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My Recent Road Trip

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My I-95 experience


This is a true road trip story that happened recently. My name is Eric and I just got back from Florida after visiting my best friend Mark. Mark & I are both 36 years old. He now lives in Florida with his wife Deb. Deb's sister Becky was there from Maryland. She had arrived four days before me and her husband Terry not did not come with her. Becky is 30, blonde, married, shapely figured, mother of two daughters, fun to be around, and has great looking tits judging from the what I could see when she was in her bathing suit. I had originally met Becky at Mark's wedding.

Everyone had fun at the pool all week & I was packing for the drive back to Maryland when Becky came into my bedroom. She asked if she could ride back with me since she only lives 15 miles from my house. She explains she got there on a one-way internet special. She hadn't bought the return flight yet, & since I was driving solo she thought maybe I could use some company. 'Sure! We'll have a fun road trip but I want you to know I already guaranteed a motel room for my return drive but the room has two doubles'. She says, 'No problem. We've seen each other in swim suits all week & I have nightwear. No sense paying for another room'. We were on the road early the next morning & I wanted to get in eight hours of driving before stopping for the night. We had idle conversations for most of the drive & ran out of subjects to talk about when sex became the subject. I was horny & hadn't busted a nut in a week but I didn't know if Becky had taken care of herself.

That's when I asked Becky if she & Terry enjoyed a good sex life.

Becky told me 'It's ok, but sex is more conventional and planned than it used to be. Plain regular intercourse since Terry usually just wants to get down to business. There isn't a lot of foreplay to get my pussy excited. How about yours'? I couldn't speak but now she broke the ice by saying 'excited pussy'. I said, 'Great. We both love erotic foreplay. You know, where we might just play a game of strip poker & the next thing you know we're watching each other masturbate. There are other ways to have a great orgasm without having intercourse'. Sounding serious Becky says, 'Sounds very exciting. I have never masturbated in front of anyone, watched a man jerk off, or had anyone watch me while I masturbate. I wish Terry would be like you'. I couldn't believe my ears. Poor woman! I glanced over at Becky & saw her rubbing her crotch.

I felt my cock hardening & all I could say is 'Be careful what you wish for'. Becky looked over & noticed my rising hard. 'I'll bet that thing must be fully loaded. I hope it doesn't go off soon. Besides, I'm getting a little wet myself just thinking about your cock having an orgasm right now'. I almost blew a nut right then & there. I pulled off the interstate at my exit & we checked-in and made it to the room.

In the room, Becky tells me she's getting a shower and I hear the bathroom door close. I'm sitting at the table when 10 minutes later Becky comes out of the bathroom wearing black panties & bra and sits down in the other chair opposite me. She looked terrific! My cock started jumping & comes to attention as I stare at a beautifully tanned body dressed in black panties & bra. What a sight and my cock started jumping for joy. I got up and headed to the bathroom to get a quick shower and to calm down. I returned in my underwear & sat down at the table as Becky combed her hair.

Becky says, 'I saw why you headed to the shower so fast. Your cock was ready to come out over your waist band. What were you thinking about that made your cock so big'? She took off her bra & pulled her chair around the table to face me and then sits down. She had about 36C's with fantastic half inch nipples that came to life as soon as they were freed. I told her, 'I saw your tanned gorgeous body & thought about what you said in the car'. Becky whispers, 'I'll bet seeing my tits made your cock jump'. She moistened a finger tip & started caressing her nipples with it. She slipped out of her panties and started playing with her clit while I stood & took my underwear off for her. I couldn't resist grabbing my cock and giving it a few strokes while I looked at Becky. I couldn't get my eyes off Becky's body & she was in a trance watching me stroke my cock. She exclaims, 'Look how big your cock grew! I want to watch you jerk off while I finger myself. Let's try to cum at the same time'. I stood & propped one leg on the chair so Becky could get a good display of what a really hard cock looked like up close & personal. As she started fingering herself she tells me, 'Wow, look at the pre-cum leaking out of your cock'. I smeared the pre-cum around my cock & continued stroking while watching Becky rub her wet clit & tits. She really enjoyed watching me & I loved watching her as she worked herself into a frenzy. Becky says, 'Be sure to tell me when you are ready to cum'. Becky's breathing picked up and she got on her knees in front of me and said, 'Just shoot your cum in my hand. I can't wait to see it. Please'. Hearing those words put me over the edge & I felt the grand finale coming. I began stroking the full length & announced to Becky, 'I'm going to cum buckets for you Becky'. She pants, 'I'm right with you! Look how big & hard your cock is getting'! That did it. She quickly cupped a hand & held it at the end of my cock to catch all my cum while she furiously fingered herself. I shot the full load into her waiting palm without spilling a drop. Becky had her orgasm as soon as she saw my cock spilling its contents into her palm. I squeezed the last drop into Becky's palm. She bent over and dunked each nipple into her palm as if to give them a drink.

We cleaned up & just sat there naked. Becky says, 'I had no idea that things could get that hot without touching your partner. We both agreed it was one of the best orgasms we had experienced. Then Becky said, 'When are you planning on going to Florida again? I might ride along'. What a road trip!



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