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My Own Private Life

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For me, masturbation has always been a very private thing. I have always had a good sex life with my partners, but I've only jacked off with one of them--my sister, which is a story I will share some other time. Outside of that, I have preferred to have my own private sex life, and this is what I want to share with you.
I was a late bloomer, and discovered masturbation relatively late--age 15. I had always been curious about sex--even at a very young age, but I had a sheltered life and thought only women masturbated. This changed one night when I was in bed, laying on my stomach, and just moving around trying to get comfortable. The friction must have been just right, and I started to get a good feeling in my penis, and I just kept moving around the same way until I was overwhelmed with the feeling and came. There was no semen--just a dry orgasm--but that opened a brand new door for me. I became almost obsessed with masturbating--even to the point where I would be chafed from jacking off so much!
I have masturbated on beaches, planes, while driving, and in department stores and public restrooms. I often enjoy standing at a urinal in a public restroom and stroking myself even as other men are there going to the bathroom. Sometimes I even come while they are practically right next to me. I used to do that allot in college.
I have masturbated through my pants in the middle of a class, and enjoy masturbating in a movie theater on a Saturday afternoon. I have experimented with voyeurism, and have masturbated as I watched a couple make love on the beach 10 feet away. We all came at once, and they never knew! This is great fun, and I have a lot of stories about some of THOSE adventures!
In the beginning, I always tried to see how fast I could come and how many times I could come in a day, but as I got better and better at it, I began to try to extend it out for as long as I could. This served me well as I got older, as I have always been good at holding back until my partner is satisfied.
While I don't masturbate in front of anyone, I love to watch women masturbate. I have managed to talk almost all of my partners in to showing me how they do it, and it is great fodder for my own masturbation fantasies. Ironically, my wife is the most shy of all my partners, and she is almost always hesitant to touch herself, which has taught me that maybe I have been too selfish in the past and should open up more to her.
I had one lover in my past who loved to masturbate and loved to masturbate for me. The first time this happened we had just had wonderful sex, and I asked her to show me how she did it. Toye was a beautiful Japanese-American woman, 23 years old, long black hair, with lovely brown skin, small, round breasts, and tiny little nipples that seemed to always be very hard. She had a great sex drive. When I asked her to masturbate for me she encouraged me to get right in front of her so I could see, and she proceeded to give me a great show. She used her middle finger to rub tight little circles around her clit, and with the other hand she used her index finger to gently stroke her labia. Watching her, I could tell she did it often. She started off slowly, took her time, and as she got more and more into it, she would flick at her nipples on occasion, sometimes drive a finger into her pussy, and eventually she would spread her legs wide, lose herself in the moment, and shake all over as she finger- fucked herself furiously, raising her hips off the bed and crying out for me. She always got very wet--dripping almost--and I could tell she loved what she was doing.
After that experience, I used to have Toye masturbate for me all the time. Sometimes she would get off for me in a nice restaurant, with a waiter or another diner probably watching the whole thing. She would manage to stay quiet, but if you were watching you could tell. Also, she liked to masturbate for me while I drove our car. She would peel off all of our clothes, lay back in the seat, and diddle herself crazy. Once she did that on the Illinois Tollway, and was in mid orgasm as I paid the toll--personally of course--not in a basket!
Living and loving with Toye opened up more doors for me. I became an even more frequent masturbator myself, and also enjoyed exhibitionism--with and without Toye. Toye loved to show off her body, going braless all the time and pantyless often. We also had a lot of public sex--once in a changing room in the American Eagle in the Woodfield Mall. She was a great lover, and really the best sex I ever had.
As I said, I masturbate alot, but never with anyone, though I know now that I would like to have a masturbating partner or partners (female please, though I have nothing against being around other guys while masturbating as long as women are in the picture too). My favorite way to masturbate is to read a story on this website or another one called 'nifty masturbation archive' and then go outside in our backyard, get naked (we live in a remote area) and masturbate standing up. This is great because I get weak-kneed and when I come I can barely stand.
I'm pretty excited writing and reading this, and the thought that a woman might be reading it and getting turned on by it really turns me on. I plan to finish this now and go please myself. Thank you for maintaining this website. I hope you publish this letter.



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