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My Redheaded Fantasy

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I have always had this fantasy about redheads; it's sort of a fetish. Hope you like it!


I am very attracted to redheads and their white, freckled skin. I have always wanted to take a young person (redhead) and touch them all over; explore their body for hours, touching them in the places that brought the most pleasure. I fantasize that I meet a 13-16 year old redheaded girl and her equal-aged brother in a nice, upscale but quiet suburban neighborhood. They are playing outside. I walk up to them and introduce myself. I treat them very maturely and ask them if they would like to do something naked with me. At first, they are a bit frightened, (understandably so). But I assure them that I do not want to hurt them, and that if they say no, that is fine. They think about this for a minute, and I interrupt their thoughts to ask them if they would like to walk with me in the forest behind their house. They agree, and we're off tromping through the woods. After about half an hour, I announce that I need to pee. They pause as I go up to a tree and undue my pants. My penis flops out of my underwear, and I turn my head sideways to see their reaction. They are both staring in surprise at my hairless penis and balls. My penis and balls shrink into their fleshy pouch in reaction to the cool forest air. I begin to pee, letting loose just a small dribble at first, still watching their reactions. I can tell that they are becoming aroused by the site. Suddenly, the girl walks up slowly to me and begins to reach out her hand, but she pauses and gives me a look of innocence.
'Go on,' I urge the young girl. She smiles nervously and reaches her hand. It connects with my penis, and her fingers are very cold. I shiver a bit as she gently takes my flaccid penis with three fingers and a thumb. By this time, I have moved my hands away and she gently holds my penis while I continue peeing. She experiments with it, aiming my penis this way and that, making the stream bounce around and break into swirls and loops. I continue peeing for what seems like hours, all the while the girls is holding my penis and aiming for me. Finally, I begin to run out of urine, and the stream begins to slow. Suddenly, the girl takes her fingers and firmly squeezes my penis, stopping the flow of urine. This sends a wave of pain and pleasure from my loins up through my entire body.
'What are you doing?' I moan as my urine trickles to an abrupt stop.
She giggles. 'I wanna see how long you can hold it,' she says. I can feel the rest of the urine trying to break free of her grasp. The stream stops inside my penis at the pressure point and backs up into my bladder. My penis begins to twitch, and I let out another moan. Glancing down, I see the head of my penis begin to turn dark red under the strain and pressure. Finally, she lets go of my spasming penis, sending forth a giant torrent of urine that gushes out of my urethra. The girl laughs and sticks her freckled hand into the stream, letting the yellow liquid splash up her forearm. When the stream dribbles to a stop, I glance over at the girl's brother. He has been watching his sister and I, and he has his penis out of his shorts and is rubbing it vigorously. Sensing that they are ready for some fun, I take off my shirt and pants, shoes and socks. I am now standing on the trail wearing just my underwear.
'Do people use this trail often?' I ask the girl. She looks at me with a sly smile caressing her lips and checks me out. 'Never,' she says.
I hear a gasp and turn around to see the girl's brother beginning to have an orgasm. His small penis begins to twitch and bounce. I walk over to him and take his penis gently into my left hand while pulling back his foreskin with my right, revealing it's bright red helmet. Peering closer, I locate his urethra and plug the hole with my index finger, just as his semen bubbles up to the hole, preparing for ejaculation. The young boy twitches and looses his balance. He lets out a cry and falls against me, sobbing with pleasure as his orgasm rolls over him. I hold on to his spasming penis for all I'm worth, until the pumping and twitching subsides. After his powerful orgasm subsides, he sighs and stands up. I carefully unplug my finger from his uncircumcised penis, and milky-white semen immediately dribbles out of the head and over my fingers. I take my cum-soaked fingers and wipe them on his shirt.

'I hope that's not all you got, because I want to save some for later,' I said to him. He smiles and looks up at me. 'I'll bet I got more than you,' he says.

His sister walks up to us. 'Why don't we find out,' she says. 'Although, I know my brother keeps a lot of sperm in those tiny balls of his.'
My jaw falls open as my brain processes what this girl has just said. 'Are you two having sex?' I ask.
The girl laughs a soft laugh that sounds like wind chimes. 'No,' she says. 'We just play with each other a lot.'
'Do you two masturbate?' I asked. 'All the time,' the boy replies. As to empathize his point, he once again starts rubbing his now flaccid penis. His sister, seeing this, smiles and walks up to him. She takes his penis gently in her hand. 'Save it for later.' she says softly. He sighs openly, then puts his white tube back in his pants. 'Why put that cute thing away?' I ask. 'Let's get naked.'
A few minutes later, all three of us are standing on the trail, completely naked, with the exception of me; I am still in my underwear. The boy and girl look almost exactly alike, as both have the same skin tones. Both are thin, with very white skin, and lots of freckles dotting their faces, arms and shoulders. The girl has long red hair that stretches down to the middle of her back and bright green eyes. The boy has red cropped hair and piercing blue eyes. Both have very little hair on their bodies and no pubic hair. The girl has good size tits for her age, with nice little pink nipples tipping each mound. Further down her body is a cute belly-button, and below that is her cute little vagina. Between her white legs, I can see the lips of her vagina peeking through.

Her brother has cute little nipples on his chest that are so pale you can barely see them. They are hard as diamonds. Down on his stomach, he has a little belly button that sticks out, and below that he has a semi-hard penis that is not circumcised. It is about four inches long with a puckered tip.

As I stand there staring at the beautiful site of their bodies, they both walk over to me and tug on my underwear. It slides down my legs, and I am now completely naked.

As I kick off my underwear, the girl speaks. 'Lets go back to our house. Our parents are gone.'

'I wish you had told me that while I was still dressed,' I said. 'Let me grab my cloths.'

She smiles and laughs. 'No,' she says. 'Leave your cloths here. We'll come back for them.'

I gape at her. 'You mean, walk back to your house naked?'

'Uh-huh,' she replies.
'Your crazy!' I said.

'Maybe,' she says. 'But think about it. It'll be fun.'

I think about it for a minute. Meanwhile, the girl's brother is getting agitated. 'Hurry up and decide, 'cause I need to pee,' he says.

I turn to him. 'So go ahead and pee.'

He looks at me sheepishly. 'Oh yea,' he says. 'We're in the forest.'

No sooner are the words out of his mouth, than a trickle of urine starts to spray from the tip of his penis. I quickly walk behind him, reach around to his front, and take a hold of his penis with my index finger and thumb. I gently rest my chin on his shoulder and peer over it. He relaxes his head against mine and the peaceful silence stretches on, with the only sound being his torrent of urine hitting a small pile of dirt. I can feel the vibration of his penis as it rests in my fingers, spraying it's yellow liquid.

As the stream trickles to a stop, he bears down and pulses of urine shoot out. I give his penis a few good shakes and drops of urine go flinging off of the tip. The young boy turns to me and hugs me affectionately, our naked bodies connecting. He pulls away, and looks down at my penis, which is now rock hard after our embrace. He reaches down and plays with it gently, squeezing my dick softly. As he does this, pre-cum oozes out of my urethra and onto his hand. He tries to catch it all, but some of it flows over his hand and onto the forest floor.

I clear my throat. 'Okay, lets go back to your place.'

So we start off through the woods, listening for any signs of life. Birds and squirrels chirp in the trees above us as we slowly and cautiously make our way down the narrow dirt path. Soon, the path narrows, and I can locate the back of their house through the trees.

Suddenly, I hear voices up ahead around a corner. All three of us freeze in place. I motion the two redheads to stay where they are while I go peek around the corner. I slowly tiptoe up to the thorn berry bush and peek around it's edges. Ahead, there is a young adult couple sitting on the edge of the path on a blanket. They are chatting, and appear to be having a picnic. I go back to the two redheads standing awkwardly on the path and whisper the situation to them.

'Damn,' the redheaded boy says in a harsh whisper. 'That means we're going to have to go back and take a side trail that we passed that leads up to the front of our house. We're going to have to run across the colt-de-sac to the front door.'

His sister whispers, 'why don't we wait and see if they leave? Then we can slip through the back of the house.'

Her brother shakes his head. 'There's no telling how long they'll be here. And what if they don't go the opposite direction, and instead come around these bushes?'

'If that's the case, then we'll run and hide behind a tree or something.' I said.

'But not before I catch you.'

I jumped about three feet into the air before I realized that it was a new voice that had spoken. Whirling around at the sound of a soft feminine voice, I literally come face to face with a tall woman, the same one that was having a picnic. She is very beautiful, about 20 years old, with long light brown hair and a flawless complexion.

Staring dumbfounded at her smirking face, I finally gathered the nerve to cover my privates from sight; quite a feat considering my penis was sticking out like a tent pole.

'Umm...ma'am, I can explain...' I start.

She laughs and holds up a hand for silence. 'I don't even want to know what you kids are doing out here in the forest naked. You know that you could end up in serious trouble if you were caught, right?'

The boy panics and whimpers, 'please, please don't tell anyone.'

The woman thinks about this for a minute, and regards the boy with a cool stare. His four inch penis stands out freely, and he makes no attempt to cover it. Seeing this, I feel foolish, and lower my hands, releasing my throbbing erection which pops out like a spring.

Finally, the woman speaks. 'Okay, I won't tell anyone, but she has to let me finger her pussy until she cums.' She points at the redheaded girl.

My jaw drops open as I stare stupidly at the woman, but I can tell she is serious. Still staring, I watch as she walks over to the young girl, who is staring bewildered at the young woman. The woman places a comforting hand on the girls' freckled shoulder, and whispers something in her ear. The girl listens, then blushes beneath her freckles. Walking around to the front of the redhead, the woman pushes gently on the girl's shoulders and lowers her to the forest grass.

I clear my throat. 'But what about the other guy back around the corner?'

The woman looks up from between the young girl's legs, where she crouches. 'John? He went home in the opposite direction. I was just headed home myself.'

With that, she lowers her head to the young girl's crotch and kisses the insides of her thighs. Me and the boy stand side by side, watching the show. The lady slowly kisses her way up to the girl's vagina and gently opens it with her fingers. The girl lets out a gasp and a moan. The woman continues to stick her index finger into the girl's vagina and the girl slowly starts to hump it. The woman then inserts her middle finger and the girl's legs spasmed and her back arched up off the ground.

'C'mon,' says the woman. 'Fuck my fingers. I want you to fuck them! Screw them until your hot juice is running down my arm!' The girl is now spastically bouncing her pussy on the woman's two fingers. With her other hand , the woman reaches over and begins to tickle the girl's small clit. This sends the girl into even wilder spasms, and she starts moaning loudly. The woman then bends sown and takes a lick of the girls turgid nipples, teasing the tip with her tongue, then sucking her entire nipple into her mouth. She gently bites and nibbles on the redheads pink tittie, then pulls firmly with her lips. At this, the young girl jumps a bit, and begins to sob with pleasure as her orgasm rolls over her.

Looking over at her brother, I see him look at me at the exact same time. He smiles shyly and slowly kneels down in front of me. I look down at his innocent face, and his eyes stare back at me with confidence and trust. He leans forward and gently takes the head of my erect penis into his soft mouth. I let out a soft moan, and close my eyes. He goes further and takes the entire shaft of my boner into his mouth and slowly swirls his tongue around my shaft. Reaching up, he gently takes my testicles into his hand and fondles them affectionately. He gives them a small tug and I let out another moan. Looking up at me, his eyes are so innocent and confident, they drive me wild. With his other hand, he reaches up and traces circles around my nipples, which stick out from my chest like diamonds. I can feel the cum boiling up into my shaft, and my penis gives a small twitch. He senses that I'm going to cum, and sucks on my penis even harder, as if milking the cum out of me. Then he pinches one of my nipples and rolls it between his fingers, while at the same time, swirling his tongue over the head of my penis. That is too much. With a cry and a heave, I ejaculate my cum into his soft mouth, jerking with each spasm. He holds on as well as possible as I shake and twitch, trying to keep my balance. He suddenly pulls away, and I shoot a couple of ropes of semen onto his freckled face. He then sticks my penis back into his mouth and sucks and swallows the rest of my cum.

Finally, my penis lets out a final spasm, and he holds it in his mouth as the twitching subsides. He pulls away and smiles, making a show of swallowing. I collapse onto the ground, and st5art giggling. He joins in, and soon we are laughing hysterically. As we calm down, I suddenly remember the woman. Looking over, I notice the young girl laid out on the grass with her eyes close, but the woman is nowhere to be seen.
'Hey,' I call out to the girl. She opens her eyes and looks at me, then sits up suddenly. Looking around, we are unable to find the woman, and to this day, we have never seen her again. Her whereabouts remain a mystery.

We continue our walk the way we were headed. Five minutes later, we come to the end of the trail, hiding behind some bushes. About twenty five yards away is the front of their two story Victorian style house. The cult-de-sack is quiet, with the exception of the occasional car passing on the main road about one hundred yards off to our left. It looks fairly safe to cross without being noticed. But still, it is out in the open, public area. The results would be disastrous if we were caught.
After scooping out the situation, I turn to the two kids. Both are looking extremely nervous.

'Okay,' I say to them, 'this is it. When I get to three, we all haul our little white asses across this road like our lives depend on it. Understand?'

They both nod, and I begin to count. As I get to three, they both tense up, getting ready to run. On three, we pop up out of our hiding spot and run like mad toward their house. I outrun them, but I can hear the not too distant patter of their bare feet hitting the blacktop. About halfway across the cult-de-sac, I turn my head from side to side. We're still clear of any curious eyes. It seems to take forever, but I finally reach the front doorstep to their house, with the two young ones not far behind. We nearly collide with each other and we are all breathing heavily. There is a thin sheen of sweat on their bodies that shines in the sun. The girl quickly steps forward and tries the door knob. She twists it, but it won't budge. She twists and shakes the knob violently, but it refuses to turn.

Someone had locked the door.

Panicking, the naked boy begins to jump up and down, his eyes wide in fright. The girl begins to whimper, still trying to turn the knob and hopping from foot to foot. As she does this, a stream of yellow liquid begins to pour from her vagina, with half of it running down her legs. The poor girl is so frightened, that she is losing bladder control.

Wow, I think to myself. Some things really do scare the piss out of a person.

As this thought enters my mind, I hear a loud fart, and the girl's butt cheeks begin to swell. Crying out, she crouches and begins to cry. She flops over on her side and curls up in a fetal position. Another fart radiates from between her cheeks, and they again begin to swell. This time, something brown, nearly black, squeezes slowly out from between her butt cheeks. The girl, still pissing, lets out a cry of pain as the pressure becomes to great on her contracting sphincter. Reaching down, I grip her under the armpits and yank her into a crouching position, as to make it easier for her. Still sobbing, she hangs onto me as urine and shit continue to spray and squeeze from between her legs. Glancing down between her legs, I watch in morbid fascination as a huge turd slowly squeezes itself from her stretched anus. It oozes out one inch at a time, all the while, the girl is sobbing and baring down with effort. Her sphincter tightens, and she lets out a grunt, her eyes widening in effort. Grunting and sobbing, she gives one final push. Her anus contracts once and then constricts as the sphincter pushes the turd out. With a final spasm, her anus and sphincter cut the turd off, and it lands on the ground with a wet 'splat'. Glancing down again between her white thighs, a little nugget of a turd hangs by a small thread onto her anus. With my finger, I quickly flick it away and it joins the large turd on the doorstep.

Meanwhile, the boy is frantically pulling and yanking on the door, trying unsuccessfully to open it. I quickly stand up and glance around. Out on the street, a car passes, quickly followed by a police car. The cop turns his lights on, and the car pulls over just past the entrance to the cult-de-sac.

'Shit,' I snap. Reaching up, I grab the boy by his shoulder and yank him down into a crouch.

He glances at the pile of feces. 'Yea,' he says. 'I kind of noticed.'

I sigh impatiently. 'Not that...that!' I point between the railing on the porch at the police car.

The boy's eyes widen in surprise. 'Dammit,' he curses. 'We need to get into this fucking house!'



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