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My Prim and Proper Niece

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During the early days of my marriage, my wife and I agreed to spend a few days away with her relatives on a family holiday. There was us, her sister and husband plus a sixteen year old daughter, and my wife's parents. We booked a four bedroom lodge at a sporting activities campsite, which also catered for evening entertainment. On this particular day, everyone but my niece Laura and I had decided to take a trip to a stately home about an hour's drive away. I had previously booked a ski-jet lesson and my niece was not interested in the trip and decided to sleep in late. Everyone had left by nine in the morning, and I went down to the lake for my activity. However, the lesson had been cancelled as the instructor had an accident the day before, and was unavailable so I returned to our lodge.

On arrival at the lodge I let myself in quietly so as not to awaken Laura, and headed towards the bedrooms to change out of my swimwear. As I passed Laura's room I heard a soft moan and thought she must be having some dream. I peeked through the slightly open doorway, and was mesmerised by the sight! My prim and proper niece was furiously masturbating. Her fingers were a blur as they moved over her panty clad pussy, her plain white nightshirt having worked it's way over her stomach. Her thin panties were a pale blue colour, with a darker patch where they had grown very wet. Her other hand was gripping and rubbing her breasts under her nightshirt. My swim shorts now felt decidedly small as my boner started to grow. I dare not move in case I alerted her to the fact I was outside the door. She continued stroking her pussy over her panties, letting out little whimpers now and again. She then pulled her nightshirt up to her chin freeing those teenage breasts, a 34-C by my estimation. Her legs were flexing as she continued working on her pussy and breasts, working towards orgasm. I gently lowered my hand to my crotch and softly rubbed my now very hard cock.

'Come on' she whispered to herself, as if her orgasm needed some encouragement. She continued like this for several minutes, her pussy now squelching with it's wetness. All of a sudden she stopped, and my heart skipped a beat. Had she sensed me outside the door? No, instead she leaned across to the bedside cabinet and grabbed her hairbrush. Quickly discarding her panties, I got my first glimpse of her young pussy, it was totally bare! She turned the hairbrush towards her pussy, it's four inch handle resembling a plastic dildo. Slowly she pushed it in half way, throwing her head back as it parted those inner lips. Gradually working it in out out, the whole handle disappeared leaving just the main part of the brush against her clit. She let out a soft, throaty growl as it pistoned in and out of her. Her breasts were now engorged as her other hand worked on pinching and twisting her nipples.

My cock was now leaking precum inside my swim shorts, as I could feel the dampness within. Laura continued running the hairbrush handle in and out of her sweet, bald pussy, hesitating each time the brush connected with her clit. 'Oh yes' she whispered as her orgasm neared. Her clit was taking a pounding and the hairbrush handle was now slick with her juices. 'Here it comes' she said to herself as she threw her head back even further. Her back arched and her toes splayed as her orgasm began. 'Yes, yes' she cried as her orgasm overwhelmed her, the hairbrush handle now a blur as it disappeared in and out of her pussy, her nipples rock hard and her breasts flushed. I was on the verge of cumming in my shorts, as she flopped back onto the bed, savouring the feelings inside her. She was panting heavily, and I decided to make my escape. I quietly made my way back outside the lodge, discreetly trying to cover my boner. I walked around for five minutes or so, waiting for my hardness to subside before returning to our lodge. I made a point of entering the lodge noisily, but Laura had just emerged from her bedroom wearing her big dressing gown. 'I'm just going for a shower' she explained, and disappeared inside the bathroom. I hastily made my way to her bedroom, and noticed those sodden panties on her bedroom floor. What I did with those is another story!



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