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My Second Bra

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I had the awful embarrassment of my mom coming with me to buy my first bra. It was a terrible experience though she thought it was one of those mom/daughter things. Plus the one she made me buy was hideous.


I decided I had enough of getting laughed at at school so I got some of my money and went back to the store. I didn't want anything sexy because my mom would have freaked. I just wanted a normal trainer bra. (NOT padded or anything) So I found an assistant and told her what had happened and what I wanted. She was lovely and totally understood how upset I was. She asked me what size I needed and I realised, I didn't know. I was so freaked by it all I didn't take it in. So I asked her to take her best guess.

She took me into a changing room and told me to take my t shirt off. That meant standing there in that awful bra and I didn't want to do that so I asked her to wait outside while I slipped it off. (And put it in the bin!) When she came back in I was in my t shirt. She asked me to lift it and I did. I suddenly felt very horny, standing there showing another girl my tits. She looked at them and smiled before running her tape around my back. The cold material of the tape made my nipples go hard. Then she left to get me some choices. OMG I was so horny.

I reached up under my skirt and rubbed myself over my panties for a few seconds. I could easily have cum right there. I rubbed again and still with my t shirt up I pinched my nipples. (I dunno why, but I like a little pain sometimes.) I heard the girl coming back but didn't quite get my hand out before she came in. She just said that it's not unusual and some girls get horny when they get measured for a bra.

She helped me on with a couple of real soft cotton trainers, just what I wanted. Then she said are you gonna finish? I said yeah I guess. The thing is, I didn't want her to go so I said will you stay with me? She nodded and I put my hand back in my panties. I have never masturbated in front of anyone else before but it felt kinda good. I leaned back against the partition and closed my eyes. Soon I had one of those cums that starts real soft but keeps going for ages.

When I opened my eyes she had her skirt and her thong (damn I wish I had one) was by her knees. She was also shaved unlike me. I stared at her totally smooth puss and decided I was gonna do that too. I watched as she rubbed but the thing is as she cummed she kinda pushed her mound a long way forward and something came out. There were a couple squirts of stuff and I thought she had peed. When she came down from it she said that she often 'squirts' when she cums. I really wanted us to touch each other. I dunno why but her bald puss was a real turn on.

When I got home I shaved myself. I also went with no panties on for the rest of the day. Of course my mom found out and went mental. But I figure its my body so what?

Since then I've had some lovely cums thinking about other girls. Maybe I should see where it goes.



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