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My Private Moments

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My name is Jenny and I just love this Webpage.

I've had many a happy afternoon reading and playing with myself on this site, so I thought it was time I re-paid the favor a little.

I had a fairly uneventful childhood. I started humping my pillow around the age of 16. It all happened accidentally when I think about it, but I can still remember that first orgasm all those years ago in my bedroom late one night after a hot session with my first boy friend.

I'm a lot older now and masturbate about three or four times a week, maybe less during my periods as my breasts hurt too much to take the serious attention they usually get.

I'm a 34 years old, sexy, baby blond with two lovely children. I live in a sleepy little village in the country. I'm sure if anyone knew what I got up to in my moments of passion, they'd run me out of town.

My husband works off-shore so he can be away for four weeks at a time. This leaves me somewhat in need of attention. Over the years, I have learned to sort myself out, and this is how it usually goes for me when I need to come. Once the kids are all ready and I've taken them to school, done the shopping, gotten home and taken the dog for a walk, I go upstairs, take off all my clothes and put on a long linen dress, which is soft, low-cut and sexy. I continue with my chores and clean around the house, all the time thinking about having nothing on under the dress. I hang out the washing, all the while knowing I'm naked under the dress. If it's nice, I sit outside or do some gardening, kneeling down with my legs slightly open, letting the breeze blow up. I sometimes get the lounger and my favorite book. I'll begin to tease myself with the sexy stories. I prefer a good strong story line and strong sexual content. Jilly Cooper's my favorite. After about an hour of reading I'll feel that all-familiar wave of heat beginning to wash up over my pussy and clitty and that familiar tingling in my nipples. All the time I'm accidentally brushing against my nipples when I turn a page of the book, I deliberately push the edge of the book down and on to my pussy, reading and moving the book so it teases my pussy, and thinking I'm such a bad girl.

When I think I've had enough, I'll go inside lock the doors and windows and turn off the phone-I need total isolation for my sessions. I go upstairs and slowly take off my dress, pulling up my breasts and holding my nipples between my fingers, pinching them hard. I go over to the closet and get a fresh towel, roll it up slightly to create a ridge and I place it on the computer chair. I use the towel to keep things clean. I now get my secret bag of toys from the back of the wardrobe and sit down at the computer. I sit on the towel with my clit pushed right up on the towel ridge. This lets me push forward and hump it when I really get hot and wet and well... it's hands free too.

I go online to Solo Touch and read some stories. Each story will get me closer and closer. By about the fourth or the fifth, I'm rocking back and forward on the ridge of the towel, my clit is fully out of its little hood and crying for attention. I carry on like this for maybe another 30 minutes. At this point, I have moved my hand down to my clit and I continue giving her the attention she deserves. This, of course, makes my nipples harder and I'm now sopping wet, and ever so horny. I continue reading the stories, rubbing my clit vigorously and pinching each nipple in turn. I find it hard to concentrate at about this point as I need something inside me, so I reach into my bag of toys that's on the computer desk and take out my favorite toy: a new cyber skin vibrator with rabbit ears. It's fantastically real when he's inside. I take some lube and smear him all over. I lift up my right leg and place it on the computer desk to give me better access. I now slip my wonderful toy up inside me and I push it in as deep as he will go. The feeling is shear heaven and by now I'm so wet the towel is slippery. I continue to read for as long as I can. I try to keep the little rabbit ears right on my clit. At the point when I just have to orgasm and I can't take anymore teasing, I turn on the rabbit ears... Oh God! It vibrates like nothing I have ever had before. I turn on the penis part too, which turns round and round and feels so big inside me. Oh it feels so good! I'm seconds away from coming and let myself go with it. I can have maybe three orgasms this way, one after the other, before I have to stop myself, but I leave the penis part inside until I come down from the wave. Just pulling it out leaves me feeling alone and unfulfilled. After sometime I'll clean up and get ready to collect the kids from school. I'm totally relaxed and ready to take on the world after a good orgasm.

Next time I'll tell you about the time an old school girlfriend came to stay for a week and we happened to get around to talking about toys, but that's for another story.

Hope you enjoyed it ladies,




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