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My Partner

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I'm a sixty five years old divorced male. We separated late, when the kids were out of the house and life became routine. I'm a bashful person, not too lucky in playing the sex game, so I even did not try to date. I settled down to quiet masturbation when the urge came on too strong. In time, I learned to enjoy masturbation as much as I used to enjoy sex, perhaps even more so. I have no method - A story, a couple of pictures, and I simply rub myself into double or triple orgasms. I started to develop a dream: to find a female masturbation partner. No strings attached, just a friendly lady who would masturbate with me for pure animal pleasure. My dream might now be turned into a reality.

Rachel was a co worker in my company. She was my age, a decent figure but a sparkling personality. Thirty years ago we spent a week in a trade conference, and had a short extramarital affair. No great shakes, just pleasant sex. It petered out after a while, but we kept in touch. I discovered that I liked her personality even better than her body. We would get together once or twice a year and swap our personal stories, discussing everything under the skies - lots of talk, but no touch.

The years passed by, we kind of drifted away. I divorced and started my solo touch sex life. My urge to find a masturbation partner was frustrated by my inherent shyness. I tried professional sex phone but the artificiality of it all turned me off. I tried websites and ads, but whenever things started to show promise, I hung back. Than on the eve of last Christmas, Rachel called. A voice from the past, but it gave me an idea.

I told Rachel how pleased I was to hear from her and eager to meet her. We met a week later in a coffee shop, talking as usual about everything under the sun. When things got comfy, I led her to ask me how I do as a born again bachelor. I let out that I'm not a real bachelor, and that I don't date. She got curious and asked how I manage it, so I blurted that I 'take care of myself'. Rachel blushed, but seemed curious about it, so I let her know without saying that explicitly that I masturbate regularly, and asked her what she was doing in this field. I was leading to that moment, so that my heart was really thumping. To my delight, she blurted that she also 'Took care of herself' because in her age it was hard to find a date. I prodded her on to give me more details, and she admitted using 'toys' to help her along. The conversation got more intimate and excited and I wrote her down some of the great auto erocity websites that I used to 'help myself along' Than I popped the question I've been waiting all evening for: Since we were both doing the lonesome thing, why not share our experience over the phone? To my utter joy, Rachel agreed and we set a date for a midnight phone call.

During the next few days, I walked around with semi erection from the expectation of the great event, Midnight came, and Rachel called me before I had the chance to call her. She started to chat casually, but I asked her about the websites I gave her, asking her which she liked best. She was a bit nervous, but went along to describe the most titillating story she had found. Titillating it was! My dick was stiff like a flagpole, and I could not help but rub it gently. After a while, the waves of pleasure started coming, and I stopped Rachel to ask her if she knew what I was doing right then. She asked me whether I was doing 'it' and when I confirmed, she fell silent. I couldn't stop it, I kept rubbing my dick and riding the mountains of pleasure, describing to her exactly how I was doing it and how it felt. I heard her breath becoming more labored and suddenly there was a faint buzzing noise that left no mistake. Rachel was 'doing it' with me. This sent me into a wild frenzy, I moaned into the phone rubbing faster and faster until I exploded in a huge stream of semen, yelling, moaning and groaning uncontrollably (I'm very noisy when I come). Faintly I could hear some moans and groans from the other side of the phone. When things subsided and we broke surface to breathe, I told Rachel how great it was to share with her, and how I would love to do it again. She admitted it was better than doing it alone, and we agreed to have another phone session a few days later.

This was almost a year ago. During the passing year, we masturbated together - over the phone, never in person - at least once a week, sometimes twice or three times. It became better and better. It has been a great year for me, I feel younger, happier and more vigorous. I can't wait for the phone calls, I sometimes rub myself to double orgasms just thinking about it. When we do it together, the orgasms are so intense that I almost black out. Life is good but I want to make it even better.

Now that I know how to get it started, I'm interested in adding more masturbation partners to my sex life. If any of your readers can help me along in tips and advises of how to contact a prospective mature lady with interest in mutual masturbation, I'll be more than grateful.

Next Christmas I'm going to suggest to Rachel that we exchange masturbation photos. It took me some while to get the hang of it, but I managed to snap a photo of my dick at the moment of spurting - no easy thing to do when one is contorted at the instant of explosion. I want Rachel to send me a picture of her dripping cunt at the moment of her release. I'm sure she'll agree, but if she finds it too difficult to focus at the right moment, I'll volunteer to take the picture myself. This way or that way, my dream will come true. Rachel and I will sit side by side and watch each others face contorted with passion, yelling out our pleasure as our hands rub our genitals to wet, screaming orgasms.



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