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My Roommate's Boyfriend

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She leaves her man at our apartment alone, all the time. I was bound to see him naked sooner or later.


My roommate is gorgeous, and a cheerleader. Her boyfriend, Miles, comes over all the time. He's a football jock, and the hottest guy I've ever seen on campus. He's always over, and she leaves him here with me all the time. I'm not a skinny girl, and I'm not a pretty girl, so I guess she thinks there's no chance in hell he'd cheat.

I frequently hear them fucking, and he's very vocal. He lets her know exactly where his spot is, and how good she makes him feel. I masturbate frequently while they fuck, often soaking my sheets. What I wouldn't do with that man.

A couple months ago, during winter break, Miles was spending a lot more time at our apartment, since he's on a scholarship and doesn't work. My roommate left early in the morning on her usual routine. I heard her shower running, and finger fucked myself quickly, listening to the water spray off of his body. I came hard, and fast, leaving only a minor wet spot in my panties. I played on my phone for awhile, and heard him open the bathroom door, and go back into her room. He was quiet for a bit, and then I heard him moaning quietly. I lay perfectly still for a minute, thinking I'd listen, but decided I'd have a peek. I opened my door, directly across from her room, and noticed a slight hint of light peeking through the crack. I've only gone in her room a couple of times, but her bed is to the side of the door, with the bed frame adjacent to the door frame. I could easily peek in without him seeing me, assuming he's laying on her bed, with his head toward the headboard.

I quietly approached the door, feeling myself becoming aroused. I lightly pushed at the door, hearing the moaning a little clearer and some heavy breathing. My eye was up to the crack, and I pushed it open just enough to see the bed. He wasn't laying on the bed, but rather sitting on the edge of the bed, with her laptop open on the dresser, watching a sleazy porn. The moaning and breathing was coming from the movie, and he was calmly masturbating himself. He seemed to be taking his time, slowly stroking his dick. It looked thick and pink. He has very short pubic hair, which I imagined brushing roughly against my pussy lips, enticing my orgasm. I felt a tingle, and wanted to strip and finger fuck myself right there. I watched him continue to stroke, and he fell back against the bed, pulling her pillows up under his neck. I had a full view of him masturbating his dick. His body was gorgeous, and his balls were full, and tight against his dick. I wanted to walk in, knowing any man in this predicament would fuck even me, mid-masturbation. I pushed a little more at the door, and had a completely clear view of him.

Miles continued stroking his dick, and the girl on the movie had "orgasmed" at least 4 times by now. The guys she was with were pounding her pussy and ass over and over. I would be dry, and chaffing at that point. Miles' dick looked really red, and wet now, and he was quickening his strokes. I saw him hunch up, and tighten his perfect 6 pack, and cum all over his chest and stomach. He probably got some on his face, but I couldn't see it clearly enough. That boy made a mess! I stepped back, and went into my room. I took a shower and left shortly after, almost running into him in the hall, with a towel wrapped around his waist. I could see his dick through his towel, and feeling myself become flushed, quickly excused myself. It was the only time I ever saw something like that, but I've become intrigued at the way men masturbate.



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