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My Roommate and I

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I had a few guy-guy experiences when I was younger.


I shared an apartment with a friend of mine from grad school for a couple of years when I was 25-26.

He was more sexually active than I was, unless you include masturbation, which we both knew I did more than he did. I guess that wasn't surprising since he often had a sexual outlet by way of a girlfriend, or just a casual partner, something I could never seem to bring myself to pursue. For the first 14 months or so we lived together, all of my sex was with with myself.

This was back in the early nineties before there was so much porn available online. We both had a small stash of porn which just consisted of a few mags, just Playboy and Penthouse. We'd give each other our lates issue to 'enjoy' in the privacy of our rooms or on the sofa in the living room after the other had gone to bed, or if one of us, more often me, said I wanted to masturbate.

My friend would occasionally get an x-rated video (I was too self-conscious to rent one from the video store down the street). I'd seen a couple in college, but it had always been with a group of guys, and it had actually been kind of a drag. I'd get real horny watching the first sex scene, then, of course, couldn't masturbate with everyone else around. After about 20 minutes of all the nudity and sex, and not being able to do anything about it, it actually got kind of boring. Then masturbating back in my room at the end of night was very quick and not very satisfying. So I'd never really thought much about porn videos after that.

The first night my roommate and I had it we watched it in the living room with all the lights out at about 1:00 in the morning. It was about a group of college girls (they looked a bit old for college girls if you asked me) who ended up, of course, having a lot of sex.

The first few minutes nothing much happened. But when the first sex scene, a hetero one, started, I heard my roommate moving around on the sofa next to me, and he was taking down his pants and underwear. I was partly surprised, but then realized I should probably have expected this, and that he probably expected me to do the same thing.

I turned to look at the video and did get turned-on watching the sex. I stole a couple of glances at my roommate, and he was hard, playing with himself a bit, but not really masturbating, if you know what I mean.

There was a lull, then the next sex scene was of one of the girls, this real cute brunette, who didn't have the articially enhanced breasts that I can't stand, masturbating in her bed. I watched a couple of minutes and then couldn't take it and stood up and dropped my trousers and sat back down on the couch. I was hard as a rock and gave myself a couple of strokes as the girl was getting into touching herself. She was on her back in the semi-dark room, and had some of the covers still covering parts of her, so it was a pretty soft-core scene, but that was what I liked. I was masturbating in earnest and my roommate told me to slow down unless I wanted to cum right away. I stopped stroking, as much because I was startled by his commenting on my masturbating as I was because he was, of course, right. For the next few minutes until the scene has almost finished, I held the base of my penis not doing anything, watching the girl gently do herself.

But then the girl started to cum, and I started to move my hand again. I hadn't realized I was right on the edge of cumming, but just moving my hand that little bit got me to the point of no return, and I knew I'd blow my load without doing anything else, which wouldn't feel all thet great, or I could go for it and have a regular orgasm.

You can guess which route I chose.

'I gotta cum,' I said. I was almost apologetic. I really didn't know what to expect, thought maybe I was supposed to last through the whole movie and then do it, but I was only like 20 minutes into it and I was already going to cum. So, I was embarrassed.

I pumped myself and with the precum already coming out, I got slippery quick and you know how good that feels when you're already on the edge.

'You sure, I know there's a couple of lesbian scenes coming up,' my roommate said. He knew I was into those, not that I'd seem many, at that point.

'Mmmmmmmm, oh, oh, oh, ....' the girl on the screen was cumming in a cute way, not overacting it, just a little smile hand gently rubbing hips gently thrusting.'

'Hah..ah, hah...ah, hah..ah,' I was breathing hard, and thinking I should have waited for the girl-girl scene. Too, late, I could feel it start.

'Hey, cover it with your other hand, OK? I don't want cum all over my carpet.'

'What?' I looked over at my roommate.

'Catch your cum,' he said.

'Oh,' I held my left hand cupped over the end of my penis just in time.

'Ahhhhh.... Oh YEAH!' I started shooting into my hand and was having seriously good orgasm. I got slicker with my semen and gasped a few times when one of my strokes just felt almost too good.

I don't know I said anything. I was always quiet when I masturbated by myself, but said something when I came with a girl. This time I pretty much 'oh-ed' and 'ah-ed' through my whole orgasm.

I noticed my roommate was watching me cumming instead of the movie, and had actually paused the tape, but I didn't care. When I knew I wasn't going to shoot anymore, I grabbed the base of penis with my hand, scooping up my scrotum as well, and, as was my usual, frantically pumped myself until I was down past semi-hard, riding out the tail end of my orgasm.

'Wow, that looked like it felt good,' my roommate said, when I'd started to slow down and then just gave a blow on my now deflated penis.

'Yeah,' I said. 'Whewwww,' I just sat there catching my breath.

My roommate got up and handed me a box of tissues.

'I'm going to go wash up,' I said.

'You want me to hold the tape?' he asked.

I stood up, and started to pull up my pants, but instead, stepped out of them when I realized I was covered in cum.

'Only if the next scene is a lesbian scene.'


I went into the bathroom and ended up taking off my shirt and jumping in the shower for a couple of minutes since I was all sweaty, then went into my room and grabbed my lube from my nightstand and put on my robe and went back to the living room.



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