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My Second Cousin

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I have often been somewhat skeptical of the stories involving relatives.
Most just didn't seem plausible. Until...
In mid March relatives from New Mexico came to visit my extended family
in Minnesota. I had actually only seen them 2 times before in my entire
30 years of life. Along for the trip was my second cousin, Kristy,
recently divorced with a 4 year old son. She is about a year younger
than I am. The last time I saw her was before she hit puberty. Since I
live alone in a spacious two bedroom house, I offered to open my home to
some of the relatives. My uncle played host to Kristy's parents and I
hosted Kristy and her son. They were in town for about a week. The first
couple nights were uneventful. Mostly, because I worked late both nights
and they were already asleep by the time I got home. Kristy and her son
shared a room.
All that changed on the third night. I didn't have to work so the whole
clan went out to dinner. After a nice evening out, Kristy, her son and I
went back to my place. It was about 10 PM and bed time for Kody
(Kristy's son). While she was putting him to bed, she also changed into
her nightgown. It wasn't particularly revealing, but it showed off her
legs nicely. I suppose I should describe Kristy. She is about 5'4',
around 125 pounds with average measurements. I would guess about 34 C,
27, 36.
We started talking a little bit. Mostly small talk (careers, hobbies,
etc). I asked her what was the hardest thing about being divorced. I
expected an answer like, 'raising Kody alone' or 'having to do all the
chores around the house.' Her answer was 'I miss sex.' My eyes
widened a bit and I just kind of shook my head up and down slowly. I
didn't really know what to say to that. She added, almost
matter-of-factly, 'I go through batteries like crazy.' I said, 'Try
rechargeable.' That got her laughing. The topic of conversation caused a
familiar stirring in my crotch which I tried to ignore. This was a
relative! She certainly wasn't putting 'the moves' on me, was she? I had
told her earlier that week that I currently had no woman in my life, so
she asked, 'Don't you miss sex?' 'Well, yes.' I replied. 'And we've
(meaning she and her son) have been here two whole days and you haven't
even had a chance to... you know,' she mused. 'How do you know?' I
asked, as the stirring became more pronounced. 'I lived with my little
brother throughout his teen years, you know. Your room doesn't have
'that smell'.'

At this point I finally noticed that her nipples were visibly erect.
That did it. My pecker started growing and there was no stopping it now.
It had, after all, been three days since my last j/o session. She
noticed immediately. 'You poor thing. It looks like you need some
relief.' 'Looks like you do, too,' I countered pointing to her nipples.
'What are we going to do about it?' I added. 'I have an idea.' With that
she started rubbing my crotch through my trousers, very gently. I leaned
back in the couch to enjoy it, wondering how far this was going to go.
Wanting to let her set the pace, I reached over and starting massaging
one of her breasts through her nighty. After a few minutes, she undid my
fly and allowed my dick to break free of the confines of my pants. She
licked her hand and started stroking. If she was going to be more
bold, so was I. I reached into her nighty and starting tweaking her
breast and nipple. She shifted positions on the couch so that she was
now at a 90 degree angle to me (we had been side by side). Now, I could
access her pubic region. I slid my hand down to her nether regions and
rubbed the crotch of her panties, which were already quite moist.
She started to moan softly. I said that perhaps we should move to my
room. The living room we were in was next to the room were Kody was
sleeping. My room was on the opposite side of the house.
She agreed and I led her to my lair. I quickly tossed off my shirt and
pants, but kept my boxers on. She lifted her nighty off revealing her
beautiful tits. I moved over to her and pressed my erection into her
crotch. I gave her a deep kiss with tongue on the lips. She moved me
to the bed and got on top of me. Instinctively, I started to thrust into
her crotch while she still wore her panties, but that is not what she
had in mind. She moved down the length of my chest, licking and kissing
it all the way. She slid off my underwear and swirled around my
throbbing dick with her tongue. My head slammed to the pillow in
ecstasy. The only bad part about this blow job was that she was too far
away for me to touch anything but her shoulders. After a couple minutes
of her alternatively slurping up and down my shaft and gently licking my
balls, I was ready to blow. I warned her (being polite), but she just
kept slurping away. Finally, I let loose three days worth of jizz into
her mouth. She gave good effort, but the volume was too much and soon it
was spilling onto the sheets as she pulled away. I stroked out a couple
more small spurts and then leaned back again.
'Thanks. I needed that. Your turn,' I said with a come hither motion of
my fingers. She wiped the cum from her face and lay down next to me. I
kissed her gently on the forehead and then moved to the mouth, all the
while gently kneading her breasts. I slowly moved down to her neck.
At this point, I slid one hand down and removed her undies so I could
feel her sex box. She was very wet and had a neatly trimmed bush. As I
worked my mouth slowly past her upper chest, I explored her vulva with
my hand. I stroked her outer lips until I could feel her clitoris start
to rise. I gave it a gentle flick with my index finger and Kristy cooed
with delight. By now, my mouth was at her left breast. I lingered there
awhile, moving slowly around the areola, slowly around the nipple before
flicking the nipple with my tongue and finally sucking ever so gently. I
repeated the process on the right breast and it was driving Kristy wild.
Her juices were now leaking onto my bed. I continued down her chest with
my tongue and found a sensitive spot just below her navel. The
combination of my licking there and fingering her clit put her over the
top. She began writhing in the throes of a powerful orgasm. I let up a
little, but continued stroking her clit as she left a puddle of goo on
my bed. I continued my way down her chest, but momentarily stayed away
from her sensitive clitoral area. Eventually, my tongue made it down
to her clit. A few gentle licks of my tongue brought on orgasm number
two. This time, I could actually feel the heat her juices were
producing. I looked up and saw that familiar nostril flare and eyes in
the back of the head look. She must have thought that I had finished,
because seconds after I looked up, she pushed my head back into her
soaking pussy. Feeling it my duty to oblige, I continued to move my
tongue around her vulva. Instead of moving straight down from her clit,
however, I moved to one side and then the other, just tickling her lips.
When I sensed that she could take no more teasing, I moved in.
When I give head, I have a special technique that I like to use. I am
sure it is not original, but it has been universally approved by the
women I have used it on. When I am ready to actually move onto the
vaginal region with my tongue, I pretend that I am writing the alphabet
with my tongue with her pussy as the paper. A, B, C, D. Very slowly.
Usually about 5 seconds (or two moans) per letter. E, F, G, H. I can
feel that she is tensing up again. I, J, K, L. Starting to tremble. M,
N, O. I usually do 2 or 3 O's and have never gotten as far as P. I
receive a warm gush of girl cum for my efforts and lustily lap it up.

By now, Kristy is spent. I move back onto the bed next to her and begin
kissing her softly on the cheek. I hold her close for a few minutes to
allow her to catch her breath. I was wondering if she was going to want
to go all the way. I had some condoms nearby and decided in my mind that
there was no way I was going to go bare into a relative. Again, though,
I wanted her to control the action. She appeared to be mulling it over
in her own mind and then apparently decided that it was a bad idea.
Frankly, I agreed. She hopped off the bed and headed to my bathroom to
take a shower. I followed and we washed each other and then toweled dry.

By now, my dick was ready for more action. She found a bottle of baby
lotion and motioned me to the bed. She started rubbing my whole body
slowly with the slick oil. By the time she reached my raging hard - on
it was already oozing with precum. Turned on as I was, it only took a
few strokes of her slicked hands to send me over the top. I spewed all
over my chest. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips and said, 'See
you in the morning.' With that, she turned, slipped on her nighty,
picked up her panties and went to the room were Kody was sleeping.
As for the rest of the week...
Well, maybe I will tell you later, if you are good.



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