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My Secret Friend

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A few years back, I had this female friend who I was deeply infatuated with. I don't remember how it came about, but she and I ended up having a thing. I knew her older brother cause he a few years older than me and was a senior when I was a sophomore. Keep in mind this is when I was a sophomore in highschool, than into the summer. But anyway, me and her used to be really close. She never said it, but I knew she really wanted me, just from what we did. The first time we ever did something was when I was a freshmen. I convinced her to let me finger her, and she had never had anyone do this before. So one night she snuck over and I have my own part of the house, so I could sneak her in easily. And she sat down and got really comfy. I got close to her and held her hand and eventually just stuck my hand in her pants and started to feel her pussy up. After a while I worked her pants down and had her shirt lifted so I could lick her nipples and suck on her tits. She was pretty skinny, so she had small boobs, but I loved the taste of them. I eventually quit cause she didn't seem to really enjoy it all that much. We kind of lost touched, but a year and a half later we hooked up againm, but this time it was more frequent. I would sneak over to her house and sneak into her window on the second floor. Here we would cuddle in her bed and make out. Many times I fingered her to an incredible orgasm over and over again. I knew this cause she'd start to moan and clench me really tight and start to tell me how good it felt. Sometimes she'd jerk me off, but I always wanted more. Over and over I would try to slip the one eye'd willie in, but she always stopped me. We would continue these fantasies forever, until we just stopped cause school started up, and it was hard to continue. She eventually moved, but her sister and brother I see frequently, and her sister looks a lot like her, so when I see her I think of the times I had. I really liked that girl. She was incredibly sexy. If she ever came back int own and got a hold of me, I would seriously try to get the hook up. Thanks for the stories!



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