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My Own Mrs Robinson

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This happened the summer after I graduated from High School.


A couple of years after the movie 'The Graduate' came out I had a Mrs Robinson episode of my own, for that reason I'll refer to her as Mrs Robinson.

Mrs Robinson lived in a house next door, she was divorced, supporting a pretty daughter named Keri about a year younger than me, and a son named Tommy three years younger than me. (I was almost 19, Tommy was 16)

Tommy and I would often get together after school and play one-on-one basketball in his driveway. Sometimes Keri would come out and watch our game, and shoot a few baskets when we offered her the ball. She usually wore cut-off jeans that fitted her tight, and every time she tried to take a jump shot, I made sure I was in a good position to get a look at the groove her pants made riding up the slit of her pussy. Her pussy had quite a bulge to it. She also had the most perfectly shaped ass. She was fun to watch.

On real hot days, sometimes Mrs Robinson would invite me to go with her, Keri and Tommy, and drive us to a swimming hole about three miles away. Needless to say I would almost get a hardon watching Keri in her two piece suit. What surprised me though was when I walked by Mrs Robinson as she lay on her stomach on a beach blanket catching rays and reading. Her legs were spread and I noticed a hole in her suit in her crotch about the size of a quarter. A portion of her right pussy lip bulged out and there was just a slight hint of hair stubble, like she shaved it a few days earlier.

I remember thinking she had to feel the breeze on it, there was enough protruding, how could she be so into reading her book that she could not notice? I put on my sunglasses, grabbed my towel, and took my time drying off, all the while studying the contours of her crotch and taking in the color of her pussy lip.

I took note of the book she was reading, 'Portnoy's Complaint', a few days later I took a look at it at a book store. I was shocked. From the first chapter this guy Portnoy talks about his obsession with cunts. I could not believe that Tommy's mother was reading this stuff!

A week or so later Keri asked me if I'd like to take a walk down to the lake (the same lake that feeds eventually into our favorite swimming hole) She told me that she knew of a row boat that someone left unlocked in the cove, and found were the owner hid oars. We walked down and enjoyed a nice ride in the boat which I rowed most of the way. At one point Keri insisted that she wanted to row a while, so we traded seats. She spread her legs slightly as she took hold of the oars. I was wearing my mirrored pilot-style sunglasses, which allowed me to study her crotch as it pushed out with each stroke of the oars. She was wearing cotton stretch shorts instead of her usual cut-off jeans, that revealed perfectly her slit and bulging lips. I'd seen a few pussies in my time by that point, but nothing came close to how swollen she looked! The sun was also in a perfect position to illuminate her at her best. Unknown to her I was in agony.

'So what do you think?' Keri said breaking my concentration. 'Huh?about what?' I asked lamely. 'You haven't heard a damn thing I said!'

I could tell Keri was really agitated. She was rowing us back into the cove where the boat had been originally. Surrounding the cove was a large patch of woods, and there was no one around. I wanted so much to pop the question, and knew that Keri would most likely turn me down but I was so horny from what I had been looking at for at least half an hour I thought, what the hell. 'I'm sorry Keri, I've been trying to get up the nerve to ask you something.'

'What?' (she had calmed down) I waited a moment longer. 'Let me see your pussy' She mumbled something and rowed harder and faster the last few strokes to shore. She jumped out and started walking up the trail toward home. 'Keri wait!' I pleaded as I pulled the boat up, flipped it over and placed the oars back in their hiding spot, a partially hollow tree. By that time Keri had quite a head start on me and the trail was all uphill. I tried to catch up with her, but at the same time thought it was not a good idea, I'd probably get smacked.

The next day Tommy came over to my house and was laughing as soon as he saw me.

'Jez is Keri pissed at you!' Tommy went on to say that he heard Keri slam a door and head for her room when she was stopped by her mother. They didn't know Tommy was in the house. Tommy overheard the whole conversation, Keri told her mother everything. 'Oh God, what did your mom say?' 'Something like, 'Crude, but he won't be the last one to approach you or ask favors like that. Better get used to it Honey' Tommy started laughing again. I felt like a real jerk. Not only would I not be able to face Tommy's sister, but his mother as well.

A number of days went by, maybe a week. I went over to see if Tommy was at home. Their breezeway was always unlocked, so as usual I walked in. The door to the house was wide open. 'Tommy?' I called into the house. 'Come on in.' It was Tommy's mother. I went into the living room and there was Mrs Robinson sitting in a large sofa-like chair. She had one leg folded under so she was almost sitting on her foot, her other leg was propped up so that her knee was up against her chest holding up a book she was reading. I tried to act like nothing happened between me and Keri.

'Tommy home?' I asked nervously. Mrs Robinson told me he wasn't home, but to sit down a minute she wanted to talk to me. I sat across from her on the couch and tried to act like I had no clue what she wanted to talk about. I felt my face get hot, like it always did when I got in trouble with my parents. Mrs Robinson slowly put her book down on the end table, then took a sip of some drink.

'Want something to drink?' 'No thanks' (Oh God I gotta get outta here!!) 'Keri told me about your little boat trip the other day.' I squirmed a bit. 'She said you got crude and asked her to show her sex to you.' Mrs Robinson waited for a response from me. I couldn't think of the proper words. 'Yes....... I'm sorry Mrs Robinson, it was wrong to say such a thing, ....I..'

'Do you ask girls that often, I mean how often do you get a girl to do that for you?' 'I don't, I mean I haven't before. I don't know why I said that to Keri. It was stupid really.' I'd become a babbling idiot, just dying to get out of the house. 'You're at the age when hormones take over and you lose control, I understand that and I'm not mad at you. Tell me something...do you get a hardon often?'


Mrs Robinson dropped both legs down so that she was sitting with her legs spread, feet flat on the floor. She reached down to her cotton shorts and pulling aside the pant leg revealed her underwear. She paused for a few seconds, watching my reaction, then pulling aside her panties, she exposed her puffy hairless slit. She looked down at herself, as if to see that she was giving me a good look at her pussy.

I felt a surge of a boner and was hard as steel in about three seconds. I could not believe what I was looking at. My heart started pounding to the point where I thought she could hear it. I felt like I might have a heart attack right there, but I could not take my eyes off her slit. 'How about now.....feel a hardon coming on?' 'Do you jackoff a lot?' I could not find my voice. 'You get horny seeing me like this?'

'Ah....yes.....I, I..do' 'So... I know it's not Keri's, but it is what you like to look at isn't it?' Again....speechless and deep shock setting in. Mrs Robinson started rubbing it, moving her hand in a small circle at the top of her slit. She then pinched the light pink inner lips between her fingers, and started moving her fingers like they were 'walking' in place, gently caressing both sides of her clit.

'Stand up.' I slowly stood up, my dick pushing out to the side a good size tent in my jeans. 'Now......let me see your dick.' she said. Suddenly I knew how awkward and shocked Keri must have felt the day I popped that on her, but at the same time my dick surged as if trying to get out of the confines of my pants on it's own.

I took it out, and instictively stroked it. 'Ah...yessss, nice. You have a nice dick.' What do ya say to that? Your friend's MOM is telling you you've got a nice dick? I started shaking and stroked faster as I watched Mrs Robinson increase the tempo and rubbed her pussy faster. She worked her organ for three or four minutes all the while staring at my dick.

I wanted to come so bad but at the same time felt so self-concious.

Suddenly, Mrs Robinson closed her eyes and made a little whimper. She grabbed at her pussy and pushed her pelvis in short thrusts against her hand. Her breathing became short bursts, much like I knew I did when I came. I'm watching Tommy's mom have an orgasm? Jeez. She moaned for about a minute, then slowly tapered off her manipulations.

'Are you gonna come for me?' Mrs Robinson said softly while gently rubbing her swollen pussy. 'I......I, I can't.' My dick was a throbbing, hard as rock animal with a life of its own. I could feel the pressure of a load in my balls dying for release. But it all still needed a co-operating brain and as much as I'd like to say I shot across the room and hit her on her pussy mound, I just could not shoot a wad for Tommy's mother.

I kept stroking my dick for a bit after she was done coming, but knew it was not going to happen for me. 'No.....I just... can't.....' I whined like a little kid. 'It's OK....I understand,' she smiled, 'Next time you get the urge to ask a girl to see her cunt, maybe we can try this again, you and me. This is our little secret, I'm sure you know that don't you?'

'Yea.....believe me I'd never tell a soul,' I stammered. I never did until now to Solo Touch some 36 years later.

Eventually Keri got over my rude request, and I never attempted another mutual masturbation with Mrs Robinson due to 'Tommy's Mother Syndrome'. Mrs Robinson never acted like anything happened. To this day I sometimes wonder if she would be so quick to go at it again if I had been able to get the nerve to ask her, or if it was just a good book that made her horny, and I caught her at a good time. Great memory just the same.



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