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My Ritual

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I found this site a few weeks ago and after reading a lot of the stories, I thought I would contribute my own. I am 17 and still a virgin, in fact I've only had one boyfriend and it was very innocent. I'm really very shy and insecure but masturbating somehow seems to boost my self-esteem so I do it often.

This may sound a little corny but I have a little ritual I like to do once a week or every 2 weeks, etc. Usually whenever I want to really take my time masturbating and I know I won't be bothered. I still live at home so this is always at night. I start by getting all my "items" out. I have two vibrators, a small and skinny 6-inch generic vibrator and a 7-inch jelly, penis shaped vibe. Occasionally I'll use nipple clamps as well but not every time. And also a little weird but I have this medium sized silk cloth that I like to lay on when I do this, I call it my ritual cloth. And a pillow. I lay the cloth out on the floor of my bedroom and put down the pillow and line up the vibes on the cloth. I then turn out the light in my room and light about 5 candles on my dresser. I leave the closet light on and shut the door to where it's cracked just enough to give me some light to see what I'm doing.

Now here is where I start. I remove all my clothing and lay down on the cloth. I start by gently rubbing myself and pinching my nipples and taking in the feel of the cloth beneath my skin. Just really getting myself in the mood.

Next I start to visualize a current fantasy of mine. Now I'm not an exhibitionist but one of my favorite turn-ons is imagining a complete stranger watching me masturbate. It's always a stranger. I imagine him in the corner completely in the dark, I never see his face only his outline. Sometimes I imagine that he's masturbating as well but usually he's just intently watching me masturbate, never saying a word but never taking his eyes off of me.

By this time I've grabbed the small vibe and inserted inside me. I know you would think that naturally I would use the penis shaped vibrator for penetration but it's really rather new and because I'm a virgin and it has some girth to it, it usually hurts or feels uncomfortable when inserted so until I get used to it, the small vibe will do. I move the vibrator in and out, adjusting to the movements. I then grab the larger vibrator and turn it on and place it directing on my clit. This really starts things. But as I said I do this when I want to take my time so I go slow. Every so often I stop thrusting the vibrator inside of me and pinch my nipples.

It usually takes a few minutes of slow movement before I'm really going. And by now I've started to increase the thrusting and continue to hold the other vibe on my clit. I also move my hips to meet the thrusts. All the while still thinking about the mysterious man in the corner with his eyes on me. What also really gets me going is to be vocal. I'm not a loud screamer or anything but I do moan and gasp a lot and that really helps me. For some reason it's a huge turn on to hear myself. When my muscles start clenching is when I can tell I'm getting close. Again I speed up everything and really start thrusting my hips. I usually start getting very vocal around this time. And with a loud gasp and a few final thrusts, I've came.

Afterwards I don't even feel like moving for a minute or two. But when I'm through, I'm extremely calm. Nothing relaxes me more and I feel great! I just can't wait to experience the real thing.



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