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My Second Bra...and More

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As I told you before, I live alone with my dad. I got my first bra recently, and I wanted something more sexy, so I went back to the store.


When I got back to the store, I noticed that the same assistant was there, but I didn't know if she recognised me. Why should she? She must see thousands of girls, right? Anyway, I looked around the bra section, but they were all, I dunno, 'little girl' bras. Does that make any sense? All soft cotton with silly little pictures like bambi and stuff. I wanted something more than that. Then I noticed there were packs of bras and thongs. They had a huge age range, like from 10-18. I don't think its ok for real young girls to dress in thongs, but I figured maybe the bras are more grown up too.

I took a couple of packs to the counter and asked if I could try on the bras. The assistant (whose name was Laura) looked up and said 'Sure, but if you want to try the thongs, you have to do it over your panties.' For like a second I wondered why, then I realised that it's for hygeine. I walked to the changing rooms and shut the door. I stripped to the waist again and felt really sexy again. The bra was fantastic. It was low cut at the front and the material was a lot rougher than my trainer. It felt scratchy against my nipples, but that was horny too.

Then I decided to try the thong. I dropped my skirt and slipped the thong on. I guess it looked ok, but I didn't really get the picture. So, I decided to try it on for real. I took off my little cotton bikini panties and pulled the thong on. It was like electric. Feeling the thong between my ass cheeks was a little weird, but the best bit was that it was almost see through at the front and the bit right between my legs was all that was covering my hole. I took a look in the mirror and immediately felt like a slut. I gushed into the thong! My clit was actually pounding by this point when there came a knock at the door. It was Laura asking if I was ok. I said I was and that I would be out in a minute.

She asked if I wanted help. (Boy, did I!!!) So I said 'yeah, can you come in for a minute?' I opened the door and she took one look and said 'You look terrific, but you should try on the thong like that.' I told her it was my first thong and I wanted to see what it was like. I told her I would definately buy it though. Laura smiled and told me that I looked really hot. I mumbled something about feeling hot too. Laura looked on the dressing room floor and saw my panties lying there. She picked them up and held them looking at the crotch. Then she said 'You are really horny aren't you?' Before I could answer, she had my panties to her face and was smelling them.

I asked her what it was like and she said 'It makes me want to smell you for real.' I leaned back against the wall and said 'Go for it.' Laura knelt in front of me and pressed her face to my pussy. It was too much and I pulled away. (I was scared about her making me cum I think because just lately, I've had like REAL strong cums that make me pee a little... sometimes more than a little) Laura looked really sad so I said 'Finish yourself like you did last time.' She leant against me and I held her as she slipped her hand into her panties. This time, though, I reached up her t shirt. She didn't have a bra on and I got my first feel of another girls breasts.

Her breasts were small like mine and really firm. I gasped when I found her nipple was pierced and just as I touched it Laura gasped too and I thought I had hurt her. She said 'No, I like it. Pull the piercing a little. Hurt me.' I tugged at what felt like a little bar with a ball at each end. Larua seemed to like it so I twisted it around. That made her cum. Laura asked if I wanted to finish too, but I didn't. I really wanted to see her breasts so I asked her to show me. She lifted her t shirt and both her nipples were pierced. I decided I would wear the bra and thong home.

When I got home, dad was there and asked if my shopping trip was a success. I told him it was and that I had brought some more bras and two thongs. His eyes bugged a little when I said thongs. I went to my room and flung myself on the bed. I was so wet. I stripped to my new bra and thong and took a good look in the mirror, trying to see around to my ass. Then I squatted down. OMG I loved the feeling as the thong pulled tight. I leant back and with one hand on the floor behind me I rubbed my clit and soon cummed really hard. Then I had a really bad idea. I decided to put my newly (wet) thong into the laundry. Maybe dad will get teased a bit by it.

I love this!





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