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My Self-controlling Friend

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A girlfriend told me about this site. I read a few stories from a month ago or so and they blew my mind. What a cool site! I'm new so tell me if you like my story.


I should explain that I work for a large accounting firm and that I often travel around with a fellow team member, visiting client sites for several days while we prepare their annual reports. This has been quite soothing lately after the separation with my boyfriend of many years. I have enjoyed getting away and getting my mind off that relationship.

Then there was the problem of Dave. Dave is my junior team member and he is like a lot of guys just out of college. I may be his immediate supervisor, but we have to have a pretty collegial working relationship based on mutual trust and respect. My problem has been that he has been all over me since word got out that I was 'available'. The truth is I haven't been ready to move on, but Dave is a problem, because he presents a pretty good case.

Now, I'm only several years older than Dave, not nearly as aggressive. What is that expression, 'young, dumb and full of cum'? Well that's Dave, except he isn't all that dumb. After about a week on one project he was wearing me down. I was weary, lonely and seriously horny. Dave had been dropping not so subtle hints that he had found me desperately attractive (as reddish blond, 5'6', 34C, 32-year-old women go) and that he had a 'huge' cock that just won't quit.

Finally one night in my hotel room we were finishing some reports and he started in on how he had such 'self control'. I have to admit that self control is one thing that my ex didn't have. In fact, too much of everything was his downfall, including his penchant for taking his personal assistant to the track and then doing her later. Anyway I decided I would take Dave up on his boastful challenge and smiled wickedly as I thought about how my little test could work and give me great relief!

I suggested we move over to the facing sofas at the end of the room to be more comfortable. I then told him that I was finally going to relent but that I had to be sure he was telling me the truth. I said that if his cock was as grand as he claimed then to whip it out and let me see it for myself. He unzipped his pants and pulled it out making apologies for being a bit flaccid but assured me that he would soon 'pull himself together' and catch up with my ardour.

I said that I was not 'buying' just yet, just 'shopping' but seeing that I had asked to see his 'full potential', then the least I could do was encourage his getting hard with a little 'disclosure' myself so I unzipped and pulled off my skirt and pantyhose and unbuttoned my blouse, unclipping my bra in the front.

I had never stripped and masturbated for anyone except my boyfriend so my labia lips were slick as soon as my fingers touched them. I cupped each breast and circled wet fingers across each aureole and nipple, sending charges to my budding clit. When I slipped a finger up and down the length of my slit, I thought Dave would blow his wad right there. He was barely stroking a seriously engorged and rigid cock. I could see a drop of pre-cum ooze from the tip. He removed his pants said that he was ready to take me to ecstasy, if I would just give him the word.

Then I said this is where the proof of the self control comes in. I said that I wasn't ready to have sex with him, yet, but that it would really impress me if he could maintain that erection without jerking himself until after I had gotten off!! He grimaced at first but then smiled serenely, putting his hands behind his head, leaned back with the boner prominent and said 'My pleasure. Ladies first!'

I spread my bare legs and rubbed my hand in a circular motion across my vulva making squishing sounds when I did, while I rubbed my nipples, one at a time. Using two fingers I made circular motions around the hood of my clit. I felt the first rippling tremour of an orgasm in my pelvis and began to buck my hips on the sofa. I saw Dave grimace and his cock twitch when I did. Ohhh...this felt soooo good!! (Just as it does now as my fingers slip in and out while I try to finish this...unnghh!)

I tossed my head back and said that I was going to come and moved my other hand down to my sopping slit to insert two and then three fingers in and out of my vagina while I circled the hood of my clit with the other hand.

I finally brought one hand up to touch the bottom of my left nipple as I touched the underside of my clit and I hit a predictably amazing orgasm. I let out a number of involuntary groans, howls and cries as a massive climax left me spent and twitching. I laughed and looked over at serenely smiling Dave with his still rigid erection and said 'You win!'

Dave stood over me, moaning and groaning and jerked his cock several times and then shot cum in hot multiple spurts all over my chest, stomach. and pubic area. He looked down at me and said 'No, now we both win!'



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