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My Proud Nipples

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Story of how my nipples went from a self-conscious curse to a highly pleasurable feature


I am very detailed oriented, so bear with me, sorry this is so long, but it is gooooood.

I have a fairly average build, I was athletic in high school, but not much after that, still keeping in good shape though. I have B cup

breasts that keep a good natural shape, slight sag,and very very soft, jiggly, but overall nothing too impressive.

My nipples specifically are what you would call the main attraction. My light red/pinkish nipples are pretty much the same size as JuJu

candies, whether they are hard or soft. My areolas are not much bigger than my nipples themselves, maybe as big as half dollar coins.

Ever since I started puberty, my nipples have always been noticeable, and I felt very self conscious about them at a young age, thinking

they were too big in proportion to my breasts. I thought they were supposed to be smaller, I had seen my mom's, and my dad and brother with their shirt off. All of them had smaller, more normal, nipples, and never had them poking through their shirts like mine did.

When I was 12, I started taping my nipples down cause they were poking through the thin material of my training bras. Padded bras helped, but never felt comfortable to me, so tape or bandaids were my solution, which helped a little, but they were still kinda noticeable. Any situation involving a swim suit was a nightmare, no way to hide them.

No one ever made any comments about them or said anything out loud to me, but I could always tell people were looking. It made me very shy about my breasts, and I hated my nipples until...


One weekend when I was 14, my friend invited me over for a pool party/sleepover with the rest of our friends, five of us. In preparation for wearing a swim suit over at her house, I put band aid X's over my nipples so that they wouldn't be so noticeable. I was just gonna hope the band aids would hold in the water, and just try to stay out of the water as much as possible.

No such luck, we all ended up in the pool right away, playing pool basketball. Her mom sitting out to the side of the pool.

After a couple of rough plays, I totally forgot about my nipple situation, until one of my friends shouted to me, 'Natalie, your nipple popped out!' I looked down horrified to see my left nipple had slipped out the bottom of the cup, and the bottom of my right breast was slipping a little. I rushed out of the pool and excused myself to go into the house (really just to hide out of embarrassment).

I wrapped my towel around me after I fixed my top a bit, then got a glass of water and sat at the kitchen table for a bit to calm myself down a bit before I went back out, sitting there with my arms folded over my chest, which was an A cup at that point.

My friend's brother then came out from his bedroom to get a drink as well, he was 16 and pretty cute. He asked me why I was in here alone. I told him I just needed a break. He asked why my face was red and if I was cold cause I was holding myself. I told him it was an embarrassing story, and he said that he wouldn't mind a laugh. I was always able to get along with him well, and he always cool to talk to about stuff, so I figured this would be okay to tell.

He then sat down next to me asked why I had band aids on my nipples. I told them cause they are huge and bandaids help to keep them hidden. He then said, 'Oh, c'mon, they can't be that big.' That sentence sparked something inside me to undo my towel and lower it a bit to prove him wrong. So, I lowered my towel to my waist and said, 'Take a look, they are so big through this top.'

His eyes when straight to my chest. I am not quite sure exactly what drove me to show him, maybe cause I wanted someone to take an interest and see if I could move past my insecurities. I then pushed out my chest so he could see how visible they were, and then they began to harden, which made things worse, or better.

He said, 'Wow, those are big, and very noticeable. But, you should not be ashamed of your nipples' I asked him why and his face got a bit red and he shyly asked, 'Can I touch them?' Now, I have never had a guy touch me before, and at this point in life, I have only touched myself down below a couple of times, just light rubs, nothing that really got me off, just made me feel good. Never did I think that my nipples could be a source for pleasure, always being ashamed of them, wanting to hide them and not pay attention to them. So, I nervously nodded, checking to see if anyone was coming in, the rest were quite occupied outside.

His hand moved over to my breasts and started to just lightly touch the tip of my nipples, making circles around them, and then slightly pinching them. I made a huge sigh, having no idea that this could feel so good. His hand then went between my boobs, touching bare skin, and rubbing my cleavage lightly. He moved the left cup of my top to the side giving him a good view of my left breast and large pink nipple. I didn't say a word, I just kept breathing and staring off into space. I wasn't sure how far I was going to let his hands go, or how long I was going to let him touch me, I was just enjoying what was happening.

He then moved the other cup of my top to the side, exposing both of my breasts. He kept running his fingers over my nipples and lightly tugging on them a bit. My breathing got heavier, and I could feel a good tingle in my pussy.

He then shifted his chair so that he was sitting sort of behind me, having his hands massage my breasts from behind, his front against my right side, and his right hand started to travel down my body to my stomach, dropping the towel out of the way. I then came to my senses and realized where he was going to go. I stopped his hand, and he quietly said, 'Oh, too far? I'm sorry.' I took a deep breath, still holding his hand on my stomach, then letting go and said, 'No, it's okay, you can go down there.' Before he continued, he took my hand and put it on his shorts, having me feel his hard penis, my first time ever feeling one. I had never even seen one, and curiosity got the best of me and I asked, 'Will you show it to me?' He unzipped his shorts and took it out. Looking back, I would say it was about average size, but at the time it was pretty big to me, and fairly weird looking (first one I had ever seen). He just left it out erect and his hands returned to my breasts and my stomach, his right hand moving down to my swim suit bottom, rubbing my pussy over it at first, then finally putting his hand inside.

I about melted feeling a guy's hand on me for the first time ever. He first just felt my bush, then started to rub my clit a bit. Once he found my clit, I jumped a bit, and my right hand just went right to his erect penis and gripped it. I didn't even know what to do with it, I just held it as he massaged my tits and my pussy. As he rubbed a bit hard, he lightly tugged on my left nipple, and then it didn't take very long till the waves of pleasure rushed over my body, breathing heavily and moaning a bit as my orgasm came over me. As I came down from it, he just kept his hand flat covering my pussy, it was very relaxing. What felt like such a long time was really only about 15 minutes. I gathered my senses back, and he took his hand out my swim suit bottoms and my top. I let go of his penis and adjust my swim suit back to normal, and he zipped himself back up. We then hugged each other and I whispered in his ear, 'Thank you.' He responded by saying, 'No problem, you should be proud of what you have, guys really like it. We should have fun some other time.' I responded with a 'We'll see.'

He then went back to his room, and I went back outside with the teasing from the girls about what happened which no longer bothered me.

Since then, I never taped my nipples anymore, discovering the attention is a turn on, and when played with, my nipples are very very sensitive, giving me immense pleasure, whether I am with someone, or alone. My nipples became pretty much the center of my sexual self.

More sexy stories on the way if you would like...even maybe the story of how I got my nickname.

Natalie Nipple



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