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My Sexual Learning

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In the early 60's, a young teen knew little about sex, or her body. Sex was described as merely the method of making babies, pleasure was never a part of that discussion.

I was 13 and a 15 year old boy from down the street was cutting the lawn. I watched Brett push the mower back and forth, shirtless in the hot sun, drenched in sweat, and it was the first time I felt that strange feeling of sexual attraction. His hard abs, smooth muscled tan chest, slightly fuzzy legs, grey cutoff sweats hanging low on his hips turned me on, and I hadn't ever had those feelings before. As he finished, he wiped his chest with his sleeveless t-shirt, then slipped it on, and walked up the walk to get his pay. It was the style in those days for boys to wear t-shirts that ended at the ribcage, and as I stared at him through the window, it only turned me on more, as it accentuated his hard abs, and cute bellybutton. I let him in, and as my Mom went to get her purse, I offered him a soda. Then I saw it. The outline of his penis snaked down the side of his leg, the head obviously visible. I seriously don't think I had ever looked at a guys crotch before, and certainly hadn't seen what I was seeing then. And for the first time in my life, my vagina twitched in excitement.

I left and went to my room, flopped down on my bed, closed my eyes and relived the sights that had excited me. I absently rubbed my crotch through my pants, enjoying the sensation I hadn't ever felt before. The more I rubbed the better it felt. I opened my pants and slipped my hand inside my panties, and continued. It felt so good! I discovered my clitoris for the first time, and honed my attention there. I had no idea what was going to happen, I just wanted to keep feeling good. The pleasure grew in intensity, and my fingers were getting wet. I rubbed harder and faster, and the intensity increased, I focused on the mental picture of Brett's body, and fantasized he was pulling my hand toward his penis in his shorts. Just when I didn't think I could deal with it, I experienced my first orgasm. I was rocked by the waves of pleasure that coursed through my body, and as soon as it subsided, I was frantic with worry. I thought I had broken something! How was I going to tell my mother what I did? A doctor? I quickly pulled up my pants, ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I examined myself in the mirror, and everything looked normal, except for the glistening. I grabbed tissues and wiped it away, and was thankful I wasn't 'leaking' I sat down and peed, relieved that it didn't hurt, and felt normal. That night, I decided to do it again, this time looking forward to the 'tingle'. As I lay there in the afterglow of my second orgasm, I knew I would be doing this a lot!

Two years later, Brett was cutting the lawn, but my parents were out for the morning. He came to get paid, and I explained they would be back later, and offered him a soda. As we stood in the kitchen having a soda, I stared at his penis snaking down his leg, and got the courage to say something to the fact 'that leaves little to the imagination Brett'. He looked down, then looked at me and smiled. I kept staring at it, and he asked me if I wanted to see it. I said sure, and he dropped his shorts to his ankles. I had seen penises on babies, but never an adult one, and the size of it, and all the dark curly hair made me gasp. He moved closer to me, and asked if I wanted to touch it, then took my hand and pushed it into him. It was so warm and soft, but quickly started to grow. He whispered for me to rub it, which I did, then he guided my as to how to do it. Soon I was masturbating him, even though I didn't know that's what it was. He placed his hand on my crotch and started to rub me, and soon he had my shorts down and rubbing my clitoris. I was mesmerized by his penis, how the head flared out, and how his balls moved up and down as I pulled on his penis. We moved to the couch, and being a boy, he immediately tried to get me to spread my legs, and thankfully I refused. We went back to mutual masturbation, and shortly thereafter he pulled his hand out of my crotch, trembled, gasp, and then let loose with his semen all over his stomach. Again, I know nothing about semen, so was shocked to see it, and the sheer size of how much he let loose with. He pulled my hand off him, and went back to 'rub the nub' as he called it, and staring at him with his glistening belly, and softening penis sent me to the best orgasm yet.

We got together a least a dozen times after that and masturbated each other. Eventually when I was 16, I finally gave into his pleading, and spread my legs for him. Ahh the memories.



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