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My Pal, Scott, and I (Part 2)

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Before I continue with my further adventures with Scott, I first need to tell you about his mother. Like Scott, she, too, was a beautiful blond. She was in her early 40s and extremely sexy. Unlike most of the moms in our neighborhood, she worked outside the home. This was in the mid-1970s and so was rather unusual for our neighborhood. Another thing that set her apart was that she liked to sunbathe in a bikini in her backyard. None of the other moms did this. She was extremely voluptuous, not fat, just a full-bodied woman. It was like having an older Marilyn Monroe living next door. Needless to say, I had a huge crush on her. I loved being around her, and really looked forward to when she would embrace me in a hug with those big, beautiful breasts.

I guess you could say that I had a fixation on MILFs in my teens. Many of my mom's friends were also in their late 30s and early 40s, and were very attractive. I found them so sexy, especially when they paid attention to me. They were the source of endless fantasies. I would imagine that they found me equally attractive and wanted to seduce me and to educate me into sexual maturity. At the top of that list was Scott's mom.

Since our houses were right next to each other, I could easily see into Scott's family's backyard. Some afternoons, and especially on Saturdays and Sundays, I would close the door to my bedroom, go over to the window and look out between the curtains and watch Scott's mom sunbathe. Her skin glistened with beads of sweat and suntan lotion. Sometimes she would undo the top strap of her bikini so that her whole back would be tanned. I never saw her breasts though, just their outlines beside her arms.

While spying on her, I would get very excited and touch myself. I put my hand into my pants and squeezed my cock and pulled at my scrotum. It wouldn't take long before I had a raging hard-on. When I had enough time, and was certain that I would not get caught, I would pull out my jar of vaseline and coated my cock and balls. I would spend lots of time just massaging my genitals, rubbing my hand over my head and scrotum bringing myself closer and closer to ecstasy. Sometimes when I found myself on the verge of ejaculation, I would just tightly hold my cock and wait for the moment to pass so that I could prolong the experience. But eventually the moment came when I needed to cum. I would begin to stroke my hard cock up and down the shaft harder and harder. As I stroked, I watched Scott's mom all the more closely. I looked at her beautiful blond hair, her glistening skin, her rounded ass, her lovely feet... and I imagined that she was fucking the hell out of me. Then my penis erupted, with rope after rope of semen ejaculating into my hand. Sensuous relief at last.

Besides being my personal sexual fixation, I also have to say what a cool person Scott's mom was. She was very open-minded and never judgmental. She was very liberal in her beliefs, both for the times and for the region where we lived.

One afternoon after Scott and I went to his house and up to his bedroom. Scott had the latest issue of Playboy, which he had borrowed from his dad's collection. No one was in the house but the two of us. So we both unbuckled our pants and pushed them down below our knees. We laid the Playboy on Scott's bed and turned to the Playmate of the Month. It didn't take long before we were jacking off. Scott spit into his own hand and I in mine for lube. I got off not only looking at the Playmate, but also at Scott stroke his growing cock.

At the height of our masturbation, the door to Scott's room opened suddenly. There was Scott's mom, home early from work! She had a surprised look on her face, but all she said was, ..Sorry, I didn'.....t mean to intrude. And just before she closed the door, she asked if when we were finished, would we mind coming down to the den to talk for a minute.

Caught! By Scott's sexy mom no less. And now we had to go talk to her. My cock, which had been ready to erupt just a minute earlier, now simply deflated out of sheer embarrassment. I was done. But Scott wasn't. He kept jacking until he came all over his bedspread. My jaw just dropped. How could he keep going after being found out by his mom? We didn't say a word to each other as we cleaned up and pulled ourselves together. Slowly we walked down to the stairs to the den.

Scott's mom was waiting for us. But the odd thing was that she didn't seem to be mad. As we sat down in front of her, she began her short lecture: Boys, I want to apologize for walking into the room when you expected privacy. I should have knocked first. Secondly, I'm not mad, because you weren't doing anything wrong. Masturbation is normal. Doing it with someone who is close to you is also normal. Not everyone would think that though. But you are just exploring your sexuality, trying to find out who you are. But because there are bigoted people in the world, you will need to be careful not to let anyone else know. This will be our secret. Our home is a safe place. Dru, you can rest assured that your mom or dad won't find out from me. From what I know of them, I doubt they would understand. So if you want to masturbate together, then do it here. Just be sure to clean up after yourselves. Now, why don't you both go do your homework since you've already had your fun...

Wow! That sure wasn't what I expected. Scott's mom really was cool. So being caught ended up with our getting permission to experiment and masturbate together to our hearts content. Not what I expected at all!



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