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My Phone Friend and I

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I just wanted to submit this to let my 'phone friend' know she is in for a good time when I see her. I did manage to do this the last time I saw her.


I awake as the sun is starting to peek through the window. I arise before you and run you a nice bubble bath. Knowing that you had a quiet and peaceful sleep I thought that this was something that you would enjoy. After I test the water to make sure it is nice and warm I come to the bed and wake you. You are still a little groggy but a smile comes across your face when you see me smiling. I place your hand in mine and escort you into the bathroom. I remove the short gown that you are wearing and I admire your body. Your skin is just as I remember it, soft, silky, and caramel colored.

I turn you round and begin to kiss your back. I start slowly at the base of your back and kiss my way up, until I get to the nape of your neck. Your lips part slightly and I hear you release a soft moan. I take your hand and you step into the tub. The water is warm and feels good on your body and you take a seat in the tub. The water has a strawberry scent and it has filled the room. I slowly begin to caress your body in the tub. The soap makes your skin feel soft and my hand glides over your body with ease. Staring at your feet I rub and stroke each leg, moving on up to your stomach and then my hands begin to encircle your breasts. I playfully pinch your nipples as I continue to wash your body. I ask you to stand up and I cover your body with lather. Your skin glistens in the light and I begin to get aroused but I control myself.

You see my erection and smile knowing that you are responsible. You reach for me and grab my penis and I tell you not yet. You frown but release me and I continue to wash your body. You look so sexy in the bathtub it's hard to control myself. I let you sit back down and I ask that you lay your head back and get your hair wet. I lather up your hair and give you a scalp massage for about ten minutes. This is totally relaxing to you and I feel your body relaxing. After I am sure you are clean I ask you to sit on the edge of the tub. I dry your hair.

I apply shaving cream to your mound. It's kind of cold so you jump when I first touch you but you relax. I liberally apply the shaving cream careful and rub gently without too much force. You are begging me to caress your clit because the shaving cream has no texture but it makes my fingers slide over your mound with ease. I run around your lips with it, first the outer one's and then I rub the inner one's with a light touch. As my finger slides up and down your lips you lean back against my shoulder and enjoy my touch. I take my time shaving you and every once in a while I insert a finger into your pussy just to make sure that you feel me. I know this isn't necessary because you are responding to my body touching your's.

After I am satisfied with my work I rinse off with a bit of warm water and ask you to lie in the tub so I can rinse you. I tell you to pull yourself down so that the water from the bath faucet can fall directly on your pussy. I pull your lips apart and allow the water to fall directly on your clit. This is a little unusual at first but you start to enjoy it. I know this is raising your level of excitement but I want to prolong the moment so I turn the water off. You stand up and admire my handiwork. I say that you will be happy when you see the benefit of a clean pussy. I lay you on the bed on your stomach. Using some massage oil that I had warming while you were bathing I start at your shoulders, and rub your entire body with it. As I am rubbing your back I have straddled you and you can feel my penis sliding across your body.

It is hard and waiting for the joys that your newly shaven sweet spot will bring. After I am sure that your body is covered in oil. I turn you on your stomach and lick my way up your thighs. Kissing first the left thigh and the inner thigh of the right. I begin to touch you with soft slow flicks of my fingers across your clit. I feel your temperature rise and your pussy is now glistening with moistness. I insert one finger and continue to flick and caress your clit. The new feeling without the hair is incredible!!! You feel everything I am doing as I slowly finger fuck your sweet spot as it gets wetter and wetter.

Your hips are bucking and meeting my fingers thrust for thrust. I grab my penis and start to stroke it in anticipation of being inside your wet pussy. My fingers feel the contractions start to increase and it tightens around my finger. As you start coming you scream out loud and your body arches up and you release your sweet juices on my hand. As I began to cool down you reach down and grab my hardness and begin to stroke, mentioning something about returning the favor. I can barely hear you because I am caught in the moment of your hand moving up and down my erect shaft as you slide your fingers into your wet pussy and spread the juices all over my cock to use as lubricant. The sensation is too much and I squirt come all over your hand. We giggle and then fall into a blissful slumber.



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