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My Own Personal Experience (Part 2)

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Part 2
The next day was Friday and I wanted desperately wanted C.A. to spend the
night because he had been on my mind. My request was granted not only that
but my mom was going to ask me if I'd mind if C.A. spent the night with us.
That night in my room I was nervous because I knew I intended on doing
something sexual. My room had it's own bathroom so I decided to pretend like
I was going pee but leave the door open so C.A. could walk in on me. I stood
over the toilet with my erection I leaned back slightly to make it look more
prominent. C.A. never came into the bathroom so I tucked my penis back into
my pants. I came out and challenged him to a wrestling match. Then I
convinced him it would be more realistic if we wrestled in our underwear.
So he took off his pants and with more persuasion his shirt so that his
little bulge was completely visible. Then instead of preparing to wrestle I
came out and asked him if he wanted to see my penis. before he could answer
I stuck it out of my pants. Then he asked 'let me see your balls', so I
pulled those out too. Then without words I started touching his bellybutton
then I pulled down his underwear.
He didn't have a huge penis but it was bigger than I expected he had some
tight curly black pubic hair near the base of his penis and also some small
underarm hairs but other than that he was hairless from the neck down. I
walked around him as if inspecting a car taking a long look at each part of
his body. He had a really nice tight butt that curved out. By the time I
came back around he had an erection (circumcised) that was long, 'bony', and
shiny it looked like a piece of polished wood almost if a man had made his
organ for him. I stared at his 'woody' and then literally licked him from
head to toe front to back. He didn't say a word or even make a sound. Then I
started sucking his young chocolate colored cock the only thing he said was
'This feels really good'. After a few minutes he came on my face and some in
my mouth. I don't know if that was his first ejaculation or if he had been
told bad things about it but he panicked and almost ran out of my room
naked. So I talked to him and told him that it was okay...etc. After we
talked a while I got him dressed again, he got up I asked him where he was
going and he announced he was going to take a leak and I asked if he'd piss
on me. He gave me a confused look and asked 'why', but complied and
unzipped his pants pulled out his penis and literally drenched me in his
warm urine. While he fell asleep I used his urine as a lubricant and jacked
off then a couple hours later when he was sleep I gently pulled the sheets
off of him took down his pants and licked his balls then just stood back and
stared at his 'privates'.
That was my last experience with him because due to the bigots in our town
his family decided it would be safer to move about a month later they moved,
but I'll never forget C.A..



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