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My Parents Motel

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My parents bought a run down motel when I was 15. They sunk every penny of the money we got when my grandparents died. Both sets died within three months of each other, and we inherited a fair sum.

Some of this ought to have come to me, but my parents decided that if the motel became successful, I would have a good business to inherit. (They didn't say what would happen if it flopped though!)

Still.... I didn't bargain for being used as an unpaid waitress/bellhop either!


Every evening, weekend and school holiday, I was pressed into service first as a bell hop showing guests to their rooms, carrying bags and later, when they built and opened a restaurant on the site, a waitress too. It is fair to say I worked my ass off during my later teens.

Sometimes, we got the usual businessmen on transit from one place to another - sometimes, we got college kids taking a room to fuck in, and we had more than our share of affairs going on too. I got to know which guests were here purely for sex, and which were genuine travellers.

Of course, being 15 at the time, I wanted to know what these people did, and my imagination ran riot. Sometimes, I would leave my room at night and wander around the complex. If I could hear the sounds of sex, I would hang around outside the window and listen - moans and groans were great, but if they talked dirty to each other - so much the better and many did. I lost track of how many orgasms I had outside bedroom windows, with my hand jammed between my legs, either over or more usually under my joggers.

One night though - I guess I was 17, I had helped a couple with their bags to their rooms, and both were checking me out. I got a huge tip, and that night, after I saw them leave the restaurant and head back to their room, I gave them a little while, then made my way through the garden to the outside of their room.

They were already fucking as I could not only hear, but thanks to a poorly closed curtain, I could see quite a lot of what was going on. She was on her back with her legs wrapped around him, and I could clearly see his cock in her. It was the first time I had seen anything like this and it made me cream myself. I was already masturbating when I heard her say "What about that waitress? Helen. I bet you would love to poke the ass off her." My mouth fell open, but he said "SHIT yeah!" Their pace quickened up - then she said "What would you say to her. "I want to fuck your brains out Helen - you fucking little slut." All the time he was banging his wife through the bed, and I was outside jilling like a bitch in heat, and thinking to myself that I would not have a problem with him doing exactly that to me!

I came - FUCK how I came - hard, long, wet. I heard him cum inside her, and saw him pull out.

Back in my room, I decided that I wanted to do more about this. My panties were wrecked - soaked through - and an idea popped into my head. They were leaving after lunch the next day, so I wondered if they would be up for a little surprise.

I wasn't serving lunch but I was on room clear - so it was easy to knock on their door and let myself in with the pass key. Their cases were already packed - and the bed was made. I put my white, stained, and still damp panties on the bed where they could not fail to see it, and added a little note - "Enjoy!"

Then I ran for it! I saw them leave the restaurant - both looked over to me and smiled - then they went to their room. I was close enough to hear her say "Ohhh. Look!" before the door closed. Then, I went around to the other window. It's not as easy spying in the day, but the outer wall on their side of the building only looks out on a hedge. This time they hadn't bothered to close the curtains at all. She was stripping, HE was stripping - and then I saw her take my panties, give them a good sniff -- AND THEN PUT THEM ON.

All she said to him was "Call me Helen".

I watched him seduce her as he would have done me. She even cried out as he penetrated her as if her hymen had torn.

I couldn't stay to see the rest of the show, but when I checked the room later, my panties were on the bed, this time full of his semen and her pussy. She had added "You too!" to my note.

I swear, if they ever pass this way again, I will offer them more than room service!



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