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My Session With My Friend

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This site rocks my world. Seriously, one of the best on the web.


Ok so, my friend George and I, both go on this site and well one night we got on the topic of porn. By then, being me I was already horny as a devil, so he sent me a link to one of the porn sites and wow it was a good one. I was checking a few movies out and because I was so excited and wet I couldn't keep my eyes to one. I swear I flipped between six movies in a half an hour and these are twenty-minute shows we are talking about. My face was flushed; my breathing heavy and there was a smile on my face that nothing could destroy. Already I could feel that my clit was swollen and ready to be fondled.

We are talking this whole time as usual, which was way too cool, but I couldn't believe how turned on I was. Now I'm a girl who masturbates every day and loves it and gets turned on at some of the stupidest moments, so getting horny isn't unusual or spectacular but this time I was going insane. To think that I was watching the best porn and having him know I was getting turned on was incredible. We both decided to watch the same one at the same time. A few sucked but we picked one with two lesbians. At first it was a little bit too weird, it almost felt like they were faking everything and personally I like to see porn that looks natural.

So I'm watching these two girls go at each other and I start to bite my lips. I knew my pupils were huge and the excitement of it all sent shocks to my clit. I had to do something about this. For a while I rubbed my nipples, firming them up, feeling my breast's as it shaped up for what I felt like a great masturbation session coming on (no pun intended). I was getting Goosebumps from being so hot and caressing my self. I finally slid my hand down to my underwear that felt like they were going to melt off from being so wet. I started to rub my clit and I swear my nipples got even harder.

My pussy was so soft and slippery that I could circle my clit with amazing ease and without hardly any handwork. I finally used my middle finger and pushed in. That let my senses go. I banged myself for I don't even know how long but being close to orgasm I stopped and circled my clit. I needed more action so I began to grind my body against my hand and it was a great idea if I ever came up with one (again no pun intended). I then banged myself once more and then came onto my fingers, it was smooth it was hot it was sexy and what felt like a dream come true. Well worth the work and well worth the time.

George and me watched another movie but it was of a girl giving a guy head. It was extremely professional head I might add and Blowjobs turns us both on immensely. During all the time we were talking about the porn's and this one was no different. It was definitely shorter but it was awesome nonetheless. I was still turned on and still dripping wet so I went again. Like I said it was more of what one would call a quickie. We ended up coming at the same time just about, me a little after he did but the whole act of it was just erotic to the maximum potential. It definitely will go into my hall of orgasm highlights



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