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My Sexual Life (Part 2)

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I wrote earlier today with part 1, about my early experiences with my friend 'B'. Here is part 2.


At age 11 1/2 'B' started secondary school. I was 9 1/2 at the time. Shortly after that he said that our games were 'gay' and that he didn't want to play with each other any more. I was really disappointed and thought about it more and more often over time. When he was 12 his family moved across town. We remained best friends and he would visit at least once, most weeks.
I remember my next sexual experience was in the spring after my 11th birthday. I was staying over with one of my friends from school, who I will call 'L' and he told me how his little brother, who was 7 had done a striptease in front of him and his girlfriend a while before and how funny it was. He said that since then him and his girlfriend stripped in front of each other all the time and that they kissed and examined/touched each others bodies. That night I suggested that he got his brother to strip in front of us. He was happy to do it so we watched giggling as he stripped and danced about in front of us. After his brother went to bed I offered to strip in front of him. He said ok, so I did it just like his brother had. I then asked him to strip so he too took off his clothes slowly as he danced about and I watched intently. I was really excited by the sight of his stiff dick. It was clearly bigger than mine, probably 3 1/2 inches in length and noticeably thicker than my skinny little 2 incher. I was more interested though in the fact that it curved upwards with the head almost brushing against his stomach while mine, even as hard as it was then stood straight outwards. I wanted to play with his dick so badly. I remember even wanting to suck his dick, but I was too scared to ask, so we just went to bed. We repeated the show for each other the next night and I deliberately brushed my dick against him to see how he would react. Sadly he freaked out and so we never did anything else again.
At the end of that school year, during the long summer holiday 'B' was visiting and we were playing in my parents room when we discovered my dad's stash of porn mags. We looked through some of them in amazement and they were a real turn on. After that whenever we were alone in my house - which wasn't that often - we would look through at the pictures of naked women excitedly. We would tell each other how stiff we were and I would hope that 'B' would 'play' again like we used to but I was afraid to ask and he never offered. On one occasion he brought his sister along. She was interested when we told her about our stiffies but again nothing further took place.
I then started at secondary school in the September and turned 12 the following February. I remember having my first sex ed in Science lessons during the summer term of that first year and seeing a diagram of a penis. A few years ago I found my old exercise book containing the diagram so I am now able to give an accurate account of the sizes involved. I recall thinking that the diagram looked at least as long as my stiffy. As the penis in the diagram measures 2 1/2 inches I guess my erect penis was about that length at the time (aged 12 yrs 3 mths according to the date in my book). The diagram stated that it was 1/2 actual size which shocked me greatly. I remember measuring it and doubling that length to find the actual size. I was so amazed by this (5 inches) that I asked the teacher if it was correct. She replied it was. I then asked if this was the size of a soft penis or an erection. She told me it was a soft penis and an erection would be much bigger. I was gobsmacked by this as my soft penis was much smaller even than the picture (probably 1 1/2 inches). Of course I now know that 2-4 inches is average for an adult soft penis and 5 1/2-7 for an adult erection.
I will have to write again with more true recollections soon. I have yet to get into my real masturbation years which followed, but I hope this background is interesting to some of you.



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