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My Sexual Awakening

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Apologies if this story is a little long, but it marked a turning point in my life.


It was in my early teens when I realised what power women held over men where it came to the female form. A flash of thigh or peek of cleavage could turn a man's eye in a moment. That's how it was with my uncle Terry. He and dad were 10 years apart as my grandparents had him later on in life, so we were only ten years difference in age. Where dad was the brainy one of the two, my uncle could literally fix anything put in front of him, so our's being an old house he spent many weekends doing the odd jobs dad couldn't do.

I have to admit I would tease uncle Terry mercilessly. Coming home from a hockey game on Saturday morning I would lounge around in my loose legged shorts knowing my uncle could see my knickers. Sometimes I would take my bra off from under my sports shirt knowing my modest 34B titties would be loose underneath and my nipples semi-erect from excitement. With dad at golf and mum at her sister's most Saturdays, it would be me and my uncle at home where he was redecorating the spare room next to my bedroom. On a non-game Saturday morning, I'd parade around the house in just a long t-shirt and knickers. I'd ask uncle Terry if he wanted a coffee whilst I was making one for myself. I would feign sleepiness and pretend to yawn whilst stretching my arms above my head. This lifted the hem of my t-shirt to just below waist level (I know, because I'd checked it in my mirror!!). Through my half-closed eyes I'd seen uncle Terry check out my knicker-clad pussy, the material pulled up tight to emphasise my vaginal lips. Returning several minutes later I'd make a point of putting the coffee mug on the floor next to where he was working so he'd catch a glimpse down the loose top of my t-shirt. He definitely had a bulge in his trousers most times!

On one particular Saturday after a game, I made a point of going to the spare room where he was working, dressed in just a towel and asking if he needed to use the bathroom before I took my shower. A quick glance over my shoulder as I exited the room confirmed he'd had a good look at my butt which was barely covered by my towel. Having worn my knickers through the game that morning, they were quite damp. I'd left them balled up on my bed along with my hockey gear. Upon returning from my shower some 20 minutes later, they had definitely been disturbed. I'd guessed uncle Terry must have checked them out as they were not quite how I'd left them.

The following Saturday I went through the same routine. My damp knickers were left on the bed and I'd made a point of giving uncle Terry a quick 'flash' before going to the shower. Although I'd turned the shower on I hadn't got in the cubicle. I waited 5 minutes and crept back to the spare room still in my towel. I looked through the crack between door and frame and saw uncle Terry with his nose buried in my knickers! He was having a good sniff of the crotch of my knickers. I could see his hand inside his pants tugging on his cock. I didn't know whether to be disgusted or flattered. The thought that me or my pussy smell could turn him on that much. It was then that he unzipped his fly and pulled out the biggest, stiffest cock I'd ever seen! To be fair, I'd only see two others before and they were through the teenage fumblings in the dark, with boys from school. Uncle Terry began stroking that thick cock of his whilst still holding my knickers to his face. His cock was fat with a shiny purple head and I'd wondered how any woman could fit that into her pussy. I must admit I felt myself dampen a little in my own pussy.

Uncle Terry continued pumping that impressive cock of his whilst I dipped a finger into my slit. Wow, I was wetter than I thought! Having realised the joys of masturbation about a year ago, I knew where this could be heading. I ran a finger along my wet slit and circled my clit feeling that tingling sensation in my groin area. I could see uncle Terry's cock now dribbling with what I now know is pre-cum. I carried on rubbing round my little button dipping a finger inside my pussy every now and then to keep my clit moist. Uncle Terry was breathing hard and his cock was still dribbling as he pumped it harder. My clit felt super-sensitive and my pussy tingled and throbbed at the same time. I knew I wasn't far off orgasming and was surprised at how turned-on I was. Uncle Terry's cock seemed to swell even more as all of a sudden several ropes of cum flew from the head of his cock across the room. I felt that warm rushing sensation in my groin and a flush creep from my titties up my neck and face as my own orgasm overtook me. I clamped my legs together and bit my lip as my groin pulsed.

I quietly staggered back to the bathroom and got under the hot shower. I was still feeling kinda horny and pushed a finger inside myself whilst rubbing my clit with the heel of my hand. I pushed another finger inside me, it was the first time I'd ever gone deeper than just a fingertip! I could feel all those good sensations building up again as I pictured uncle Terry's thick cock spurting that cum. I pumped my fingers in and out keeping the pressure on my clit as I felt another orgasm well up from deep inside. I gripped the side of the shower cublicle with my free hand as my second orgasm overtook me. My legs quivered and my groin throbbed as the second time around it felt even better! I took a few moments to come down from my high and finished showering.

Upon returning to my room, my knickers were back where I left them on the bed. I contemplated what had happened and where it could lead. This was my uncle and he was family, so I stopped teasing from then on. The sight of his hard, thick cock spurting cum was the basis for some of my masturbatory fantasies for a time, but I realised nothing could ever happen. I did, however, learn what turns a man on and what fun I've had since becoming sexual active a few years later.



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