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My Roommate Sean

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It was 1976, I was 22 and starting my first job in New York City. I couldn't afford my own apartment, and being from Texas, didn't know anyone in NY. I checked the classifieds, and spent one Saturday searching for an apartment and a roommate. It was pretty depressing, between the nutjobs I met, the bad neighborhoods, and small apartments, I was pretty depressed and questioning my decision to move to NY.

It was late in the afternoon when I was buzzed into the fourth floor walkup apartment. It was warm, and the unairconditioned climb left me in sweat. I turned the corner on the top floor, and standing in the doorway was Sean. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of tiny white tennis shorts that were the style of the day, his tanned arms folded over his chiseled abs, with a broad perfect smile and bright blue eyes beaming at me. He immediately reached out to shake my hand, asked if I wanted a beer, and led me into the small apartment. His bubble butt looked like it would rip through the white fabric covering it.

I knew I was gay, even though I had never done anything with a guy. I was deep in the closet.. it was 1976 after all, and had lots of sex with women, but it was for cover.

I took the beer Sean offered, and the tour of the apartment. That took about 30 seconds. Combo living room and kitchen, small bedroom, and a bathroom. The bedroom had a single bed in the corner, but there was enough room for another on the opposite wall, and another dresser. My rent share would be $175 a month. We sat on the sofa, and got to know each other some. He was incredibly nice, originally from California, and scraping by as a male model. He worked runway shows in the garment district and had appeared in a couple of NY department store ads, as well as bartending at night. He told me his idea that we would alternate sleeping on the sofa when banging chicks. I was set to move in two weeks later.

I went back to the sleazy hotel I was staying at in Queens, and immediately jerked off fantasizing about Sean. It was the first of thousands of jerkoffs with Sean in my fantasy, and the orgasm was intense, quick, and I covered my chest in cum.

Two weeks later, I drove to NY with my Dad, a twin bed in the back of the station wagon, and all my wordly possessions. We hauled it up the four flights in intense heat, Sean helping us in the same shirtless tennis shorts uniform. I embedded the vision of his straining back muscles hoisting a box on his shoulder and climbing the stairs, for my next fantasy. Said my goodbyes to Dad, returned to the apartment and had a beer with Sean. He showed me his portfolio, maybe seven or eight ads with him in jeans, one in a suit and tie holding a briefcase, then a swimwear ad his arm around the waist of girl in a bikini. I commented that didn't look like work to me, and he laughed then confided he actually fucked her after that shoot. I flipped the page and an ad with him standing in a kitchen, sipping coffee wearing white briefs with a big bulge in the pouch. I asked him if it wasn't a little embarrassing to pose like that, and he said it was at first but he was wearing a cup, (standard procedure I learned for underwear ads). He then ranted about the worst part were the homo makeup guys, that shaved his chest, applied bronzer, and tried to adjust his cup.

He looked at his watch, and jumped off the couch, saying he was going to be late to his bartending job. He went in the bedroom, emerged naked, and when into the bathroom and shut the door. For about two seconds, I saw a perfect plump cut cock swaying as he walked, then his tight white ass as he disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door. In seconds I was fully hard. It subsided as he showered, and I concentrated on other thoughts. He came out of the bathroom, wiping his chest with a towel that hung down covering his crotch. He asked me if I wanted to hang out at his bar, and then raised the towel and started drying his long hair. His dick reemerged feet away from at eye level. I studied it as his eyes were covered, the flared pink head, the vein that zigzagged down the length of his shaft, the two nuts that hung down on either side, noting the left one was lower than the right, covered in the same light reddish blonde hair of his pubic triangle. As I drank him in, he turned and plodded back into the bedroom, his sweet white ass bouncing with each stride. I was hard again. A few minutes later, he returned, in a polo shirt and khakis, handed me a piece of paper with the bar's address, smiled and said he'd see me later.

I locked the door, took his portfolio into my room, and jerked off staring at his underwear shot. When I thought about the guy rubbing bronzer over his ripped abs and erect nipples it sent me over the top, and I had my first orgasm in NYC. I cleaned up, and headed for the shower. I started to fantasize about us showering together, and us soaping up each other, and jerked off again.

I went to the bar around 10:00pm, and had a couple of beers at the end of the bar. It was a neighborhood place, and I didn't really talk to anyone but Sean. Their was a girl at the other end that was flirting with him, and after a while he came back to me and asked me if it would be all right if he used the room tonight, saying it was okay if I said no, since he felt bad about asking me to sleep on the couch the first night I was there. I said no problem, and soon after left, feigning tiredness from the move.

They came in after 2:00am, and went in the bedroom. Sean's bed and the sofa were only separated by a thin wall, and for the next 30 minutes, I was treated to an oratory of sex sounds that blew my mind. She was very vocal; moaning, urging him to eat that pussy, random yelps, a few Yes! Yes! and God Yes, a staccato of fuckmefuckmefuckme! all accompanied by the squeaks of his bed, first slow and faint, building to fast and furious, and back to slow and faint. She had to orgasm at least three times from my count, and there was no doubt this guy was an all star fucker, pounding her non stop for a half hour, before the sex noise ended, punctuated by a soft female voice was that good for you baby? I was so hard it hurt, but I didn't jerk off to them, as I was so concentrated listening to them. I heard Seans voice for the first time, when he asked her if she wanted a beer. Then the door opened, I could barely make him out walking to the kitchen. The light from the refrigerator only 10 feet or so away, illuminated his long semi hard cock jutting out and slightly down, still glistening with the wetness of her pussy juice. My heart skipped a beat as I stared at his perfect cock, quickly ending as he grabbed two beers and shut the door.

I fell asleep, my painful boner still unattended, when the squeaky bed woke me up. Round two lasted almost 45 minutes, this time rougher and harder than the first. He was pounding her so hard I could hear their bodies slapping into each other with every thrust. He was ripping her at a pace I didn't think possible. This time I jerked off, splattering my chest with cum a good 30 minutes before the fucking ended suddenly as Sean came in her. She left soon after, and I decided to go sleep in my bed. My nostrils drank the smell of sex permeating the room, that mixture of pussy juice, cum and sweat, and I got hard yet again.

I woke up around 11:00, and saw Sean standing next to his bed wearing just a jockstrap, stepping into running shorts. The pouch jutted out seductively, his white ass bisected by the tan elastric straps. He smiled at me, asked me if I wanted to go run in the park as he slipped on one of those mesh football shirts cut off at the ribcage that were the rage of the 70's. His abs rippled and I could see his large hard nipples through the mesh, and once again got hard I begged off and turned over. He asked me to hang around so he didn't have to take his keys, and I agreed.

The door slammed shut, and I got up and locked it. I returned to the room, and looked over at his rumpled bed. I pulled the sheet back, and looked at the stains in the middle of the bed. I ran my fingers over them, but the cum and pussy juice was dried. I bent down and smelled it, my head became light at the musky smell, and my dick hard as a rock. I freed my cock, and jerked off with my nose buried in their juices. I squirted on the floor, then cleaned up, got dressed and hung out until Sean returned.

He came back with his shirt over his shoulder, beads of sweat drenching his body and hair, his running shorts damp as well. I made a sandwich as he walked to the bathroom, stripped off his shorts and jock at threw them on the floor. The shower started, and I stared at his jock. I walked over picked it up and placed the pouch over my nose. I inhaled the dank musky smell as I felt the moisture of his sweat rub into my face. I thought about his unwashed dick, with her dried pussy juice on it that had just moments before been where my nose was. I stood feet away from where Sean was now showering behind the door, and thought about him soaping up his cock and balls, washing her juice off himself. I rubbed my erection through my shorts, and immediately orgasmed, shooting into my underwear.. I dropped his jock, and looked down to see my cum starting to seep through my shorts. I quickly changed, zipping up just as Sean emerged naked from the bathroom, toweling off his crotch as he passed me in the bedroom.

I only spent a year in NYC, before my bank transferred me to Albany. Not once in that year did I fantasize about anyone other than Sean when I jerked off. We never did anything together, as I was too afraid to ever try. But I did see him fully hard on several occasions, the most memorable being walking in on him getting some oral from some girl. She freaked, and ran into the bedroom, but Sean just looked at me a burst out laughing, then calmly got up, his dick curving up to his bellybutton, his nutsack wet, and calmly walked into the bedroom and fucked her.

It's been 36 years, and I still sometimes jerk off to Sean fantasies. I break out the underwear ad I've had all these years, and beat away.



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