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My Own Sister. WTF?

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My kid sister, two years my junior gets all the attention...until....


Emily is the star of the family. She developed younger than I did. Got her periods younger than I did, and while I am stuck with a miserable little 'a' cup, she is well on the way to a 'c'.

Boys flock round her, but while she has dated, she didn't stick with anyone for long. She also used to steal my stuff. I guess I overcompensated because I would always buy really sexy underwear that I knew mom was not happy about ME wearing, let alone my kid sister.

Emily did it quite openly and left my room like a bomb site!

So, this particular afternoon. I had a day off and had decided to go to the beach but the weather turned grim so I went home. I almost fell over Emily's coat, which she had just shucked off and left on the floor right by the door. I saw the trail of discarded clothes on the stairs and figured she got caught in the downpour too.

I walked up the stairs and sure enough my bedroom door was open. I looked in and there was Emily. She was standing, buck naked in my room, a hand between her legs and my used panties clamped to her face. I nearly passed out!

Emily opened her eyes and dropped the panties. She ran across the room and threw herself into my arms and sobbed her little heart out. Amid the tears she said that she had no interest in boys and could never 'come out' because she hung with a bitchy set of girls who would make her life hell at school. The only relief she had was my panties.

I held her and then moved my hands over her body to her butt and then I moved one to her breast. We kissed and I turned her round with her back to me and whispered 'One time and one time only'

I slipped my hand between her legs and masturbated her to a huge, shuddering orgasm. I was excited myself I have to admit. I felt a mixture of fear, nerves, eroticism, excitement all the whole nine yards.

After Emily came I held her until the aftershocks subsided then I patted her on the butt and told her to go take a shower.

Alone in my room, I looked at my fingers, covered with my sister's pussy juices. On an impulse I put them to my mouth and tasted her. It was all I needed to make me slip my hand up my own skirt and masturbate.

I have never masturbated standing up before and the cum was a WHOLE different experience. I actually peed into my panties.

So, Emily hasnt said a word about it since, but she is treating me with a lot more respect. It seems she understood when I said 'One time, and one time only.'

The thing is, I am not at all sure I meant it.



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