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My Patient Boyfriend

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I met my boyfriend at school in 3rd period study hall. His name is James, but his nickname is Ramo, I have no idea why. He's also 15 years old.

Ramo is great. We have fun times together after school, hanging out at the mall and hitting some of our friends houses. Ramo is so hot- he is 5'10' tall- 150 pounds, blond hair and brown eyes. Ramo is on the tennis team and also plays soccer. I go to all his games.

Ramo is my first real boyfriend. I had never French-kissed a guy until Ramo kissed me. He makes me melt inside. What's better is our parents are good friends, and they are in the PTA together. Ramo and I get plenty of times to see each other.

My mom would die if she knew, but I had my first sexual experience last night at Ramo's house. I have been reading some of the stories on Solo Touch and kind of knew what to expect, but it was better than I imagined. I plan to not have sex until marriage, but masturbation is a different story.

Ramo and I have talked about sex and both of us agreed to wait until marriage. I don't know if I can wait, but I hope I can be strong. Ramo also told me he has a desire for me. When we kiss on the couch, he has told me he really wants more, but understands our agreement. We are both virgins and although our friends think we've done it, we haven't.

Last night, Ramo and I were making out and we went a little too far. He had his hands under my shirt and I took off my bra. It felt so good. I had read on Solo Touch about guy's hard-ons and I knew Ramo must have had one. Even though I didn't want to have sex, I still wanted to see a guy naked and see how a penis works.

After he'd played with my tits for a while, I slipped my hand under his shirt, too. He is really muscled, works out in the school gym every day and is so good looking. Ramo took off his shirt and although I'd seen him without a shirt once before, it wasn't up close. He has a good tan, which I guess is because his parents have a pool. He invited me over before, but I'm embarrassed about him seeing my body.

Anyways, Ramo is sitting there and I'm touching his chest. I then said, 'Is it hard for you to stop?'

He said, 'yes,' and was getting kind of breathless. We stopped and I got up to get him a coke.

We started kissing again and this time I kept going. I touched his leg and worked my hand up to, 'Little Ramo' as he calls it. He is always saying his dick has a mind of its own, so we nicknamed it 'Little Ramo'. According to Ramo, his last girlfriend gave him a couple of hand jobs and even kissed his dick, but they never went further.

I touched my first dick. It seemed as muscled as his arm. I don't know what I expected, but from reading Solo Touch I thought it would be different, maybe more throbbing, or moving around more. Anyway, Ramo said, 'Aww, keep going.' I reminded him we were going to stay virgins. He then begged me to keep rubbing him and said he would feel better. I started rubbing him, but the jeans were tough to rub him closely, so I told him he could take off his jeans, but leave on his boxers.

Wow, I felt him through his boxers. I could take him in my hand, imagining what he looked like naked. I kept rubbing his dick up and down. I wanted to see him naked, but I was afraid something more would happen. As I rubbed him, I could see a little bit of his pubic hair, which was dark. I still think this is weird, since his hair is blond. I so much wanted to pull down those boxers and see more of the pubic hair. It looks pretty curly, at least the top of it is I think. His underwear had two buttons, or his penis would probably have come out.

I could feel his dick, it felt soft and kind of satiny. I don't know if it would feel better if he was naked, but it didn't pulsate like veins popping, or anything. I kept rubbing and Ramo sank down on the couch. His eyes were closed. I knew he was going to cum, but didn't know how or when. I'm still not really sure what happens exactly, but Ramo stopped breathing and gasped. The next thing I knew his boxers were wet and sticky and he was smiling. His front was soaked and my hand smelled kind of musky, I guess.

We sat for a minute and Ramo got up, his dick was still hard and it stuck out on the way to the bathroom. When he came back, the erection seemed to have gone down, his front was still wet and I could barely see the outline of his dick.

Were going to do this again. I really would like to see him naked and see what balls look like close up. Ramo wanted to come over tonight, probably to do it again, but I'm not sure. It's so much fun learning together, but I still plan to stay a virgin. I'll write again if I decide to see him naked. I've seem artist pictures in our health book, and now that I've felt a real penis, I think I know what one looks and feels like. I think I may have him strip tonight, to see Ramo in all his glory and get a close up view of cum. I'll let you know.



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