time and how great it was. He told me how he would feel a tingle in his groin before he came. He said he would stop wanking and grip under the head of his cock when he felt the tingle to keep him from shooting. I guess this confused me at the time but I realise now he must have been describing the stop and go method which would end with a great orgasm and spurt of cum. I decided to try and after only a couple of tries in the bathroom I managed to give myself my first orgasm. Unfortunately, having misunderstood his instructions and being new to this game I went past the point of no return then gripped my dick thus after my first ever spurt of cum fired out I gripped even tighter and stopped the rest from coming out. I tried this method for weeks and was sometimes successful in holding back my orgasm, this would usually cause me to have wet dreams. Sometimes I would orgasm but stop the cum from coming out, I would then urinate and it would come out in white stringy bits in my piss. If I didn't manage to stop in time the cum would shoot out quite hard and would be a thin but decent amount, mostly clear as it was if it came out at night. I soon realised that this looked much more like what I had seen in the porn films as well as feeling better and wondered why my friend advised me to stop the wonderful spurt from cumming out. I then began to wank properly at least once every day. I seemed to have a permanent boner and would still have occasional wet dreams.
Just before that summer, our lodger 'J', who was a friend of my eldest brother, had moved out from sharing my eldest brother's room and into the room with me and my other elder brother. This was because my eldest brother had his new fiancee moving in with him. I had never had any interest in seeing my brothers' naked and had not done so since I was very young. They were 8 and 5 years older than me and we all kept our nudity hidden from each other. The lodger was a quite good looking, very hairy, 19 year old and now I was getting horny all the time I started finding him more interesting. If I woke up before him I would watch from under my covers to try to get a glimpse of him naked. Somehow this was hardly ever possible. I guess he was careful to change out of his underwear in the bathroom because any of my family could appear at any time. However, I do remember seeing his dick and thinking that it was longer than mine by a good inch and much thicker.
As that year went on I was developing more pubes and a larger cock and balls. I was wanking my cock all the time. In the bathroom, in the public toilet on the way home from school, and increasingly often I would be left home alone so I started wanking off all over the house. I then went on to start using the lodger's dirty underwear to masturbate. I would sniff the crotch, put them on and wank myself until I was making them wet with precum. I would then use them to hold my dick or to hold to my nose while I wanked off over my chest and stomach.
Next I started using the bed post of his bed to stimulate my anus while I wanked. I used my hairbrush occasionally for the same reason and even used a pretty large carrot a couple of times but I suppose it must have been the soreness after this that put me off and I stopped anal stuff altogether. Instead of that I started sucking my own cock. I didn't find it that difficult to lick the head by keeping my shoulders on the bed and curling over, pulling my butt towards me and reaching my tongue out to my stiff cock. I spunked in my face and into my mouth and although I never swallowed I found it a turn on. I became better and better at this and was able to get more and more of my cock into my mouth until finally I could suck most of my cock or even suck in both my balls. I loved to taste my precum and my dick buzzed more than at any other time in my life when I was licking and sucking it myself. Sadly I can't manage it anymore as despite being slim and fit I am not as skinny and flexible as I was then.
I may write again another time with other stories.



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