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My Sexual Life (Part 3)

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Parts 1 and 2 of this true account were posted on June 5, 2003.


As I started my second year at secondary school, aged 12 1/2, I still showed no signs of puberty and didn't masturbate despite having learned the pleasures of mutual fondling years before from my older friend 'B'. Since those days 'B' had told me what we had done was gay and the nearest I got to sex was occasionally looking at the pictures of naked women in my dad's porn mags. I didn't get much chance to do this as for my parents, my two brothers and our lodger, all to be out was a rare event. I also was not brave enough or horny enough yet to use every opportunity to look through my dad's secret stash. It was only usually when 'B', who was a horny 14 year old, was visiting and everyone else was out that he would encourage me to look at them.
I remember early in that school year, getting changed in games lessons became an interesting experience for me. More of the boys were getting into puberty now and some were now well developed. One of my best friends in school got changed next to me in these lessons and when I saw his dick it looked massive compared to mine and surrounded with hair. Even when flaccid it was larger than my little stiffy and his was surrounded by a good amount of hair. My bald dick was probably still only 1 1/2 inches long flaccid and 2 1/2 when stiff. His must have been at least 3 1/2 inches when flaccid. I actually pointed at him and howled with amazement 'Look at his big, fat, hairy dick'. My other mates laughed and one friend who was as undeveloped as me joined in pointing and commenting at him. I guess half the other boys were developing fast too but in my group of friends that guy was definitely the biggest and most developed so we kind of made fun out of him for a while after that. Unsurprisingly, he was embarrassed but also remained proud of his development and argued, correctly, that we were jealous.
As the year went on my friend 'B' and I got a few more chances to look through my dad's porn collection. It was then that we started reading the sexy stories instead of just looking at the pictures of naked women. I found that they turned me on more than the pictures by far. I especially found the thought of the men's big cocks a turn on and read the descriptions of their dicks, and of them shooting their cum, with great excitement. I read the stories to 'B' and he was also clearly aroused. I wished he would show me his hard dick and wondered what it was like.
As the year went on 'B' turned 15 and a month later I turned 13. I guess it was around that time that I started to get some pubic hair. I am still small in build and height and back then I was much shorter than most of the other lads and very skinny and puny in build but at least I felt I was now starting to grow up.
That summer I spent a lot of time with 'B'. One night when I was staying over at his house we kind of dared each other to strip off and walk around the house for a thrill. His parents were watching TV in the living room with the door closed and the whole rest of the house was pitch dark. We turned off his bedroom light and stripped off. We each patted each others backsides to check they were naked and we then crept out of his room, past his sister's room, downstairs and into the kitchen. We walked around for a minute then we took turns to pee and we crept back up to his room. When we got in he turned on the light revealing me butt naked and him in his pants. He was killing himself laughing at me and told me how he had pulled his boxers down round his knees and just pulled them straight back up after I patted his ass. I was really embarrassed. I pulled my pants back on and he started telling me how his dick was way bigger than mine. I was getting a stiffy just talking about it and I was asking him how big he was. He suggested we should measure ourselves to see how big we were. We got up and I could see his hard on bulging in his underwear. He got a ruler and he started stroking his dick through his boxers while I was squeezing mine through my briefs. Without removing his boxers he held his dick out straight and held the ruler alongside measuring his dick at somewhere around 5 1/2 inches. I then was told to measure mine. I got my briefs pinched around my little stiffy and held the ruler against it measuring it at 3 1/4 inches as I remember. I was impressed and excited by 'B's size and the whole experience. I hoped he would allow us to get our pants off and play with each other, I even reminded him of how we used to play with each other but he said that we had been gay to do that and so my hopes were dashed.
I will write again with part 4 of my 'sexual autobiography' soon.



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