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My Roommate Last Year

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Below is absolutely true story, except for my roommates name, and the dialog which is as close as I can remember. Hope you enjoy!

Last fall I came back to my dorm room to find my roommate Charlie buttnaked on his bed holding his nutsack up, and looking intently into a hand mirror he had between his legs.

'I think I have crabs' he said nonchalantly. 'Doubt it' I replied, pointing out that getting crabs would actually require that he have sexual contact, which I knew for a fact hadn't happened in months with Charlie. He asked what I thought it was, and after peering at the underside of his nutsack, replied 'Blueballs... you need to get laid Charlie'. Charlie was the most immodest person I have ever known. He thought nothing of walking around naked half the time, every morning he would throw his covers back and saunter to the bathroom, half the time with a full boner, and Charlie was impressively endowed. He jerked off every night after we turned the lights out, because I could hear his bed squeak. One morning I almost stepped on his kleenex he had tossed on the floor after jerking off, and had screamed about him throwing his cumrags on the floor, and it didnt embarass him at all.

'Seriously, what do you think it is? because my dickhead burns too' he replied, showing me the head of his cock. He had a red rough area just below his helmet, and on the ridge of the head. He also had some kind of rash on his nuts. 'Looks like jock itch to me, and that you rubbed yourself raw jerking off'. Never looking up, he just said 'Yea.. I think youre right. Maybe I can just rub the back until it heals' and then ran his hand up and down the back part of his dick head, oblivious to me standing there. I could tell his dick was responding, as it was getting longer and thicker. I couldnt believe he was going to jerkoff in front of me in broad daylight. I turned around and sat at the computer. I could see him through the mirror, and he had a full fledged boner, and was holding the base with one hand, and just rubbing one finger on the backside of his helmet. It was quite a hot scene, and I had never seen another guy jerk off before. I had a hardon watching him in the mirror. 'Not working' he said, I turned around, and he was still rubbing the back of his dick with his finger. 'Cant get enough pressure. Cant get over the top. Feels good though' I dediced then and there, I was gonna join him, so I stood up and told him I had an idea. I grabbed a bottle of hand lotion, unzipped and puleld my dick out. 'Try this' and I squirted the lotion on my four finger then rubbed the back of my dick. He reached over and grabbed the bottle, and copied me without a word. It did feel good, but different than regular stroking. I started using my fist, and Charlie quickly told me 'no fair.. new way only.. first to spunk wins'. We kept rubbing, I stared at Charlie's oily big dick, but Charlie mostly just stared at himself. I could feel myself getting closer, and speed up the rubbing, and shot on my stomach. as I was cleaning up, Charlie shot off as well.

After that, whenever Charlie decided to rub one off, he would just start at it. Soon I was doing the same thing. While we have never touched each other's dicks, we probably blew well over 200 loads together last year.

And in three weeks, we are roomies again!



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