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My Pool

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Growing up my best friend Tony made all his friends not date his little sister. Nicole was four years younger than us and while she was sometimes a brat we all knew she would be good looking. When she hit high school she lasted one semester and was hit on by so many guys she transferred to an all girls school. One night I was over and Nicole came in with her uniform on and I got a hard on instantly. My friend Tony told me to leave and on the way out of the door Nicole flashed me. She had breasts that were developed and looked nice. I went home that night and jerked off twice.

The next time I saw Nicole was seven years later and I ran into her at the gym. She gave me a big hug and told me how good I looked. We chatted and I asked how Tony was. She told me he was living in Oregon for a few years with work. I asked what she was up to and she was working as a nurse in the local hospital. She asked me the same and I was working at a bank as the head teller. We talked for ten more minutes and went back to our working out. I saw Nicole all the time and saw a lot of guys hitting on her and she was shooting them down. I smiled and laughed about it. One time while walking in I heard her telling some guy she was dating someone and when I saw them she came over to me and kissed me hard. I then looked at the guy and asked if he had a problem with my girlfriend. He said sorry and no. Nicole told me thanks and I kissed nice. I smiled and asked if she was coming or going. She told me going. I walked her out to her car and we kissed again and then I went into work out.

After saving my money over the past ten years I was able to buy a house. It had a pool and was very secluded. I had neighbors on either side and woods behind me. I had a fence put in and huge hedges planted. Once they were in and everything cleaned up I stripped naked and dove in the pool. I loved swimming naked. One day at the gym when I saw Nicole I told her to come over anytime for a swim. Well the one day she came over I was not expecting her. I was in the pool relaxing when I looked up and Nicole was in my yard. I told her welcome and strip and enjoy the water. Nicole looked at me and asked if I was naked. I told her yes and I would get a suit if she felt weird. Nicole thought a minute and then said she was owed a look at me since she flashed me all those years ago. I smiled and told her she had amazing breasts back them. She said that was the reason she switched schools. Nicole said even teachers were looking at them. I came to the side and told her if she really wanted a look. She smiled and said I am your girlfriend so I think it would be okay. I came out of the water and my dick was sticking straight up and my balls hanging down. Nicole looked and said very nice. She then took off her shirt and shorts. She was wearing a very small bikini and then shed that. Nicole was in front of me naked and looked good enough to eat. I told her she was like wine and got better with age. We kissed and her breasts smashed against my chest and my rock hard dick was against her stomach. I told her I have dreamed about this for years. She smiled and said I was always the guy she thought about while masturbating. I asked her what she wanted to do first swim or go inside and make each other cum.

We were running to my bedroom and soon we were in 69. Nicole was cleaned shaved and I was licking her pussy and sucking her juices. Nicole was bobbing up an down in my dick. I went first and squirted load after load into her mouth. then I continued attaching her clit ad Nicole bucked and flooded my mouth her her girl juice. we stayed in the 69 position for a few minutes then got up and french kissed each other and then went down to the pool for a swim. We got out of the pool and laid in the hammock and just talked until it was dark out.

Over the next few months we did this almost every day or night. One night when Nicole was getting ready to leave I asked her to stay. She told me she had to get some work done. I told her no stay with me, move in and live with me. Nicole asked if I meant that. I told her she was here most night and she could just stay and we would live together. Nicole said okay and we packed up what she needed for the next few days and she moved in. It was weird having a living companion and it took me a while to remember to leave the seat down. We soon found out what to do and not to do to not piss of the other. When we did have a fight we had great make up sex. I am so happy I joined the gym and found Nicole.



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