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My Pal Mikey

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Great website! Gets me hard.


While growing up my parents had some friends that came to our house or we went to their house every weekend. These friends had a son, Mikey, who was only a year younger than me. Mikey was skinny with brown eyes and brown hair. He had a mischievous smile and I soon learned why.

One winter weekend Mikey and I had to sleep in a big bed in his unheated basement. Being macho, we stripped to our 'tighty whiteys' and hopped into the cold bed. The warmth of each others smooth young bodies soon attracted us to move closer to each other, almost touching. Mikey's warmth and boyish scent soon got me rock hard.

With the light still on, Mikey jumped up and pulled the covers back laughing at the little tent my boner and my briefs made. I blushed and covered up. Then Mikey began horsing around slugging me and wrestling. I soon felt a finger and then Mikey's warm hand sneak under the tight elastic of my shorts ask he cupped my balls and fondled my hard rod.

'Dude, that's gay,' I half-heartedly protested. 'Dude, you're the dude who got a boner,' he laughed and continued to explore me with his skinny fingers. It was electric and I thought I would nut right then. I had not made my first squirt yet but enjoyed many erotic climaxes after being showed how to jack off by my cousin the summer before.

'Look at this, dude,' Mikey proudly announced as he carefully lifted the elastic on his brief over the top of his pickle. Mikey was a lot bigger than me and I was embarrassed and jealous but excited nonetheless. I reached over and grabed his balls. He giggled and said let's jack each other off. I immediately agreed and we mutually took turns.

'Dude, finish me off!,' I half squealed as my voice was changing. Mikey squeezed my cock harder and pumped frantically. When I could hold back fighting it no more, my young dick, butt and prostate spasmed in ecstacy squirting my first load into Mikey's mom's bedsheets.

'Dude, did you pee!,' protested Mikey. 'No, I think that was my first nut,' I said proudly. I then explained that eventually Mikey would squirt too and why. Later, as I matured ahead of Mikey, my dick became larger but he grew larger than me again in puberty.

Mikey and I were JO buds from 13 to about 19 when something else happened that ended our relationship. I miss jacking with Mikey and wonder if he ever thinks about my tight hand stroking his hard stiffy.



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