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My Secret's Out

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I love masturbation almost as much as I love women. I have a girlfriend that absolutely loves to watch me do it too. I have a thick nine inch cock which is quite large since I am only 5'8'. My girlfriend says that when I have a hard on it looks like it belongs on someone else's body. I love it when she says that.

She is very sexy and extremely open about everything she has done or wants to do in bed. She is a bit of a size queen and loves to play with my large cock. She can slowly stroke it for hours and does so often. One of her other favorite things to do is to rub her clit while she watches me stroke for her. She says it really turns her on to know that I am so horny that I would actually jack off in front of her. She knows that I am not as open as her and that it's a bit embarrassing for me to perform for her. That's why it turns her on when she gets me to give in and do it for her.

One thing she doesn't know is that when she's not available and I am really horny, I like to do more than stroke my cock. Sometimes I like to suck it, which I have been doing since I was about 16, something no one knows but me. I have often thought that she would flip out with lust if I did this for her but you never know, and I just haven't worked up the courage to let her in on my secret. Until recently.

Last week she was in one of her moods to watch me fist my own shaft. She took my hand from between her legs and slowly moved it to my cock which is how this usually begins. She then lays her head on my stomach so she has a front row seat right by my hand and cock. After a few minutes of light stroking she noticed a huge drop of precum at the tip of my cock. She dipped her finger in my juice and lifted it to her nipple. It was so hot to watch her make her nipple hard with my slick precum. Then she did something new, sliding up the bed a bit, bringing her wet nipple even with my mouth. I turned my head to her and she cupped her breast and fed her dripping nipple to my lips.

This was such a turn on for me that I didn't even give it a second thought as I parted my lips and sucked in her whole nipple and half of her breast into my mouth. I licked all of the precum off and continued to suck wishing there were more. I think she picked up on this right away and said 'That's so hot baby'. 'Kneel next to me and stroke that big cock on my tits'. I sat up in a flash as she lay back and took her soft tits in her hands. I pointed my fat cock at her nipples and milked the thick shaft all the way up to the head covering her other nipple in a fresh glaze of precum. She breathed 'oh yeaaaaa . . . . lick it for me honey'.

Now I could tell that she was totally turned on at the thought of me tasting myself for her. Sitting with my legs under me and my cock pointing straight up at my face, I leaned forward to lick her breast. As I was sucking her clean I felt her hand wrap around the base of my cock and pull the tip down towards her chest. She touched the tip to the nipple closest to me as I sucked on the other one. I think she noticed that this put my cock just a few inches from my own mouth. Just as I wondered if she realized it or not she said 'Oh baby . . . look-you can almost lick the head too'. I wish you could lick your big dick for me . . . that would be so hot.'

Those words got my heart pumping because I knew I could do it for her and NOW I knew that she would love it and not be creeped out by it. I just gave a little laugh and said 'Oh, I'll bet you'd love that wouldn't you?'

She smiled up at me and asked 'will you try it for me . . . please' and started rubbing my dripping head all over her nipple again. I smiled back and leaned down turning my head down until my chin touched my chest. I was a few inches away at this point so I stuck out my tongue and let it glide over her nipple and then finally the swollen tip of my cock.

'Oh my god. I knew it . . . that is so fricking hot' she gasped. She immediately took her hand to the base and milked my shaft hard all the way to the tip trying to get more precum from me. She got what she wanted too as a huge drop appeared. She didn't try to touch it to her nipple this time. Instead, she pointed the head up a little towards my face and said 'Can you lick it off?'.

This time I put my hands down under my hamstrings and pulled myself down. With her holding my shaft up, I parted my lips and very slowly let the whole head slide into my mouth before closing my lips on it and sucking the precum out of the tip. I have never been more turned on in my life. Her voice was no longer a whisper. 'Oh my god. You can suck it?' she said as she quickly rolled over on her side towards me. She slid down on the bed a bit so that her face was right near mine. I pulled off my cock and kissed her. She was wild for that kiss. Her tongue sliding deep into my mouth. We could both feel the thick precum between our tongues and as soon as she discovered that she moaned into my mouth.

As she pulled away she positioned herself a little better and it became clear that she fully intended to help me suck my own cock in any way that she could. 'You've got to do this for me baby. Please. It's so damn hot. I'll do anything'. She took my shaft in her hand and lightly stroked as she put her other hand behind my neck. She gave me another quick kiss and then gently started pulling my head back down towards my swollen cock. At that point I was so turned on to see how horny she was that I just decided to give her what she wanted. I adjusted my legs to get a little more comfortable and then pulled myself back down to my huge dick which looked even bigger pointing right at my face.

She was kneeling now, just like I was, facing me. One hand on my cock and the other began to spread her soft pussy lips. I noticed a trickle of her sweet pussy juice running down her inner thigh just as my tongue was making contact with the tip of my cock again. I almost came from that site alone. She was so turned on that she was actually dripping down her leg. I really wanted to throw her on her back and suck her till she filled my mouth at that point but I knew that she really wanted to see me fill my own mouth instead.

As I took the head between my lips again she lay back down on the bed to get a better view as my head was blocking the sight of my lips and cock coming together. 'This is so hot' she said as she stroked my full balls for me. 'I wish you could take that thick cock all the way to your balls for me'. I knew that I could get much more of the shaft if I lay on my back and flipped my legs over my head. I also knew that if I did that it would be pretty obvious to her that this wasn't the first time I had done it. Just as I was contemplating it, she let me off the hook. 'What if you lay back and flipped your legs over your head like the yoga position we do in class?'

Bingo. I straightened up and looked at her like I didn't know what she was talking about and she gently put her hand on my chest and pushed me down on the bed. She crawled between my legs and started to lift my knees up. I grabbed my legs behind my knees and pulled then up as her hands slid down under my ass and together we swiftly rolled me over into position. I looked up at her between my thighs and she looked totally sex crazed when she saw that my cock was right over my lips already, again dripping with precum. She put her fingers around the base of my shaft and painted my lips with the spongy head of my cock, swirling the tip around and around my lips covering them in precum.

She moved around me until she was straddling my head between her knees with one of my legs on either side of her. I could smell the sweet scent of her arousal and badly wanted to taste her. Again, reading my mind, she put two fingers inside herself coating them in her wetness before pulling them out and rubbing them all over my cock right in my full view. 'Oh my god' I heard myself say and then pulled my ass down and plunged my fat cock right into my mouth easily taking the first few inches and desperately sucking her sweet juice off my shaft.

'Oh baby that is so hot . . . how do we taste?' she asked. Not waiting for an answer she again used her fingers to adjust my cock so that I could take more of it into my mouth. Her other hand went to my ass as she began rocking my legs up and down, in effect, pumping my mouth with my own cock. I moved my hand to hers to replace it on my shaft and she quickly moved her hand back between her legs. I slowly started to stroke as I sucked and this made her wild. 'Oh my god, are you gonna jack that big cock off right into your mouth baby? Are you gonna suck down your thick hot load for me? This is the hottest thing I have ever seen'.

Hearing her talk like that was really having an effect on me and I could taste a steady flow of precum now. Her fingers were moving frantically over her swollen clit and I had a fantastic view of her lust filled eyes right between her gorgeous tits which now had rock hard nipples. She began to pant now as she watched me jack my shaft with the head between my lips as I looked directly into her eyes. Then I saw her beautiful lips saying those familiar little phrases I always hear when she's about to cum . . . 'Oh fuck'. . . 'My god . . . this is so fucking hot' . . . I looked into her eyes and pulled out of my mouth a bit and very slowly started swirling my tongue around the head of my cock.

That was it for her. She started convulsing as she came, her eyes barely open, her mouth wide open. Her perfect rock hard tits shaking as a huge orgasm rocked through her. She was coming so hard and so long I could see her ab muscles rippling until she finally had to take her hand out of her gushing cunt which went right to my cock. Her fingers were so wet her hand looked like she had just dipped it in a bowl of cum. I pulled my balls up and out of the way to expose my whole shaft to her hand as she began jerking me off with her fresh cum.

'Oh god . . . you're gonna take that thick load baby' . .. . 'Let me see you cover that tongue in your own cum' . . . 'Come on baby.' Usually when I do this I love to feel my cum explode into my mouth through closed lips but I knew that she wanted so badly to see my cum enter my mouth. I opened wide and cradled the head with my tongue and heard her say 'Oh yea, just like that baby . . . . fill your mouth for me'.

Her fingers were so slick and her hand barely moving now. She knows I love it when she just slowly massages my shaft just under the head right before I cum. She loves the feeling of my cum pulsing through the shaft when she has a light grip with her fingertips so she can feel every surge. That was about all I could take as I felt a short trickle of watery precum flow onto my tongue which means several heavy shots are about to follow. 'Fuck yessssss' she hissed and that was it.

I made sure to watch her face as she was totally focused on the site of my cock head on my tongue. Then I felt the first hot jet of creme fire right to the roof of my mouth. Her eyes flew open and her mouth dropped open again as shot after shot of heavy cum flew over my tongue and into my waiting mouth. I was afraid that there would be too much to hold in my mouth and I was right. I closed my lips and swallowed as another shot burst across my lips and up my cheek. I couldn't believe it but she actually started shaking with another orgasm right then. I opened my mouth again to catch about three shorter shots before closing my lips around the head and sucking more of my shaft into my mouth.

'Oh my god baby' she said as she brought her face closer to mine and watched up close as she helped me get more shaft into my mouth. I love to just suck on my cock for a while after I shoot and now she knew it too. I sucked for a minute while she milked every last drop into my mouth before finally lowering my legs down and laying flat again. The second I did she dove at my face and licked the cum off my cheek and lips before plunging her tongue into my mouth. She moaned into me when she discovered that I had kept the last few shots of cum in my mouth for her. We kissed for several minutes. 'That was the hottest thing you have ever done for me' she whispered before we both drifted off to sleep.



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