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My Parents Friends' Daughter (Part4)

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I was concerned that my story was too long and boring but after reading Danie's comments (he is making me so hot) I felt that I should post the final part if only for her. Happy jilling Danie!


Last time I told how I managed to show Sarah my cock and how I came in my track trousers.

Sarah had told me how she wanted to 'see me spurt next time'. I was so excited at the anticipation of the next time that I couldn't get to sleep that night. I spent what seemed like hours laying there gently stroking while I remembered how I had first seen her pussy flashed at me as she opened her dressing gown. It was only a brief glimpse but the sight of her near perfect body with the little golden triangle disappearing between her legs made me so excited.

I thought about the sight of her panties stretched tightly across her pussy and the little blue edging as it marked that line between smooth skin and the tight cotton of her panties. How I dreamed of stroking her along that smooth perfect skin.

I remembered too the sight of her rubbing at the top of her pussy. At this stage I had no idea of what she was doing and I ached to be able to explore it with my fingers.

As I thought of these things I managed to come two or three times before I finally drifted off to sleep. This was most unusual for I couldn't ever remember getting hard so soon after coming before.

When I awoke the next day I wondered how I could manage to get some time alone with this, most beautiful and sexy, girl.

It was a couple of days before we managed to get that time alone. During this two days I saw numerous flashes of panties and pussy and I managed to flash her my cock a few times too. She was very bold and my courage was increasing as we got away with more and more.

I loved the risks but, at the same time, I couldn't imagine the consequences of being caught. One thing that held me back was the thought that this was going to end in just over a week as we had to go back to our respective towns on opposite sides of the country. I knew that, if either set of parents even suspected what was going on, we would be so closely watched that it would be the end of our play.

Nevertheless, the excitement of flashing my cock and seeing her panties and pussy in fairly public places was so exciting.

One evening, Sarah asked her parents if we could go together to take part in a treasure hunt that had been organiseed by 'Teen club' the next day. I couldn't imagine why she would want to do that. It was for kids and were were 14 for goodness sake! But when she suggested that it would give them the opportunity to go to the craft market in the next town, I thought I could sense a method to her madness. The adults had been threatening to drag us along to this for a few days.

So it was agreed. We could spend the morning at teens club and they would go off to market. I still couldn't see how Sarah planned to use this to get us time alone but I knew she had a plan.

'Wait and see' was all she said when I managed to ask her what her plan was.

So, the next morning came and we went off to Teen club. Our parents and Sarah's younger sister were getting into the car as we walked off together toward the club meeting place. Her sister was complaining bitterly about being too young to join with us.

The car came past us as we walked and we waved them off innocently. I was still wondering what Sarah had planned. Then she took my hand and dragged me between two chalets.

'Not here surely?' was all I could think of to say. Sarah just laughed and led me round behind the chalets, They were all the same with windows on all sides, including the back. There was no privacy here for us but she didn't stop. We walked between the backs of two rows of chalets. There was about 15 to 20 feet of grass separating them and no bushes or trees for cover.

By now we were about level with our chalets which were adjacent to each other. I saw an orange towel hanging over one windowsill. I recognised it as one Sarah had used on the beach the previous day.

She had wrapped it round herself as she changed out of her wet bikini bottoms. In doing this she had managed to let me have another peek at her pussy as she dried herslf and the adults' attention was elsewhere.

Sarah pointed at the window. 'I left it unlocked' she said. My heart had been pounding in anticipation, it missed a few beats when I realised that Sarah had engineered a morning alone in her bedroom! I had to adjust my cock which was making a tent in my trousers. Sarah looked down at the hand motion and smiled at me.

'Hey, wait till we get in!' she laughed.

Then her face dropped. We were standing by the window and it was at shouder height. She hadn't realised there was such a big drop. 'We can't get up there' she said.

'I can help.' I said and I bent down and held my hands together, making a stirrup for her foot. As she put her foot in my hand I realised that my face was only inches from her pussy. I moved my head forward as she put her weight on my hand. She was expecting me to lift her but instead I buried my head in her light summer skirt until my nose was pressing against her crotch. She laughed and we lost our balance and fell over. She lay with her legs slightly parted and her short skirt was raised enough for me so see some silky pink panties stretched over her wonderful pussy. I was tempted to linger but we needed to get in before we were noticed.

As I lifted her up to the window I was able to admire those lovely legs right up to that heavenly place. She slithered through the window and went at once to open the front door for me. The anticipation was killing me.

As the door closed, she wrapped her arms round me and kissed me on the lips. I hadn't realyy kissed a girl before but this clearly wasn't her first kiss. I relaxed and followed her lead. During this wonderful long kiss my cock was as hard as it had ever been. I could feel it pressing against her body through our light summer clothes.

We moved through to he bedroom and closed the door. We had at least two hours ahead of us. Sarah, as usual, took the lead. She put her hand on my tummy and eased it down the front of my trousers. It didn't need to go too far before she was touching the head of my cock. I trembled as her fingers reached around it.

She was very gentle but quite sure of what she wanted. She reached with the other hand and undid my button and lowered my zip. She let go of my cock and used both hands to drop my trousers. She knelt as she lowered them. As she pulled down my underpants, I realised that this was the first time I had let a girl see my lower body naked. My cock couldn't get any harder. I wanted to undress her too but I was afraid to move. This was so thrilling.

Sarah stared at it for a few minutes, running her fingers up and down so gently, hardly touching it really, the feeling was electric. Her face was only inches away and she was looking so intently; so focused. Suddenly she moved her head forward and kissed about half way up my cock. I was amazed at this totally unexpected turn of events. I would never have guessed the sensation that passed through my whole body. I will never forget it.

She stood up suddenly and held her arms out wide on each side. 'Your turn' she said. I was taken aback at this swift change but I didn't need to be asked twice!

I unbuttoned her dress and she brought her arms in and let it fall to the ground. She was standing in her pick satin bra and panties. What a delight! She turned and offered me the back of her bra. I'd never undone one before and my hands were shaking so much that I fumbled and she had to help me.

I will always remember the moment when she turned and I saw her pale, firm breasts. Her nipples were small and pink. They were sticking out but I didn't understand the significance at that time. I reached out and cupped my hand under one breast. So warm and smooth, unlike anything I had experienced before.

After a moment, I knelt to remove her panties. This was much more successful than the bra. As I lowered them and her pubic har came into view I thought things couldn't get much better. I could smell a faint musky smell as I pulled them past her knees and my head moved closer. Once they were off completely Sarah stood with her legs slightly apart and I could see the crack of her pussy only inches away.

She rubbed her pubic area once with her hand and her fine hairs sprung away a bit and her crack opened slightly. I examined it closely without touching. I wanted to remember every detail. Then I remembered what she had done so I moved nearer and kissed it briefly. Her scent was heavenly.

She sat down on the edge of her bed and parted her thighs. I reached out and caressed the line that marked the point where her legs ended. That line that I had first dreamed of touching when it was edged with the blue edging of those cotton panties.

As I did this, she reached with her hand and put a finger between the lips of her pussy, parting them gently. She moved her finger up to the top again and rubbed briefly, breathing in deeply she gave a long sigh of satisfaction. Her hand moved away and I saw what looked like a very small penis. I was amazed at this and had to ask what it was. Sarah explained that this was her clit and that she loved to stroke it.

'Show me' I asked. She started to rub it in small circles. I was fascinated and reached down for my cock. I stroked it as I stared in fascination at her fingers. Then she realised what I was doing and sat up suddenly.

'Hey, I want to watch you. Don't you dare make him spurt alone!'

I moved up onto the bed next to her and started to stroke again. She insisted that I lay down while she stood over me. She lowered herself and I thought, at first, that she was going to sit on it but she crouched over my knees. Her pussy lips were parted now. I had to sit up a bit to get a better view. We juggled our positions for a while, laughing as we moved about to get comfortable. She leaned back on one hand with her knees apart, her pussy just above my knee, one foot between my legs, the other outside. I could see her pussy was wet and her clit seemed larger now. She continued to rub it in small circles. I sat propped up by my left hand, my legs slightly apart and my cock grasped with my right hand, the hardest it had ever been. We started to rub slowly in time.

It got faster and faster. Sarah was sitting almost on my knee at this time her legs spread wide and her beautiful face red and hot. I tried to last it out but, I couldn't hold back and long strings of cum shot from me. Some landed on my stomach, some splashed onto Sarah's legs and even on her tummy. I was spraying like a fire hose! Sarah continued rubbing far a minute more. She was in a frenzy. Suddenly, her legs clamped together and she collapsed onto my legs panting.

After a few minutes laying like this we cleaned up. We spent the next hour exploring each other and cuddling. Intercourse wasn't an option for neither of us had protection.

It was our last time together for we never had another chance that holiday but it was a most wonderful morning.

Although our parents remained friends, I never saw Sarah again after that holiday. We did write for a while but the distance was too great. I wonder what would have happened if we had had the internet and webcams in those days.



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