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My Remarkable Son

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I am a 41-year-old woman with a 14-year-old son whom I love dearly. Tom's father died a short while ago and it has been just the two of us living in a very small two bedroomed apartment. I knew Tom masturbated frequently and I have always tried to give him his privacy within the small confines of our apartment. I know people will disaprove of this but due to events I'm about to describe, in the last three months I have let Tom masturbate wherever and whenever he wants, more often than not with me in the same room. I know it is wrong and I should put a stop to it but I feel it has gone too far now.

It started when Tom had his friend over. They were in Tom's room and were making plenty of noise so I left them to it. Later in the evening they became extremely quiet and I became a little concerned so I knocked on the door and went in to see what was wrong. I was certainly not expecting what I saw then. They were both kneeling on the floor with their trousers down and were masturbating over men's magazines. I quickly left and shut the door without saying a thing due to complete shock. When I thought about it later, I didn't want to let them think it was bad that they were doing what they were doing and I wanted them to feel it was no big deal. So after quite a while I brought them some milk and sandwiches and this time I knocked on the door and waited for them to let me in. I said something stupid like 'I thought you might need something to keep your energy up' and I looked Tom in the eyes and smiled. I suppose I was giving him my approval. Tom smiled back sheepishly but returned my eye contact. I was quite proud of myself afterwards, thinking that Tom had an understanding and liberal mom.

But two days after this, I came home from work and there I saw Tom in our living room completely naked masturbating a very erect penis watching a music video with some half-naked girls prancing around in it. When he saw me, he just carried on masturbating! I thought ok, so he wants to make this difficult, I would play him at his game. I went and sat in the next chair and watched him. Let him have his fun this time, but I would give him a good talking to when he was done. As I watched, his breathing became heavier and his hand was moving faster and faster. I have to admit that watching him affected me. I was staring at his penis and then he looked at me and he came spurting in huge arcs over his chest. I then said 'Ok, now Tom you'd better clean yourself up in the bathroom.' But what he said next has burned into my mind like a hot poker. He grunted 'Not yet Mom.' He was still doing it! I couldn't believe it. I said 'Oh my God Tom, are you doing it again?' His penis was still hard, curving up and covered with his cum and he was still pumping it furiously even after his ejaculation. All thoughts of chastising Tom left my mind then as I tried to comprehend how red-blooded and potent my son was. I sat open-mouthed, motionless, watching him as my heart beat faster and my head was swirling. He was grunting and panting and he squirted again, not as much this time. I quickly walked away to my own room where I have to admit I did it to myself and orgasmed quickly and forcefully. I didn't care about anything at that moment.

When things had cooled off for a few days I asked him if he always did it more than once. He said most times, and when he was really horny he would do it more. Otherwise he didn't feel satisfied. I was astonished to say the least. It was like a drug to me. His record was whilst he watched a porno he got from his friend. He came twice first and I saw his erection become softer. Then about half an hour later he came again. Then at the end of the film he came for a fourth time. All the while I was intoxicated watching him playing, his penis jerking, spurting then going soft then hard again, hearing the slapping sound his hand would make, his grunting, but most of all the smell of four loads of spunk filled the room. His penis was red raw afterwards and his body covered in sweat. Needless to say I was dripping wet between my legs but I draw the line at masturbating in front of Tom. I feel now that if I told him to stop, it would be a little hypocritical. As he gains pleasure from it and I have to admit that unfortunately, so do I.



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